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Cost of windscreen replacement for your Audi A4

In terms of sales figures, the Audi A4 is Audi's absolute number one. More than 120,000 copies have been sold in the Netherlands. This means that there is a large after market and that there are many used parts available. If your Audi A4 needs a windscreen replacement, you can also visit the after market, where the prices are much lower and the quality is equal to the quality of the brand glass. But first let's take a look at the Audi A4 itself, the success number of the German car manufacturer who really only wanted to make a sequel to the Audi 80.

The Audi A4, straight in line with the Audi 80 B4

With the Audi 80, Audi has put an incredibly popular car on the market. The model is still in demand at the moment. When a successor had to be made, Audi decided to continue this type in line. This can also be seen in the type numbers: the Audi 80 B4 was succeeded by the Audi 4 B5. This type is built on the same platform as the Volkswagen Passat.

Nevertheless this was a new type. From the Audi A4 (together with the Audi A6 and Audi A8) Audi is prominent within the premium segment, away from the line that Volkswagen has chosen for its own models. The A4 was presented in 1995, and the first models were produced and sold in 1996. The same year the Avant (Audi A4 8D) was launched on the market.

The first generation of the Audi A4 is the first Audi car with a Tiptronic transmission
(from Porsche, which is also part of the Volkswagen Group). In addition, this is the first model to use five valves per cylinder and Audi immediately introduced the A4 with various petrol and diesel engines.

In 1999 the facelift was introduced. However, not much changed. A new engine was introduced and the Audi RS4 became the replacement for the RS2.

The second generation of the Audi A4

The second generation of the Audi A4 was introduced in 2001. Audi abandoned the Tiptronic transmission for the lighter engines and went for the Multitronic transmission.
The Audi A4 B6 is built on the B6 platform and has been inspired by the Audi A6.

In 2002 the Audi A4 was also sold as a convertible, which replaced the convertible that was still made in the line of the old Audi 80. The second generation does have an S4 version, but not an RS version.

The third generation... isn't really a real new generation

Audi saw the success of the Audi A4 and decided to handle the third generation carefully in 2004. Perhaps a little too cautious. They didn't choose a new platform and the engines changed remarkably little. It seems that Audi was mainly interested in the exterior appearance. Audi opted for the single-frame grille (characteristic for Audi nowadays) and the front and rear lights were replaced.

Since the windscreen of the third generation Audi A4 B7 is the same as the windscreen of a Seat Exeo, it could easily be borrowed from Seat.

The big change could be seen on the RS4. The S4 still got the same engine as its predecessor, but the RS4 was for the first time equipped as a sedan with a V8 engine with no less than 420 hp. The RS4 was later also produced as a Cabriolet and Avant.

The fourth generation - a big step

The fourth generation of the Audi A4 is a completely new version of the A4. Audi moved from the standard A4 platform to the MLB platform
(on which the Audi Q7 and Audi A5 are also built) and the design came from Walter de'Silva
who also designed the Audi TT and Audi Q7, among others.

The fourth generation is 12 centimetres longer, has a better weight distribution than the previous generations and there is clearly more legroom in the back seat. An even longer version of the Audi A4 B8 has also been made, but it has only been sold in China. This model was another 6 centimetres longer.

In 2012 the model got a facelift. Easier to operate navigation, a new steering wheel, other engines and LED lights in the front and rear lights were the highlights of the adjustments.

The fifth generation of the A4: especially lighter

In the fifth generation, Audi took a more cautious approach again. The car was 120 kilos lighter, externally seen there were small adjustments made, but the real differences lie in the comfort. The fifth generation is lighter, more economical and quieter. The new A4 was also fitted with the most modern infotainment systems available within the Volkswagen group.

The 2018 facelift only relates to the exterior, with adapted bumpers and uniform exhausts.

Did the Audi A4 match the success of the Audi 80?

On Dutch soil without any doubt. More than 80,000 copies of the Audi 80 have been sold. The second place in the top 3 is for the A3 with 90,000 cars. And at the very top of the list is the Audi A4 with more than 120,000 sales in the Netherlands.

When should the windscreen of an Audi A4 be replaced?

Windscreen replacement is necessary when there is windscreen damage in the driver's field of vision, or when there is a branched tear running through the windscreen. Car window replacement is required in the event of windscreen damage on the driver's side, as a crack in the windscreen causes unpredictable reflections of light, which can cause glare while driving.

Have you been postponing windscreen replacement for some time because the costs of car window replacement are high at your Audi dealer? Then we have good news for you. With after market automotive glass it can be much cheaper.

Is an after market windscreen suitable for my Audi A4?

After market car glass has two major differences with the brand glass at the Audi dealer:

  1. After market car windows does not have a brand logo
  2. After market car windows are much cheaper

The brand logo is the big difference. This ensures that brand glass can only be sold by the Audi dealer and this alone ensures a higher price. After market automotive glass meets the same requirements as brand glass and in most cases is also produced in the factories where the Audi windscreens are made.

Choosing after market windscreens for your Audi A4 is choosing the same quality, but at a much more attractive price. Especially when you compare the costs including installation.

Windscreen Audi A4 2001-2007:

€ 139.00

Windscreen Audi A4 2007-2015:

€ 129.00

Optional installation:

€ 100.00 (NL) - € 130.00 (BE)

Can I replace a windscreen of an Audi A4 myself?

If you are a car mechanic or have years of experience in replacing windscreens, you can do this yourself. With us you can simply order the new windscreens without installation. If you don't have any experience with windscreen replacement, you can simply outsource the work to our certified installation partners who know exactly what they need to look out for. This way you can be sure that the new windscreen will be installed correctly, will not leak and will not come loose during abrupt braking.

Order a new Audi A4 windscreen today

Do you need a windscreen replacement for your Audi A4, then you can easily arrange this yourself on our website. You choose the right windscreen, select whether you want it with or without installation and our certified installation partners ensure that the new windscreen is installed within three working days. At your home or elsewhere on location.

Did you not find the right windscreen or do you have any questions before you can order a windscreen? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.