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Cheap rear window replacement of your Lancia?

Lancia is an Italian car brand with a long history. If you have a car of this brand, it is important that you pay attention to maintenance. New Lancia cars are no longer sold outside Italy. Have you unexpectedly suffered damage to your rear window and for this reason do you want a rear window replacement for your Lancia? Then it's good to know that you don't have to pay the main price for this. By purchasing an after market car window you can make considerable savings. However, this can be done without compromising on quality. You can read more about how this works below. Before telling more about the possibilities to replace the rear window of a Lancia, we will first dive into the special history of this brand.

Lancia has been around for more than a hundred years

Nowadays the car brand Lancia does not ring a bell on everyone's doorstep. Nevertheless, the Italian brand has been in existence for more than a hundred years and has had great success. In 1906 Lancia was founded in Turin by two racing drivers. They wanted to make fast cars that were suitable for rally sports, among other things. The men, led by the name giver Vincenzo Lancia,
very quickly succeeded in this goal. The first model came on the market within a year. This was such a great success that this car was also sold in America under the brand name SGV.
In addition, the first Lancia truck
came on the market as early as 1915.

From that initial period up to and including the 60s, Lancia was a forerunner in many areas. For example, they were the first to make a car with electrical systems and Lancia was the first independent wheel suspension to use in a car. In addition, they experimented with the V4, V6, V8 and V12 engines at the Italian company. They were the first company to provide a production car with a V6. However, by incorporating all these innovations and, before that, complicated constructions into their cars, Lancia was doing less and less well. Losses increased and in 1969 the company Lancia was forced to sell to Fiat. An interesting fact is that founder Vincenzo Lancia started his racing career at Fiat before deciding to set up his own company. In the end, the circle is complete.

Acquisition and declining sales

After the stormy start in which the car brand made a lot of impression, Lancia has gone through peaks and troughs since it was taken over by Fiat in 1969. Of course there are still several successful models on the market, but that earlier inventiveness and drift to experimentation were not always incorporated in the cars anymore. Lancia was able to achieve many successes in the field of rally riding. Based on the statistics, Lancia is still the most successful team ever in this branch of motor sport.

Following the acquisition by Fiat, Lancia cars were often launched in cooperation with other brands. For example, the Lancia Thema shared a base with a model of Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Saab. In addition, several Lancia models in England have been sold in rebatched versions as Chryslers. Some of these cars became quite popular in Europe and sales figures have been excellent for a long time. Lancia always knew how to combine a competitive price with excellent quality and a beautiful design. After the 2008 crisis, however, things went completely wrong for the brand. Mother company Fiat got into trouble and finally decided in 2014 to stop selling Lancia cars outside Italy. Only the Lancia Ypsilon is still for sale in that country.

In Europe and elsewhere, however, quite a few Lancias were sold in previous decades. For example, you may well own one of the following models:

  1. Lancia Delta
  2. Lancia Grand Voyager
  3. Lancia Lybra
  4. Lancia Phedra
  5. Lancia Ypsilon
  6. Lancia Zeta

If you are looking for an excellent yet cheap way to replace the rear window of your Lancia, then you can certainly count on us.

Windscreen or rear window replacement for a Lancia?

As you may know, your car's windscreen and the rear and side windows are not made of exactly the same material. Moreover, the car windows are made in a different way. The windscreen of your Lancia is made of three layers. These are two layers of glass and one layer of PVB film that is adhesive on both sides. This film is placed between the layers of glass. Before the film is placed, the glass is quickly heated and cooled. This makes the windscreen very strong and has a lot of stiffness. Moreover, due to the PVB film used and the production method, the windscreen cannot break down into a thousand pieces like a side window or rear window. However, in the event of an accident or rubble, the window can burst. If this is a single crack, you can continue with it with complete peace of mind. In the event of a multiple crack or a crack in the direct view of the driver, the Lancia windscreen replacement is certainly necessary.

The rear and side windows of your Lancia are made of a single layer of glass. This glass is heated quickly and then left to cool down quickly. This results in so-called tempered glass. When this glass is subjected to a hard blow, it breaks up into thousands of pieces. This is safer in a car because it makes glass fragments much less dangerous for the occupants. Of course, this does ensure that a broken rear window immediately ensures that your Lancia rear window replacement is urgently needed. Otherwise, you may encounter the following problems:

  • Rain can cause mould in the upholstery
  • Splashing stones can injure occupants
  • The electronics may be affected by rain
  • Thieves can enter the car in this way
  • Poor comfort due to noise and weather and wind influences

Economical rear window replacement of your Lancia

In the first instance, car windows with a brand logo may only be sold by a brand dealer. However, this means that the price is higher than it should be. An after market rear window does not have a brand logo and may therefore also be offered by other parties. However, the car windows come from exactly the same factory and are of exactly the same quality. Buying the car windows online from us is the best choice because of the high quality at a lower price.

With us you can choose to replace the rear window of your Lancia yourself. Simply order the rear window you need, have it delivered and place it yourself. If you do not have the knowledge in-house, our certified partners will be happy to assist you. They even come to your location for the rear window replacement of the Lancia. In all cases ordering an after marking car window is very economical and simple. Thanks to our excellent products and service, you can get back on the road quickly and safely with your car.