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The windscreen replacement of your Dodge at a competitive price

The brothers John
& Horace Dodge
formed the basis of the brand Dodge. As a child, these two children already had a true passion for technology. The Dodge brand was founded in 1914 and has evolved considerably over the years. In 1928, for example, it was acquired by Chrysler, who was already an established asset at that time. Between 1998 and 2007, the brand was also part of the German DaimlerChrysler group. Are you also the proud owner of a Dodge, but are you confronted with, for example, rubble on the windscreen while driving? In that case, you will undoubtedly be looking for an interesting solution. Autoglas Concurrent can take care of the windscreen replacement of your Dodge at a particularly competitive price and this can be done without the need for any quality surrender.

Creation of an asterisk or chip in your windscreen

Damage caused to the Dodge windscreen will not cause the windscreen in question to splash into countless pieces, on the contrary. What it can do is to create an asterisk or chip and this small piece of damage to the windscreen can have very annoying consequences. In principle, an asterisk can appear anywhere and the exact location is decisive for the nuisance caused by the asterisk or chip. Is it reflected in the driver's field of view? Then a windscreen replacement of the Dodge force itself up. Is the asterisk located in one of the corners of the windscreen of your car? In that case, you do not in principle need to take immediate action, although this is always advisable.

Rejection for MOT by asterisk or crack in windscreen

The above indicates it already, an asterisk or crack in the Dodge windscreen can be quite annoying. Indeed, when it is in the driver's field of vision, it is possible that it dazzles the driver. A simple reflection of sunlight or the headlights of an oncoming vehicle can therefore have considerable consequences. For this reason, windscreen replacement of your Dodge is always recommended before performing the MOT control. Is it established during this check that the asterisk or crack is in the driver's field of vision? Then there is a great chance that the car will be rejected for the MOT with all the consequences that entails.

A new windscreen for a Dodge doesn't have to cost much

It goes without saying that installing a new Dodge windscreen is always associated with a certain cost price. This price can in principle also be quite high, especially if you choose to have an original windscreen installed. Such automotive glass has a brand logo, which means that it can only be sold by a genuine brand dealer. This is especially annoying because this way the cost is pushed up to a very high level. In principle, there are now and then original car windows on the second-hand market to be found, but even then the price is still quite considerable.

Do you want an inexpensive windscreen replacement for your Dodge?

A windscreen replacement of a Dodge can therefore be very expensive, but there are also alternatives. Did you know, for example, that it is also possible to choose an after-market car window instead of original automotive glass? After-market automotive glass is often considered to be less qualitative out of ignorance, but that is not possible at all. Both the factory in which they are made and the production line do not differ from the original car windows for a Dodge. This means that the windscreen replacement of your Dodge with after-market automotive glass does not result in any loss of quality at all, on the contrary. Nevertheless, you can count on a very interesting saving.

Windscreen replacement for a Dodge with Autoglas Concurrent

So. a windscreen replacement for a Dodge always gives you an interesting financial advantage, as you have already read. This is not all, however, because you are also assured of the best possible quality. The windscreen replacement of your Dodge outsourcing to Autoglas Concurrent ensures that the replacement itself is done by certified fitting partners. These fitting partners have all the necessary knowledge and experience to carry out the replacement in a very efficient and qualitative way, so you don't have to miss your favourite Dodge for long. Also replace the Dodge windscreen without high costs and with excellent quality? Do now appeal to the possibilities of Autoglas Concurrent!