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Windscreen replacement of your Daewoo by a dedicated professional

The originally Korean brand Daewoo may not sound very familiar to many people. This does not detract from the fact that many of these cars are still in circulation throughout the world (and therefore also in the Netherlands). The Daewoo car brand has actually originated from National Motors. It was founded in 1937, but changed its name in 1962. From that moment on it went through life as a Saenara Motor. The first really important milestone took place in 1965 when a takeover by Shinjin Industrial took place. From this moment on, Toyota also entered into cooperation with this company. Unfortunately, the partnership did not last long and was terminated in 1972 for a joint venture with General Motors. It is interesting to note that several cars that initially carried the Daewoo brand were sold on the European market as Chevrolet. At the time of writing, there are only two countries in the world where the brand name is still used, namely Vietnam and South Korea. Are you the owner of a Daewoo car and are you dealing with damage to the windscreen that you wish to have repaired? Then quickly read on and discover our interesting solution to a windscreen replacement of your Daewoo!

The appearance of an asterisk or chip in the windscreen of your Daewoo

Why is it that you can suddenly experience an asterisk or chip in the windscreen of your Daewoo? Very simple. Such damage is caused by rubble. Unlike the other windows that are part of your Daewoo, the windscreen will not just splash apart. The windscreen replacement of your Daewoo is not always mandatory when an asterisk or chip appears, but it is highly recommended. Not correcting an asterisk may cause you to be blinded in certain circumstances, which may cause you to lose control of the road. In the past, it has often happened in this way that people have been injured life-threateningly in this way. Timely windscreen replacement of your Daewoo makes sure that the same thing doesn't happen to you.

Windscreen replacement of the Daewoo for the MOT control

It is a general misconception that damage to the windscreen of a car must always be repaired before the MOT inspection is carried out. Despite the fact that replacing the Daewoo windscreen in case of damage is very interesting, it has to be said that the place where the asterisk or crack occurs determines whether or not there will automatically be a rejection of the MOT. Can the asterisk be found outside the driver's field of vision? Then it is up to you to choose whether or not to have it repaired. Is the asterisk or crack within the field of vision? In that case, failure to replace the windscreen is guaranteed to result in rejection of the MOT with all its consequences.

What are the costs of windscreen replacement for a Daewoo?

Many people fear that a windscreen replacement of a Daewoo is very costly. This can certainly also be the case, for example when you choose a new, original windscreen. Such a windscreen has a brand logo which ensures that it can only be sold by brand dealers. On a regular basis, such a windscreen can be purchased on the second-hand market, but the price of it is still relatively high. By opting for an after-market new Daewoo windscreen, however, you can count on the same quality, but at a much lower cost.

The lower purchase price of an after-market Daewoo windscreen is reflected in the fact that it does not have a brand logo. Despite this fact, the factory and the production process are exactly the same as with original automotive glass. You can always rely with certainty on the best possible price-quality ratio in this respect. A windscreen replacement of your Daewoo priceless? Not when you choose an after-market windscreen from Autoglas Concurrent!

Replacing your Daewoo windscreen outsource to Autoglas Concurrent

Would you like to replace the windshield of your Daewoo and are you still looking for a reliable and high quality party to outsource it? In this situation, you are well advised to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Autoglas Concurrent. Not only can your Daewoo's windscreen be replaced with us at a very competitive price, but we also outsource the replacement to one of our certified assembly partners. This way you are always assured of a quality end result and you can also quickly return to the road with your Daewoo!