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Cost of windscreen replacement for your Audi A7

Does your Audi A7 need a windscreen replacement because of damage?  Then it's interesting to take a look at after market glass, as the costs for the new window will be much lower. You don't compromise on quality, because the requirements are the same as the requirements for branded glass.

Before we go into this in more detail, we first look at this special Audi model. The Audi A7 Sportback was presented as the new path that Audi would take. At the same time, the competitors were already looking around with the BMW 6-series, the Mercedes-Benz CLS class and the Lexus 500 LS Hybrid. As if that wasn't enough, Volkswagen itself also made a contribution with the Volkswagen Passat CC. How did the Audi A7 survive all this violence?

The first generation from 2010 onwards

The first Audi A7 was launched in 2010. A fresh and new model, but not so surprising. The Audi A7 Sportback is in fact derived from the Audi Sportback Concept Car that was already shown to the general public in 2009. The Audi A7 is a coupé built on Volkswagen's MLB platform (B8) and has adopted many elements from the Audi A6. It is striking that the screen of the MMI system
in the Audi A7 is retractable, while in all other Audi models it is mounted in the dashboard itself as standard.

Audi also decided to start working on the future vision. The 3.0-litre TDI, a bit of Audi's standard engine, was modified to meet the Euro 6 emission standard. The first generation was delivered with a number of technical gadgets that were high quality and innovative at the time, including the S-tronic gearbox, a start-stop system and a fully automatic parking aid.

Filling a hole?

The Audi A7 was launched to fill the gap between the Audi A6 and the Audi A8, with a coupé in the upper segment of the market. Volkswagen has also made a breakthrough, but has never become a direct competitor of the Audi A7 because the Volkswagen Passat CC (Comfort Coupé) has been placed in a much lower segment, with engines that are considerably less powerful.

The Volkswagen Passat CC filled the gap between the Volkswagen Passat and the Volkswagen Phaeton. Because Volkswagen could never operate the higher segment with this type, Audi was called in. Volkswagen hardly competes with Audi since Audi simply supplies the more luxurious and more expensive models that Volkswagen itself does not produce.

German muscles in the S7 and RS7

If you know Audi a little bit, you could already see that Audi would again make two top models of the Audi A7. The S7 and the RS7 are both sportier versions of the model. The S7 initially got 420 hp (450 hp after the facelift) with the 4.0 TFSI V8 engine. The RS7 got a disgusting 560 hp, with the same V8 engine under the bonnet.

The facelift of the Audi A7

In 2014, the Audi A7 was given a facelift. As Audi does as standard, the front grille and bumpers were first tackled so that it is clear that this is a different model. The real changes can be found in the technical field. All engines were modified, where more power was the goal of the German car manufacturer.

Second generation - 'environmentally friendly' Audi's

Although the second generation of the Audi A7 is also built on the MLB platform,
this is a smaller model and relies heavily on the Audi A8. In the second generation of the Audi A7, however, a lot has changed. The interior of the Audi A8 was translated into a new interior for the Audi A7 and this model is available with privacy glass from the factory itself. You can also buy this model directly with acoustic side windows and a heated windscreen. Audi wouldn't be Audi if these were all extra options.

And that's where the problem lies with this model. The second generation is the Audi model in which everything is possible (digital screens, extra assistance, special car windows and much more), but in which nothing is standard. We know that joke from the car manufacturers, but an entry-level model around € 70,000 without everything you want the Audi A7 for, that has been a big threshold for the people who were looking for a new car. And still, by the way, the Audi A7 is still being produced.

Audi did think of the new requirements regarding fuel consumption and emissions. Well, in part. The engines in the Audi A7 are not exactly environmentally friendly, but thanks to the electric motor on board, the engine is relieved considerably and lower speeds can be taken over completely by the 48V battery. In the second generation of the Audi A7 Sportback this battery is standard.

Below the mild hybrid technology (MHEV)
of Audi is explained on the basis of the Audi Q8:

Has the Audi A7 become a success for Volkswagen?

The Volkswagen group had to close a gap in the market and decided to take a completely new direction. The fact that the Audi A7 was received without much criticism makes this model a success. Especially now that we are still working on the further development of the possibilities that have been used in the A7 in the past.

If we look at the sales figures in the Netherlands, the success seems to be disappointing with about 1700 sold models until 2019. Did the competitors do better? Not really: the Lexus LS Hybrid hardly got off the ground in the Netherlands. The Mercedes-Benz CLS class didn't even touch the 700 cars in the Netherlands and the BMW 6-series sold just over 1700 times.

So the 1700 sold cars are very good, especially for a car that is in the highest segment of the market.

When should my Audi A7 windscreen be replaced?

The windscreen of your Audi A7 needs to be replaced in case of window damage in the driver's field of vision. A car window replacement is then mandatory, especially as it is particularly unsafe to continue driving with it. Unpredictable reflection of light in the crack can cause glare while driving. In some cases it is still possible to have the car window repaired, but this is often only the case with an asterisk with a limited size. 

Can I replace my Audi A7 windscreen myself?

You cannot replace your Audi A7 windscreen yourself, unless you are a car mechanic with experience in replacing car windows. If you are a mechanic yourself, you can order the new Audi A7 windscreen directly from us without installation at competitive rates.

If you are not a car mechanic, then you can choose to order a new Audi A7 windscreen with installation. Our certified installation partners will install the new windscreen within three working days.

How do I save on costs at Autoglas Concurrent?

You don't want to pay too much for a new windscreen, but you do want quality because it's about your Audi. That is why we are the right supplier for you. Our after market automotive glass meets the same requirements as the branded glass of your Audi dealer, but because we don't have a logo on the automotive glass, the price is much lower. Do you need to replace your car window but aren't you insured for this? With our competitive rates, a new Audi A7 windscreen is more attractive than you think.

Windscreen Audi A7:

€ 239.00

Windscreen Audi A7 with camera:

€ 249.00

Optional installation:

€ 100.00 (NL) - € 130.00 (BE)

Do you need help finding the right windscreen for your A7 or do you want to know when your Audi A7 windscreen replacement can take place? Then please contact us today.