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Windscreen replacement of your Chevrolet by a real expert

Are you the owner of a Chevrolet? In that case it goes without saying that you will want to maintain your beautiful car as well as possible. No matter how well you take care of your car, there is always a risk that you will have to deal with a damaged windscreen, for example. Damage to the windscreen will soon occur as a result of, for example, rubble. Stone impact in the windscreen causes an asterisk or chip and therefore does not cause the windscreen to splash apart in countless pieces, as would be the case with the rear and side windows of the car you have at your disposal. This does not detract from the fact that the windscreen replacement of your Chevrolet is recommended in this situation. Are you afraid that you should always take a high cost price into account? We can replace the windshield of every Chevrolet at a price you would never have dared to keep in mind, without having to surrender it in terms of quality! Read more quickly and find out how we can also be of service to you!

Why quickly replace a windscreen of the Chevrolet?

A windscreen replacement of the Chevrolet in case of windscreen damage is more important than you may suspect at first sight. In the first instance, the protective factor of a partially damaged windscreen is a lot less. That is not all, because what else can one think of the fact that visibility can be obstructed when, for example, the asterisk or chip is in the driver's field of view? In addition, windscreen replacement of your Chevrolet in case of damage is extremely important in the short term, as this can also be rejected for the MOT. Can it be clear, is there any damage to your Chevrolet windscreen? Do not wait too long to have it repaired!

Different types of new windscreens

What many people don't know is that when buying a new Chevrolet windscreen, they can choose between two different options. Initially, there are the original windscreens with a brand logo. This type of windscreens are by far the most expensive, while there is no higher quality. The second option is to choose a windscreen intended for the so-called after-market. Such automotive glass does not have a brand logo, but has exactly the same quality as an original windscreen. It is therefore only the fact that a windscreen with a brand logo can and may only be sold by a brand dealer who ensures that the cost price rises significantly. Replacing the front window of a Chevrolet by using a windscreen intended for the after-market is therefore always equally interesting in terms of quality. This statement is reinforced by the fact that both the original and the so-called after-market windscreens are produced within the same production line as well as in the same factory. So don't be fooled and discover why an after-market windscreen can be very interesting for you too!

What makes a car windscreen so special?

In contrast to a rear window and a side window, a car windscreen is always made of laminated glass. Laminated glass consists of two layers of glass, with a so-called PVB film
in between. This is a type of plastic that has an adhesive layer on both sides. This adhesive layer ensures that the glass can be kept together well in case of breakage. This ensures that if the windscreen breaks, only an asterisk, chip or crack will appear and the windscreen will not splash into countless pieces. It goes without saying that the safety of vehicle occupants can be optimally ensured by using laminated glass.

Windscreen replacement of your Chevrolet by Autoglas Concurrent

Do you want the windscreen replacement of your Chevrolet for an attractive price? In that case, it may already be clear that ordering a new Chevrolet windscreen at Autoglas Concurrent is undoubtedly a must. In addition, your new windscreen is installed by one of our certified assembly partners. This ensures that you can not only count on an excellent price/quality ratio in terms of the brand new windscreen for your car, but also the installation is carried out with the highest possible care and by a real professional! Of course, these are all good reasons to outsource the windscreen replacement of your Chevrolet to Autoglas Concurrent!