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The side window replacement is necessary if it has been broken or otherwise damaged. The side windows of the car are in almost all cases made of tempered glass. In concrete terms, this means that the side windows break down into thousands of parts when damaged. However, you largely determine the cost of the side window replacement yourself. If you opt for branded glass, you opt for high costs. Why is it wise to choose after market side windows and can you replace the side window of your car yourself?

Side windows: tempered or laminated glass?

Nowadays, windscreens are only made of laminated glass. When you need a rear window replacement, the question remains whether it is tempered or laminated glass. In the case of the side windows, however, it is almost only tempered glass that is used.

The use of tempered glass in side windows has clear advantages:

  • It is safety glass: occupants have little risk of injury in case of window damage;
  • Aid workers can hit the window in an emergency;
  • You can smash the window yourself when you hit the water with the car.

As window breakage cannot occur with tempered glass, a side window replacement is required if it is damaged. Wondering what exactly happens when your side window breaks down? Below you can see exactly what happens when the car window is smashed in.

When should the side window be replaced?

The side window must be replaced if it has been damaged. After vandalism for example, after a storm in which objects have gone through the side window or after you have had to hit the side window yourself because the keys were still in the car. Do you have to hit the side window yourself to gain access to your car? Then always smash the smallest side window. The cost of the side window replacement is always lower and it is often easier to replace a smaller window yourself, at least if it is not glued.

What types of side windows are there?

Almost all side windows are made of tempered glass. However, this does not mean that all side windows are the same. There are roughly three types of side windows:

  1. Folding windows (unusual for more modern cars);
  2. Fixed side windows (usually in the back of the car);
  3. Side windows that can be opened.

Fixed side windows can be replaced by removing the (remnants of the) side windows from the lists. The window moulding is then removed from the car after after which the side window replacement can be carried out. If you want to do this yourself, first check if the window moulding is also damaged. You can let it come along immediately when you order the new side window.

Side windows that can be opened are always stuck in a window mechanism. This can be a manual or electronic mechanism. When replacing the side window, it doesn't matter which window mechanism it is - as long as you pay attention to how the side window should be placed in the mechanism itself.

What should I do when the window mechanism stops working?

Did the side window breaks down because it literally fell 'into the door'? Then there is a problem with the window mechanism. First check the fuse (the maintenance booklet shows which fuse it is). Are you replacing the fuse and is the window mechanism working again? Then you can replace the side window. However, does the window mechanism still not work after replacing the fuse? Then there may be problems with the guides, the transmission or the motor of the mechanism.

Do you have to manually open the windows in your car with the crank? Then you don't have to look for an engine or transmission. There is a good chance that the guides are worn or that something has become stuck in the mechanism. By removing the interior of the car door, you can often see immediately what the problem is. If you have electrically operated side windows, it becomes a lot more difficult and you often have to call in a professional.

Can I replace my side window myself after damage?

Repairing the car window is not an option for the side window because it is made of tempered glass. However, you do not have to look for a specialist immediately. Are you handy, do you have enough tools (at least screwdrivers, a sharp knife and gloves) and do you have enough space to work dry with an open car door? Then you can replace the car window yourself. A side window replacement takes you on average one hour when you know what to do.

Replacing a side window takes an average of one hour when you know what to do. Most of the time is spent on disassembly of the door panel and removal of the broken glass. How easy it is to replace a Ford Escape side window, for example, is shown in the following video. This way you have a good idea of the points you should pay attention to when disassembling a door panel and the window mechanism.

The most important thing:

  1. Carefully open the interior of the door to expose the mechanism;
  2. Always remove any glass residue before you start the job;
  3. Take your time and always take a good look at how the side window was fitted;
  4. Work accurately and carefully.

You can order new side windows from us without installation. This means that you will only receive the new side window and will not pay anything for installing it because you do this yourself. If you can't find the side window of your car on our website, please contact us.

When should I better have the side window replaced?

Do you not have time to replace the side window yourself? Or do you not have a workplace or tools to remove the interior of the door? Then it is wise to choose certified specialists. Your side window replacement will take place within three working days.

Is after market automotive glass a good choice when replacing the side window?

Yes, after market automotive glass is an excellent option when you need a car window replacement. The characteristics of after market automotive glass are identical to those of branded glass, except for a small difference. Branded glass has a brand logo. After market vehicle glass does not have a logo and that means that the prices of these car windows are much lower.

After market automotive glass, however, is simply made in the same way as branded glass - often even in the factories where the vehicle glass is also made that is only sold through brand dealers. If you want to replace the side window cheaply, after market automotive glass is the right choice.

Side window replacement within three working days

When you need the side window replacement, you are of course in a hurry. You would rather not use the car without a side window because this is unsafe and uncomfortable. If you order your new side window today (with or without assembly), you will receive the vehicle glass within three days, depending on the place of delivery, after which the side window replacement can take place.

Is the side window of your car not yet on our website? Please feel free to contact us for a quotation.