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Windscreen replacement of your Cadillac BLS

The Cadillac BLS is a classic example of an American car manufacturer missing out on the European shelf. If your Cadillac BLS need a windscreen replacement, this may seem like a challenge. After all, so many copies were not on the market and production was discontinued at an early stage. Yet it is easier than you think. The after market has more than enough windscreens ready for the BLS, partly because these are interchangeable with the Saab windscreens. How is this possible, and why is this model so flawed?

The Cadillac BLS, an American car that was never made in America

Let's cut to the chase: the Cadillac BLS is an American car designed specifically for the European market. However, the car was never made in America and was not placed on the American market by General Motors. The making of the models was outsourced to Saab in Trollhättan, where the Swedish car manufacturer also made their own Saab 9-5 and Saab 9-3.

The first setback had to be swallowed quickly. The development of the car cost a sloppy 140 million dollars. The first sedan versions were launched in 2006, followed by the estate a year later. But the sales never really got off the ground. In 2007 a little over 3,000 models were built, but the following year production didn't even reach 3,000. Eventually General Motors decided to stop production in 2009, because the model had failed completely.

To what extent did this model really fail?

Let's put the expectation next to reality in order to remain as objective as possible. General Motors expected to sell 10,000 copies per year. The model was in production from 2006 to mid-2009 and 7,365 units were sold. In 3.5 years, the target of one year has not yet been achieved. What was the big problem then?

First of all, there were too many strong competitors, who had placed models in the same segment. These models were equipped with more efficient engines and especially many more features at an equal price. The Cadillac didn't offer anything extra - not even when General Motors decided to market the car in Mexico, South Africa and South Korea.

In addition, critics could hardly overlook the fact that the 140 million dollars was badly spent. The complete design still has the Saab 9-5 as a recognizable background. But in contrast to the Saab 9-5, there were many complaints about the BLS automatic transmission, which functioned badly with the V6 engine under the bonnet. Cadillac could have seen this criticism coming, since General Motors did exactly the same thing with the Catera, which was just an Opel Omega with a different logo. The Americans also have a word for this: badge engineering.
One takes a model, takes off the logo and places another logo on it.

Which parts of the Saab were taken over 1:1 to the Cadillac BLS?

  1. Windscreens and rear windows are identical, as is the frame around the windows
  2. The doors, including the mirrors
  3. The door panels are identical
  4. Steering wheel
  5. Chairs
  6. Backseat
  7. Bottom of the dashboard
  8. The handbrake
  9. Gearshift
  10. Lamp controller

So it could never have been very surprising for the Americans that they could never enter the market with this model.

Which competitors had the Cadillac BLS for about the same price?

These models were better equipped and there were more options available, partly because these types have been in production much longer. Cadillac should have had a better look at the market before using $140 million to make a copy. Of course it didn't cooperate either that there was only an advertising budget for a car and a curtain:

Only 4451 models of the BLS were sold in Europe. Not because it was a bad model, but because there were too many competitors, American cars didn't have a strong name in Europe and copying Saab was done far too ostentatiously by the Americans and Swedes.

When should the windscreen of the Cadillac BLS be replaced?

The windscreen should be replaced when your Cadillac BLS has windscreen damage in the form of a branched crack or an asterisk with a diameter greater than 20 millimetres. Replacing the windscreen, however, can be a challenge with only two brand dealers in the Netherlands and a car manufacturer that has been scared off by the European market, where the entire Saab department has also been sold.

Fortunately, a cheap car window replacement for this model is not a challenge. Since the car window is identical to the Saab 9-3, you already have a new windscreen for € 200. Of course that's not the price you pay for branded glass. This is about after market automotive glass.

What is the difference between after market automotive glass and brand glass from my Cadillac dealer?

After market car windows does not have a logo in the windscreen, which means that the price is much lower. Furthermore, there are no differences with the brand glass that can only be sold by the dealer. What exactly does a car window cost for your Cadillac BLS and what are the options?

Windscreen green tinted with rain sensor and top moulding

From € 279.00

Windscreen green tinted with top moulding (no sensor)

From € 199.00

The prices above do not include delivery and do not include installation. If you wish, you can pick up the windscreens for the Cadillac from us.

Can I replace the windscreen of the Cadillac BLS myself?

If you are unsure about this, then you certainly cannot. Only experienced mechanics and specialists should install windscreens because they know what to look out for. A windscreen that has not been fitted correctly can come loose or leak, causing moisture damage in places that you often only see too late.

In addition, our certified assembly partners can almost always install the windscreen within three working days. This can be done at your home or on location: this is entirely up to you.

Cheap windscreen replacement for your Cadillac BLS

Does the windscreen of your Cadillac BLS need to be replaced, are you in a hurry and does the quality of the automotive glass need to be excellent? Then you have come to the right place. On our website you can easily select the right windscreen and choose a car window with or without installation and including or excluding delivery.

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