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Windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen at a competitive price

Do you have a Volkswagen and are you dealing with damage to the windscreen of your car? In that case, it goes without saying that you will want to have them repaired as soon as possible. A damaged windscreen does not only pose the necessary safety risks, but can also reduce the visibility of the roadway, for example, and that cannot of course be the intention. Autoglas Concurrent does not repair any asterisks or chips, but it does ensure that our customers can always order a new windscreen at a very competitive price and that without having to surrender in terms of quality.

The properties of a windscreen

You will only want a windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen when you have found a suitable partner who can be sure to provide you with a very high quality and interestingly priced windscreen. In that case, Autoglas Concurrent can undoubtedly be of service to you. The windscreen of the car always consists of laminated glass. This is in contrast to side and rear windows. A windscreen is therefore always made up of two glass layers with a so-called PVB film
layer (a kind of plastic) between it. This layer has a double-sided adhesive effect which prevents the glass from splashing into thousands of pieces in the event of window damage.

Asterisk or crack in windscreen by rubble

Contrary to what many people think, the above ensures that an asterisk or crack caused by rubble can only occur in the windscreen. The only exception to this is the somewhat more expensive cars that do have layered side and / or rear windows, such as some top models of Audi and Mercedes. In any case, the windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen at us ensures that you can always count on excellent service and quality. All windscreens offered by us are produced in accordance with the strictest European quality and safety standards. Moreover, they are identical to the original car windows which cost a considerable euro more.

Price differential

The fact that the windscreen replacement of a Volkswagen can be done at an interesting price at Autoglas Concurrent immediately becomes clear when looking at our assortment and the associated costs. What is the reason for this price difference? In the first instance, we would like to emphasise that all our windows are manufactured in the same factory and in the same production line as the original car windows. However, there is one not insignificant difference and that is that our windows do not use a brand logo. Why that is the case? Very simple, only a branded dealer has the right to sell a car window with a logo in the first place.

Do you really want a car window with brand logo? In itself, this is quite possible when a car window purchased from a dealer is re-sold. It must be said that this makes the car window in question unnecessarily expensive. In this respect, we can rest assured that it is only the logo that can make your Volkswagen windscreen considerably more expensive. You will not notice any difference in terms of quality.

When do you need a windscreen replacement for your Volkswagen?

Many people who have to deal with a damaged windscreen, for example, because of rubble on their Volkswagen car, choose not to have this window damage repaired immediately or to have the windscreen replaced. The fear of being confronted with sky-high costs is therefore particularly great. Fortunately, this fear does not always have to become a reality, on the contrary. As you have already read, choosing a new car window designed for the after-market market is a choice of at least the same quality, while you can also count on a much more interesting cost price. Waiting a long time to have your Volkswagen windscreen repaired or replaced is not a good idea anyway. Did you know that a car with a damaged windscreen can be rejected for the MOT? The windscreen replacement of your Volkswagen is therefore always recommended as soon as possible.

Inexpensive windscreen replacement of the Volkswagen at Autoglas Concurrent

Fortunately, windscreen replacement of a Volkswagen does not always have to cost a fortune, as you have already been able to read. By availing yourself of the possibilities offered by Autoglas Concurrent, you have an extremely high quality and safe windscreen at a price that you would probably never have dared to keep possible. In addition, the installation is always outsourced to one of our certified assembly partners. This ensures that you can always have a familiar feel even when it comes to assembly. This means that the installation of your new Volkswagen windscreen is always in good hands. Your windscreen will be replaced by professionals with a price-quality ratio that you can't find anywhere else.