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A competitive price for a windscreen replacement of your Cadillac

Have you chosen to buy a beautiful Cadillac? In that case, you will of course want it to come out as optimally as possible at all times. This does not only apply to the look and feel of the bodywork, as you might think, for example, of the windows that make up your car? Has there been any damage to the windscreen of your Cadillac and would you like to have it repaired, but are you afraid that you will have to take into account a sky-high price tag? Fortunately, it can also be done differently. The windscreen replacement of your Cadillac can easily be done by Autoglas Concurrent without having to take into account the high cost price. You will find out how we make this possible in this interesting article.

The glass that makes up a windscreen

First of all, let us look at the glass that the windscreen of a Cadillac consists of. This always concerns laminated glass consisting of two layers of glass. Between these two layers of glass is a so-called PVB film
layer. The purpose of this layer is to ensure that the glass is kept together when a break occurs. It is double-sided, sticky effect that must guarantee this. In any case, this particular structure of the glass ensures that in comparison with, for example, a side or rear window, the glass does not splash apart in countless pieces in case of breakage. If there is damage to the window, it always takes the form of an asterisk or a crack. The unique and strong quality of a windscreen ensures that the Cadillac occupants are optimally protected at all times in the event of an accident.

Choose a windscreen for the after market

Windscreen replacement of a Cadillac in case of damage is one thing, but the cost tag to pay for it usually depends heavily on the type of windscreen of your choice. Many people choose a Cadillac at the windscreen to replace a Cadillac with original automotive glass. At first sight, such a window of this kind seems to be very interesting, if it were not for the fact that the existing brand logo ensures that a very high price tag is attached to it. It is often assumed that replacing a Cadillac windscreen with another original automotive glass ensures that you can always count on a better quality, but that is not the case.

What many do not know is that both the production line and the factory in which the new windscreen for a Cadillac is made are exactly the same. This means that there really is no difference in quality between the various windows. Why, then, is the not insignificant price difference? Very simple, because a brand logo can only be sold by a trademark dealer. In any case, you should always ask yourself the question whether you simply want to pay so much more for the presence of the brand logo.

Windscreen replacement of a Cadillac more important than you think

Apart from the fact that you will always want to make sure that your Cadillac looks as optimal as possible, it must also be said that replacing your Cadillac windscreen in time is very important in order to guarantee the best possible safety. In addition, it is also always interesting to remember that a damaged windscreen can cause rejection of the MOT. All these different points make it clear that replacing the windscreen of your Cadillac in case of damage is absolutely no luxury.

A windscreen replacement of the Cadillac by Autoglas Concurrent

Do you also have a damaged windscreen at your Cadillac? Would you like to have them replaced at a very interesting price? In any case, it must be clear that you are the right place to do so at Autoglas Concurrent! You can also count on us for an extra interesting advantage. The installation of a new Cadillac windscreen is always done by one of our certified assembly partners. This ensures that you are assured of craftsmanship for the installation of a new windscreen in a Cadillac with us for the best price!