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At low cost rear window replacement of your Daihatsu?

Although cars of the Japanese company Daihatsu are nowadays not new anymore for sale in Europe, there are still quite a lot of people in the Netherlands driving a car of this brand. If you have suffered damage or if for any other reason you need to replace the Daihatsu rear window, this can be very expensive. However, there is also a less expensive way for the rear window replacement of your Daihatsu. You can order car windows online here at low cost. These are after-market car windows that have exactly the same high quality as the automotive glass you can find from a brand dealer. Before we go into the history of the Japanese brand Daihatsu, we will discuss some of the popular models that still circulate in large numbers in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

The 110-year-old Daihatsu company

Like many other automobile brands, Daihatsu started manufacturing other products and components. The current Daihatsu was founded as early as 1907 under the name Hatsudoki Seizo Co. In the first decades, this company specialised in the production and development of internal combustion engines that were used in trains and boats, among others. In addition, other products were also produced for the railway industry. After the First World War, the company began to study diesel engines and mobility. This was followed by the production of their first' car'. A tricycle with a diesel engine that became very popular in Japan and is still in use in some countries.

In 1951 continued as Daihatsu

In 1951, together with the change of direction from developing engines to developing cars, the new name Daihatsu was chosen. The export of the car make to Europe began as early as the 1960s. Although it wasn't a big success at first, Daihatsu cars were increasingly sold by the 1980s. The compact and reliable cars were and are especially popular with people who drive a lot in the city or who only need to travel small distances. Thanks to the relatively low prices and high quality, Daihatsu has ultimately become a great success in Europe. A rear window replacement of your Daihatsu is definitely worth the effort. The cars can last very long as long as they are well maintained and also for used cars is more than enough interest.

Acquisition by Toyota

Already in 1967, the Japanese car company Toyota also became a major shareholder in Daihatsu. Although this was initially a 16.8% share, it has gradually become more and more. Since 2016, Daihatsu has been wholly owned by Toyota and Daihatsu has been established as a fully fledged subsidiary of Toyota. As a result, several cars have appeared that are a collaboration between both brands or if rebatched versions were sold under both brands.

Do you want the rear window replacement of your Daihatsu? Then there is a good chance that you will have one of the following models. They are the most popular in the Netherlands and the most popular when it was still possible to buy new cars from Daihatsu:

For all models, it is possible to replace you Daihatsu rear window with us at low cost. Moreover, it doesn't matter which generation you have of a particular model. You can easily find the different generations per model and order the right car window directly. Besides ordering a rear window, you can also order side windows from us. In addition, a Daihatsu windscreen replacement through us is also possible.

What is an after-market car window?

Vehicles with a brand logo may only be sold in Europe by an authorised dealer. Although there are no new Daihatsu cars sold any more, there are still designated service companies. Only these companies may initially replace the Daihatsu rear window with a branded window. This allows these service companies to charge a higher price than strictly necessary. The after-market car windows that you can order here come from exactly the same factory and are made in exactly the same way. So the quality is exactly the same, but because there is no brand logo on it, other companies can also sell the car window. As a result, the price is many times lower and you can save a lot of costs when the rear window replacement of your Daihatsu is done with an after-market car window.

When do I need the rear window replacement of my Daihatsu?

Unlike a Daihatsu windscreen, the rear window of your car can break up into thousands of pieces. This is due to the production method of the rear window. This consists of a single layer of tempered glass, which was heated up quickly and then cooled down quickly. Because it breaks down into many small pieces, the risk of injury before use by large fragments of glass is many times smaller.

A broken rear window can be caused by an accident or vandalism, for example. If this is the case with you, it is important that the rear window replacement of your Daihatsu is done as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk the following:

  • Water damage in the car which causes the upholstery damage
  • Broken electronics due to weather and wind influences
  • The car is easy to steal by thieves
  • Risks during driving because there is no protection against rubble and other material
  • Lots of trouble with noise and cold or heat

The rear window replacement of your Daihatsu is therefore highly recommended when it breaks down. Otherwise, it may cost you much more money if you continue to drive around with a broken rear window. Moreover, the safety of the occupants is not optimal. In addition, the rear window replacement of your Daihatsu won't cost you too much if you choose for us instead of a brand dealer.

Doing the rear window replacement of your Daihatsu yourself or have your replaced by experts

In contrast to many other suppliers of vehicle glass, it is possible to order a separate car window from us and then place it yourself. If you have knowledge of the facts and can therefore doing the rear window replacement of your Daihatsu yourself, this is an economical way to repair your windscreen damage yourself. If you do not have this knowledge in-house, our certified assembly partners will be happy to assist you. These highly experienced experts replace the rear window on location at low cost, allowing you to quickly return safely to the road with the new rear window.