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Rear window replacement of a Mercedes at low cost?

The German quality cars of the Mercedes brand normally continue to drive very well for a very long time. If you have damage to a car of this brand, then it is certainly advisable to have it repaired quickly. If you're looking for the best way for a rear window replacement for your Mercedes, then you can definitely count on us. Here you can easily order the rear window of many different models of this brand. Before telling more about the options we offer and the benefits that come with them, we will briefly discuss the history of this illustrious car brand.

The world's first car manufacturer

Nowadays there are a lot of different car manufacturers, but the first company to market this vehicle was Benz. In 1886 Carl Benz
came with his 'power car' and that's where the long history of this car brand begins. Less than a hundred kilometres away, a Gottlieb Daimler
was also developing a car. However, he came just too late to be ahead of Benz, but later in 1886 he managed to make his first working car. An interesting detail is that Daimler started his business with Wilhelm Maybach.
Car enthusiasts will certainly recognize this surname. Maybach left Daimler in 1907 and started his own brand in 1909.

It is striking that, according to historians Benz and Daimler, they never met. However, Carl Benz was tried for violating a Daimler patent. This makes it all the more remarkable that in 1926, long after Daimler's death in 1900, both companies merged to form Daimler-Benz. The Mercedes name was also used as a brand name from that year onwards. This name comes from the daughter of Emil Jellinek, an Austrian entrepreneur who ordered several cars from Daimler in 1902 that had to meet his wishes and get this name. Wilhelm Maybach was also indirectly involved in his friend Daimler's company. The car brand that bears his surname was bought by Daimler-Benz in 1960.

The solid advance of Mercedes-Benz

After the merger of the two companies in 1926, Mercedes-Benz has slowly but surely developed into one of the most respected and reliable car brands. Although the first years in Nazi Germany did not appeal to the imagination, the company corrected its mistakes after the war. The cars got better and better and the sales figures slowly but surely rose until the company became one of the market leaders worldwide. In 1998 Daimler-Benz merged with Chrysler to form DaimlerChrysler. However, this cooperation proved to be unsuccessful and Chrysler was sold by Daimler as early as 2007. Since then, the parent company of the Mercedes-Benz car brand has once again been called Daimler.

Also interesting are the names of all the models that were made before 1993. The engine capacity of a car was divided by ten and behind this number a number followed which indicated whether there was a special body shape or a deviating engine. As a result, it was quickly clear what the capacities of a particular model were. After 1993 this was slightly changed and many models are divided into a class. Well-known examples of this are the:

Mercedes also sells trucks and vans, among other things. There are also Mercedes-AMG cars and Maybach-Mercedes cars. These are often customised versions of Mercedes-Benz models, which often offer even more power and luxury. In the field of vans, the Mercedes Vito and the Mercedes Sprinter, among others, are very popular in our country with both companies and private individuals. If you want to have a rear window replacement for your Mercedes van, you can also count on us. Also for the truck windscreen replacement of a Mercedes you have come to the right place.

Nowadays, Mercedes cars are an integral part of international roads. The different models are almost without exception of extremely high quality and are usually in the luxury segment. Nevertheless, Mercedes always ranks among the top 20 in terms of absolute sales numbers from 1982 to the present day. Together with BMW, it is therefore the most popular car brand in the luxury segment.

When should I replace the rear window of my Mercedes?

The rear window replacement of your Mercedes is highly recommended as soon as it breaks. Unlike the windscreen of your car, the rear window can fall into a thousand pieces due to an accident or vandalism, for example. Once this is the case, it is best to act as quickly as possible. If the rear window is missing, you may encounter the following problems:

  • The upholstery may be damaged by rain
  • Electronics can be disrupted or damaged by rain
  • The occupants are not seated safely or comfortably
  • The car is easily accessible for thieves
  • There will be a lot of outside noise while driving

The fact that the rear window breaks into a thousand pieces is only to be found in Mercedes models with a rear window made of tempered glass. Some of the more luxurious models, such as the Mercedes S class, feature a laminated glass rear window. Unlike tempered glass, laminated glass cannot fall apart into many pieces. This is due to the production method and the materials used. This type of vehicle glass, of which all cars also have the windscreen made from, consists of two layers of glass that are strongly connected to each other by an intermediate layer of PVB film.

A rear window made of laminated glass may not break into a thousand pieces, but it may crack like the front window. With a single crack you can drive on for a while. A multiple crack in the rear window or a crack in the driver's view should be replaced as soon as possible. Regardless of the type of rear window you have, you can use us to replace the rear window of your Mercedes. The Mercedes windscreen replacement is also possible with us at low cost.

How can the rear window replacement of my Mercedes be so advantageous?

The rear window replacement of your Mercedes is a very expensive job at a brand dealer. This is because initially only the Mercedes brand dealer can sell a car window with a brand logo. As a result, they can largely determine the price themselves. There is no competition that forces it to keep prices low. You can order after market automotive glass from us, which can also be sold by non-brand dealers. The after market rear windows are of exactly the same quality and come from exactly the same factory as the car windows with brand logo. The only difference is the price, which is very favorable for you.

Doing the rear window replacement for your Mercedes yourself is certainly possible through us. You can order the car window and all accompanying rubbers and similar parts easily and quickly. Do you not have the knowledge to replace the car window yourself? Then engage our certified assembly partners. They will be happy to visit you to replace the car window of your Mercedes. In both cases, the price is considerably lower than what you should have paid to a brand dealer, while the quality is at least as high. Order your Mercedes rear window today so you can quickly get back on the road safely.