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Rear window replacement of your Kia at low cost

The South Korean car brand Kia is part of the Hyundai Motor Company. The brand is not only known for the passenger cars it has marketed over the years, but it is also active in the business segment. The brand's first factory was obviously in South Korea. After a while, a second and a third factory were added. Yet not all Kia's in Asia roll off the band. The brand has also chosen to set up a factory in Slovakia. Despite the high quality of the brand today, not a single Kia rider will sooner or later escape window damage. Are you the owner of a Kia and are you confronted with a damaged rear window? Do you want to solve this problem and are you looking for a suitable solution? We are happy to offer you the most interesting solution in the field of rear window replacement of your Kia.

The origins of the name 'Kia'

Have you ever wondered where the name Kia comes from? Of course, this name has its origin in the Korean language. There 'ki' refers to the rise of the new sun. We could also say in a philosophical way that it is synonymous with a spiritual rebirth. Finally, the 'a' would simply refer to the continent where the car brand has its roots. This is, of course, Asia.

It is not wise to delay the rear window replacement of your Kia

A damaged rear window replacement at a Kia is regularly postponed for a considerable period of time. People therefore find this much less important than if there were a windscreen with damage. Despite the fact that this may seem logical it must be said that quickly replacing the damaged rear window at your Kia can prevent a lot of trouble. If you do not do this, you will run the risk of being confronted with one or even more of these annoying disadvantages:

  • A damaged rear window can provide easy access to your vehicle for people with less good intentions. This allows them to steal different parts or even the entire car.
  • Postponing the rear window replacement of your Kia means that you always run the risk of being confronted with additional damage while driving. Think, for example, of the water that can end up in your car in rainy weather. Not only can moisture make the interior mouldy, it can also damage the electronics.
  • A broken rear window ensures that the comfort of the Kia's occupants can be properly influenced. Especially during the winter driving with your car is absolutely no fun.

The above makes it clear that the rear window replacement of a Kia in case of (serious) damage but should not be postponed. Do you want to do this anyway because, for example, you do not have sufficient financial resources at your disposal? In that case, our solution can offer you a particularly interesting alternative!

Rear window replacement of a Kia doesn't have to be expensive!

Rear window replacement of your Kia is a lot cheaper compared to a Kia windscreen replacement. This is because a rear window, compared to a front window, is not made of laminated glass, but of tempered glass. In this area you can already count on an interesting financial advantage for your rear window replacement. However, there is more. When buying a car window, it always applies that you can choose to bring an original one into your home or to prefer an after market version. The latter ensures that the rear window replacement of your Kia not only financially a lot more interesting, but also in terms of quality does not have to be surrendered at all. The only difference between an original and an after market Kia rear window is that the original one has a brand logo. However, this small exclusively visual difference can cost you a considerable amount of extra money.

The car brand Kia has not always had a simple time in the Netherlands. The Dutch first had to get acquainted with the brand for a while, but in the end the excellent price-quality ratio was the deciding factor. In 2005, Kia was ranked tenth in the Netherlands among the best-selling car brands. In the year 2009, the Cee'd was Kia's best-selling model. This model was chased by the equally popular Kia Picanto. During the year 2011, Kia regained tenth place in best selling car brands with an impressive 23,252 car sales within that year. Meanwhile, the Picanto had become the most popular Kia model. This company was therefore able to realise a sale of no less than 8,000 copies on its own.

Cheaply outsource the rear window replacement of a Kia

Meanwhile, it should be clear that the Kia rear window price does not have to be as high as you undoubtedly feared at first. This also applies to the outsourcing of the replacement of your damaged copy. Replacing a cheap rear window without any loss of quality can be perfectly achieved by outsourcing this work to us. For this we always call upon one of the certified partners with whom we work. These experts are unrivalled in their ability to replace the rear window of the Kia in an efficient, qualitative and affordable manner. In addition, people who are insured with third party, fire and theft or comprehensive insurance can count on an extra interesting benefit.

Replacing your Kia rear window with a third party, fire and theft or comprehensive (all-risk) car insurance by one of our certified partners ensures that you are guaranteed the best possible benefit. Even with a car insurance that covers glass damage, you still have to take into account a certain deductible. However, this own risk is now being waived by our certified partners up to an amount of 150 euros! It goes without saying that in this way you can enjoy an extra particularly interesting advantage. This way, the rear window replacement of your Kia is almost free of charge!