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Save on costs for windscreen replacement of a Volkswagen Beetle

In the past, almost everyone had one, a Volkswagen Beetle. The car was produced between 1938 and 2003 and was popular because of its limited size and typical appearance. What many people don't know is that it was the New York Times that was the first to come out with the name 'Beetle'. Initially, Volkswagen's small car was marketed as Typ 1, 1200 and 1300. The name expressed the engine content in CC. Are you also the proud owner of a Volkswagen Beetle which you regularly use on the public road? Have you been confronted with damage to the windscreen during one of your trips? In that case, we will be happy to offer you a particularly interesting solution for a windscreen replacement of a Volkswagen Beetle.

Windscreen replacement at a Volkswagen Beetle is not always necessary

In practice, it is very common for people who own a Volkswagen Beetle to replace their windscreen unnecessarily. This is not infrequently caused by the fact that many of our competitors indicate quite often that a windscreen with damage always needs to be replaced. If you do not do this, you could run into a disapproval of the car inspection. Is that correct? Not really. A disapproval of the car inspection will only threaten when the damage to your windscreen can be a safety problem. Replacing a windscreen with damage is therefore not mandatory if the single crack is out of the driver's field of view. If the glass damage has a branch, i.e. consists of more than 1 crack, the car will be rejected for the inspection. Is there an asterisk in your Volkswagen Beetle windscreen? In that case, the windscreen in question does not need to be replaced anyway. After all, there are other possibilities for solving this damage.

The best known German car ever

Many people (as well as many experts) agree that the Volkswagen Beetle is the most popular German car ever. That is why no less than 20 million Volkswagen cars were sold between 1937 and 2003. This ensures that he can immediately call himself the most produced car on the same platform ever. The Volkswagen Beetle also appeared frequently in a number of films. The most famous of these is undoubtedly the Volkswagen Beetle, which was named 'Herbie'.
He was shown in several films that were published between 1974 and 2005.

Ordering a new car window for your Volkswagen Beetle

Of course, a damaged windscreen replacement of a Volkswagen Beetle is not possible without first looking for a new car window. In this respect, you should be aware that there are several opportunities on the market. We distinguish ourselves in this area:

  • An after market windscreen
  • An original windscreen

In principle, when you replace a windscreen, you can make perfect use of both types. There is, however, a considerable financial difference between the two versions. Where an after market car window can be bought for a very attractive price tag, this does not apply to an original one. Replacing the Volkswagen Beetle windscreen with original automotive glass will therefore always be much more expensive. In fact, even if you choose to order an original second-hand car window, the cost may be higher than a brand new after-market one.

No loss of quality

The price difference between original and after market automotive glass when replacing the Volkswagen Beetle windscreen is caused by the fact that an original car window may initially only be sold by an authorised brand dealer. This is because it has a brand logo. This is not the case with after market automotive glass. However, the fact that the price of a new windscreen for a Volkswagen Beetle is so much lower for an after market model does not mean that there is any need to surrender in terms of quality, on the contrary. Both original and after market car windows are made in the same factory and are part of the same production line. There can therefore be no price difference at all in this respect.

An after market windscreen for the Volkswagen Beetle is available for € 109, a windscreen for the Volkswagen Beetle Convertible costs € 249. If the windscreen has to be replaced as well, it costs € 209 for the Volkswagen Beetle and € 349 for the Volkswagen Beetle Convertible.

A windscreen for a Volkswagen Beetle

from 1964 to 1986

€ 109.00

A windscreen for a Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

from 1973 to 1986

€ 249.00

Outsourcing the windscreen replacement of the Volkswagen Beetle

The cost of the windscreen replacement of the Volkswagen Beetle does not have to be as high as you might have feared at first sight. For the actual replacement of a damaged car window, we always call upon one of our certified assembly partners. These experts will ensure that the replacement of your windscreen can take place in the shortest possible time, so that you can quickly return to the road. Do you have to deal with a completely shattered windscreen so that you can no longer drive with your Volkswagen Beetle? That does not have to be a problem at all. Our certified assembly partners can also come on-site to solve the glass damage without any problems. Do you also want to replace your Volkswagen Beetle windscreen? In that case it may be clear that you are definitely at the right address with us for this!