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A windscreen replacement for your Volvo for the best price

The Volvo brand was founded on 10 August 1926 and formed part of the ball bearing manufacturer SKF.
Over the years, Volvo has become one of the most popular car brands in the world. Have you also chosen to buy a Volvo, but has there been damage to the windscreen of your car, for example, caused by rubble? In that case, it goes without saying that you will want to have this damage repaired as soon as possible. You will have to bear in mind that it is possible to buy a new Volvo windscreen in two different ways. This way you can opt for an original windscreen, but it is also possible to buy after-market automotive glass. A windscreen replacement of a Volvo with one designed for the after-market is always by far the most economical option. Are you interested in this too? Then we will be happy to help you!

Chip or crack due to rubble in your Volvo windscreen

There is still a misunderstanding that damage to the windscreen can cause it to splash apart, with all the consequences that entails. This is no longer the case today, as your Volvo windscreen is always made of laminated glass. This type of glass is quickly heated during production and then slowly cooled down, which makes it extra strong. In addition, it is known that laminated glass consists of several layers of glass where in between a PVB film
layer can be found. This film has an adhesive effect on both sides, which ensures that the glass does not splash apart when broken. The result is that the rubble only causes a chip or crack. The windscreen replacement of your Volvo in case of window damage may not always be strictly necessary, but it is strongly recommended.

It is often said that a windscreen replacement of a Volvo is always necessary in the event of window damage. That is not entirely correct. When the chip or single burst is outside the driver's field of vision, replacing your windscreen is not strictly necessary. This is the case when the windscreen damage may potentially interfere with the driver while driving. Even the reflection of sunlight in the crack can cause the driver to be blinded, resulting in an accident that happened very quickly. In addition, windscreen replacement of your Volvo in case of damage is always a good idea because your car window is about 40 percent part of the rigidity of the chassis. If it is damaged, it is unnecessary to say that the stability of the chassis can be compromised, and that is of course not exactly the intention.

What is an after-market windscreen?

As indicated earlier on this page, windscreen replacement of your Volvo can be done in different ways. Initially, for example, you can choose to use an original car window with a brand logo, but it is usually much more interesting to choose to buy an after market copy. With us, our customers have the opportunity to purchase an after-market windscreen for their Volvo car that is manufactured to the highest European standards. Despite this strict production procedure, you can always count on a price that is much sharper compared to an original car window with a brand logo. How is that possible? Very simple. An original car window with logo may initially only be sold by a dealer. This ensures that the price shoots considerably into the air and that without any improvement in quality.

The same quality at a much higher price

We can safely say that there can be no difference in quality between an original Volvo windscreen and an after-market model because not only the factory, but also the production line of both car windows are exactly the same. Windscreen replacement of your Volvo's with one designed for the after-market will not only give you an attractive financial advantage, but you can also be absolutely sure that there is no need to hand in quality at all, on the contrary.

Windscreen replacement of the Volvo by certified fitting partners

You can order an inexpensive and high-quality new windscreen for your Volvo, but who is going to place it? The above advantages are already more than sufficient to outsource a windscreen replacement of the Volvo to Autoglas Concurrent. You will also want to be absolutely sure that your new Volvo windscreen is placed by a real expert. This is also very well organised at Autoglas Concurrent. After all, the installation of your brand new windscreen is done by one of our certified fitting partners. This way, you can be 100% sure that the windscreen replacement of your Volvo outsourcing to us is always a truly excellent choice across the board.