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Windscreen replacement for your Audi Q2

The Audi Q2 is a success of the Germans. It is also the answer to the question of how small an SUV can be without losing its title or its fun. If you need a windscreen replacement for your Audi Q2, you can simply visit the after market where you will find new windscreens at competitive prices.

Before we go into the possibilities on the after market, we first look at the Audi Q2, Audi's answer to the increasing criticism around the design of the cars.

The Audi Q2: a busy market with many competitors

The Audi Q2 is Audi's fourth Q model, but has very little in common with its predecessors in terms of design. Audi got a lot of criticism on the design of the models. Much of the same, regardless of the segment in which the car was placed. The average Audi lover was in need of something new, something that had not been included in Audi's portfolio yet. And with competitors like the Kia Nira, the Peugeot 3008 and Seat Ateca it was the intention that this type would conquer the market aggressively.

That's why the platform of the Audi A3 was brought forward again, with the designers mainly working on new forms. There are many more design elements in the Audi Q2, making it an exceptional model. Audi wants to focus on the younger generation. This is also clearly reflected in the possibilities to personalise the car. You can choose for unique seats and the list of options is enormous. That is why the entry price of the Audi Q2 is probably the price nobody paid for this model. Because an Audi without options can hardly be called an Audi nowadays.

The smallest SUV on the market

How small can an SUV be without losing its SUV title? Audi pushed the limits with the Q2. Twenty centimetres shorter than the Q3, lower to the ground and slightly longer than the Audi A1. Although the exterior is clearly different from all other Audi models, the interior is clearly copied from the Audi A3. The large air outlet in the middle of the dashboard, for example, is again striking. But that's where the big similarities end.

Audi seems to have moved away from the higher segment with the Q2. Not only because the SUV is smaller than all other models, but especially because the choice of material looks cheap. A 'Volkswagen feeling' in the Audi Q2, thanks to the hard plastic on the inside of the doors for example, where a lot of colour has been used to conceal certain choices. In addition, all the major advantages of the Audi Q2 are optional and not standard.

Sportier and lower than the Q3

The exciting thing about the Audi Q2 is that this SUV is considerably lower than the Q3. This means a bit less overview because of a lower position as a driver, but it also means better road holding and with the engine this is clearly a model that has been put down for the sportier driver.

Optional in the Audi Q2 is again the Audi Virtual Cockpit,
which we know from the Audi TT, the Audi R8 and the newer Audi A4 models. But in the Audi Q2 this is equipped with a complete head-up display to link all important information directly to the driver via the windscreen.

The success of the Audi Q2

The Audi Q2 was immediately well received, partly because Audi had clearly taken the criticism to heart and paid more attention to the design, which is younger and more dynamic in the Q2 models. In Europe, more than 81,000 models were sold in 2017 alone, followed by more than 78,000 models in 2018. Impressive numbers next to the sales figures of the Audi Q5, Audi Q3, and the Audi Q7. The Audi Q2 was also sold well outside Europe in the first few years.

The Audi Q2 was also appreciated by Carwow:

When should the windscreen of the Audi Q2 be replaced?

A crack in the windscreen is annoying, but not all car damage is cause for panic. The handbook of the national road traffic authority of the Netherlands describes exactly in which cases car window damage is not allowed. This is in the case of windscreen damage, in the driver's field of vision, where:

  1. The asterisk has a diameter of at least 20 millimetres
  2. There is a branched crack in the windscreen

Isn't the glass damage so extensive? Then keep an eye on the extent of the windscreen damage. A crack can tear further if there are large temperature differences or vibrations. Is the window damage rejected by the car inspection? Then it is time to look at a new windscreen. And fortunately there is an attractively priced option for that.

How do I keep the costs of the new Audi Q2 windscreen as low as possible?

By choosing an after market windscreen. At the brand dealer you pay for a windscreen with a brand logo. But how much does a car window cost if no brand logo is used? A new windscreen for an Audi Q2 is available from € 279. These windscreens are made in the same factories with the same machines as the brand windscreens.

Windscreen Audi Q2

€ 279.00

Windscreen Audi Q2 with sun shade band

€ 299.00

Windscreen Audi Q2 with camera and sun shade band

€ 389.00

Optional fitting on location

€ 100.00 (NL) - € 130.00 (BE)

Since after market automotive glass does not have a brand logo, this automotive glass can be sold by anyone, whereas Audi windscreens can only be sold by the Audi dealer because of the logo in the car window.

After market automotive glass always offers the best value for money. Do you need to replace the car window and are you not insured? Then after market car windows are the way to have a new windscreen fitted at a very competitive price.

Can I replace the windscreen of my Audi Q2 myself?

Replacing an Audi Q2 windscreen is a job for the experts. After all, car mechanics and experts in the field of vehicle glass know exactly what to look out for. If correctly fitted, the windscreen will not come loose if you suddenly have to brake forcefully and the windscreen will not leak.

Are you a car mechanic, garage owner or windscreen expert? Then you can simply order the new windscreen from us without installation. You can also pick up all car windows for all car models from us if you wish.

Replacing the windscreen of your Audi Q2 directly

If the windscreen of your Audi Q2 needs to be replaced, after market automotive glass offers the best value for money. Our certified fitting partners replace the windscreen within three days. This can be done at your home or somewhere on location. Are you in a hurry? If you place an urgent order, the Audi Q2 windscreen will be replaced within 24 hours for a small extra charge.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or if you want us to assist you in your search, please contact us via the contact page.