Windscreen replacement Opel Vectra

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Windscreen replacement of an Opel Vectra at a competitive price?

In the top class of the originally German car brand Opel, the Opel Vectra was for a long time the best selling model. The Opel Vectra has been in production for 21 years. It is therefore possible that you are in possession of this car and are looking for a windscreen replacement for your Opel Vectra. For example, an accident or rubble can quickly cause your car's windscreen to burst. Repair of the windscreen is not possible in the event of major window damage due to the specific production method of automotive glass, which means that a new windscreen will have to be purchased. Although this is very expensive at brand dealers, you do not have to pay the main price if you buy the windscreen through us. In this article we will tell you more about windscreens and the need for replacement. Before we discuss this, we will briefly dive into the history of Opel and the Opel Vectra.

Release from sewing machines to cars

When Adam Opel
started making sewing machines in his uncle's barn in 1862, he could not have imagined that his company would grow into one of the icons in the automotive industry. Although Adam Opel was soon hit by the wind and his sewing machines became the most popular in Germany within a few decades, he had no need of modern transport. It were his five sons who motivated him to first dive into the production of bicycles. Opel also distinguished itself in this area, and when Adam Opel died in 1895, he was the market leader in both areas.
It was only after the founder's death that the company Opel began to focus on cars, led by the sons and his widow Sophie. At that time, at the end of the 19th century, the production of cars was still in its infancy. By attracting experienced experts from other companies, Opel was able to present its first car in 1899. Although this wasn't a big success yet, the germ was planted then and through among others the popular Doktorwagen
in 1909 Opel slowly but surely became an established name in the world of cars. They did this by adopting clever production techniques that they already used for bicycles and sewing machines. By using a production line and conveyor belts, for example, Opel was able to make cars cheaper than many competitors. Add to this the high degree of reliability and Opel had its position in the market to take.

The Opel Vectra or Vauxhall Vectra

Through models such as the Opel Olympia, Opel Kadett, Opel Rekord and Opel Ascona, the German car builder quickly developed into the best in the middle class. A logical sequel to this course was the introduction of the Opel Vectra in 1988. The American General Motors had been the owner of the company since 1929 and therefore Opel had a long lead over competitors. Parts and models were shared with GM brands, allowing the high quality to be offered at a relatively low price. The Opel Vectra was one of the more luxurious cars in the Opel spectrum. This was reflected, among other things, in the strong engines with an optional turbocharged engine. In addition, the first generation of the car was available as both sedan and hatchback and there were many luxury option packages available.

After the first generation, Opel Vectra A, the Vectra B followed in 1995. This car was a bit more luxurious and in appearance up-to-date with that period. The car was also delivered with new engines that were more powerful and economical than the first options. The Opel Vectra B was also available as a station trolley. In 1999 the Vectra B received a facelift in 1999 and in 2002 the Vectra C was introduced. This last generation of the Opel Vectra was in production until 2008. However, sales volumes declined rapidly. This is mainly due to the rise of competitors such as the Volkswagen Passat. Whereas in the peak year 1991 more than 20,000 new Opel Vectras were sold in the Netherlands, the number of vehicles sold after 1999 did not exceed 10,000, with the lowest point being sales of only 2,192 in 2008. In that year the Opel Vectra was taken out of production and a year later the successor Opel Insignia was introduced.

When do I need a windscreen replacement of my Opel Vectra?

The windscreens of almost all cars are made of laminated glass. These are two layers of glass with a layer of PVB film in between. Both layers of glass are quickly heated and slowly cooled, making them very strong. The PVB film then ensures that the two layers of glass are kept together in the event of an accident or other impact on the windscreen. As a result, the windshield of your car will not break into a thousand pieces, such as a side or rear window, but will crack.

As long as the crack in the windscreen is not in the driver's direct view and there is a single burst, you can still drive through it. However, as soon as there is a multiple burst or a crack in the driver's direct view, the windscreen replacement of your Opel Vectra is needed quickly. This crack reduces the stiffness of the windscreen, which means that occupants do not enjoy the best possible protection in the event of an accident. Visibility is also poorer and, in addition, sunlight or light from oncoming vehicles, for example, can reflect in the driver's eyes through the crack and cause accidents. Replacing the windshield of your Opel Vectra is the solution to get back on the road safely. Layered windscreens cannot be repaired.

Replace the Opel Vectra windscreen yourself or have it replaced

It is possible to replace the windscreen of your Opel Vectra with products ordered from us. Our service is designed in such a way that the necessary car windows are easy to order and you can easily find the corresponding rubbers and frames. We ensure fast shipping and you can also choose to collect the products free of charge from one of our partners. This way, the windscreen replacement itself is a piece of cake and you can save a lot of money in this way.

It is also possible to engage our certified montagepartners. They like to come on location and replace the windscreen of your Opel Vectra at your doorstep. Replacing the windscreen via us is also considerably cheaper than knocking on a brand dealer's door. Therefore, order the windscreen for your car today so that you can safely return to the road for a competitive price.