Payment methods

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Pay in 3 instalments
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How does it work?

  • Payment in 3 installments is possible from €100.00 to €3000.00
  • Payment in 3 installments is only possible if the billing address and delivery address are the same
  • Payment in 3 instalments is only possible for customers in the Netherlands
  • No BKR check or registration
  • 0% interest
  • The payment costs are €0.35 + 0.25% over the total amount.
  • Pay 1/3 today, 1/3 over 30 days and the last instalment over 60 days
  • If payment in 3 instalments is opted for, the receivable is transferred to In3
  • For more information see In3


With iDEAL, you can pay for your online purchases safely, securely and easily. You pay in your familiar internet payment environment, based on specific security methods of your own bank. As an internet banker, you can use iDEAL directly, without having to sign up for it. For more information, please visit the website of iDEAL.

Pay with the most common payment method in Belgium. You pay within the secure and trusted banking environment of your own bank with a unique TAN (Transaction Auhorization Number). So you can pay directly and do not need to register or create an account first. As soon as you have completed the payment transaction in your banking environment, the amount is transferred immediately. For more information, please visit the website of Bancontact / Mister Cash.

Pay securely with PIN to the mechanic during delivery and possible fitting of your car window. In order to offer you this payment service, the mechanic must bring a mobile PIN device. Please indicate your preferred payment method in advance.

Pay cash to the mechanic when your car window is delivered and possibly fitted. Please pay appropriately.

SOFORT Banking is the most popular payment method in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Poland can also pay using this method. You pay in your own familiar banking environment. Direct, safe and fast. TÜV Saarland has found this method of online payment to be extremely safe. By using this payment method, customers are insured against identity theft, phishing and pharming. For more information, please visit the website of SOFORT Banking.

Pay safe and secure with bunq, the new online payment method especially for mobile. Discover the possibilities for yourself. Read all about it on bunq.

Pay with PayPal's buyer protection. Should you have a dispute with us that we are unable to resolve with you in an appropriate manner, you can call on PayPal's Buyer Protection. You have a maximum of 180 days to file a dispute with PayPal. PayPal's independent dispute committee will then determine whether we have to refund you. If PayPal decides that we have to refund your purchase amount, PayPal guarantees this and pays you back the purchase amount which is then complained to us. You cannot buy more securely online. You pay with your own email address and password. You do not need to keep your balance. The payment costs for payment with PayPal are 3.4% of the total amount. For a quick payment, we advise you to first add money to your PayPal account via iDEAL, to avoid paying with a delayed payment. Please note that you must also enter your shipping address with PayPal in order to be eligible for buyer protection. For more information, please visit the website of PayPal.

Pay with the convenience and security of a credit card from MasterCard, Visa, American Express of Discover. To provide you with a guaranteed safe payment environment, your payment will be processed by PayPal. You do not need to have or create an account when you pay with your credit card via PayPal. The payment costs for payment by credit card are 3.4% of the total amount. We can activate the credit card payment option at your request.

The mechanic will write you a receipt and warranty certificate on behalf of the relevant FOCWA certified car window repairer. You can indicate your preference of payment when placing your order. Online payments will be received on behalf of our FOCWA certified fitting partners and transferred to them as soon as possible.


Fast service and delivery
Pay in 3 instalments
We ship worldwide. Ask for the shipping costs