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Car window replacement is something that many drivers sometimes dare to delay. There may be several reasons for this. You may fear that replacing a car window will always involve a high cost price or you may want to have the damage repaired if possible. For example, an asterisk in your car window can sometimes be repaired very easily, so that replacing the window is not necessary at all. In other cases, however, the damage to the car window is too extensive, so you have no choice but to buy a new window. In that case, you are at the right address here at Autoglas Concurrent. We offer you the right windows for your car while you can enjoy the sharpest possible price.

Car window replacement is more expensive than repairing asterisk or chip

The greatest damage to car window is caused by an asterisk or chip. Many people choose to drive around with an asterisk in the windscreen of their car. At first glance, no problem, but a small extra shock can cause this asterisk to extend to the rest of the window. It goes without saying that the driver's vision can be greatly reduced in this way, with all the associated risks. Car window replacement is the only thing you can do in this situation.

Through the APK with a crack in the car window?

A lot of competitors of Autoglas Concurrent would like to make you believe that it is not possible to pass through the APK with a crack in the window of your car. In this way they hope, of course, that they can sell you a car window. We believe it is important that our customers are correctly informed about the possibilities they can avail themselves of in the event of damage. Replacing a car windscreen is only necessary in the event of damage to pass through the APK when the crack is passing through the driver's field of vision. This prevents the driver's vision from being obstructed and prevents him from anticipating a potential hazard, for example. A crack in the field of vision distracts you and the rays of light or sunlight that reflect on the crack can dazzle you. Car window replacement will therefore be necessary in this situation.

Crack in the field of vision? Major problem!

The above makes it clear that a crack in the windscreen does not have to be a problem for the APK immediately, but when it is in the driver's field of view, it suddenly becomes a completely different story. The driver's field of vision in the windscreen has a size of approximately one A4 in the horizontal position right in front of the driver's vision. Even if your car has suffered windscreen damage due to a so-called multiple burst, it will be rejected for the APK. In this situation, an car window replacement is absolutely essential.

Car window replacement for a competitive price

We can imagine that in case of damage to the car window, you do not immediately think about having it replaced. However, as indicated above, you should always bear in mind that your car's windscreen is about 40 percent of the rigidity of the chassis. In other words, when one of the windows is damaged, it can make sure that the safety of both yourself and your driver, as well as the safety of your passengers, can no longer be guaranteed. It may therefore be clear, if you always want to drive the car in the safest possible conditions, a timely car window replacement is an absolute must.

Car window replacement with FOCWA warranty

Replacing your existing car window with a new one brings a number of interesting advantages. If you choose to have your car window replaced by us, you can count on FOCWA warranty after replacement thanks to our unique collaboration with FOCWA certified partners. This way, you can be 100% sure that you can count on the best possible quality and service.

Car window replacement within one working day

When you are dealing with damage to one of the windows in your car and you have made the decision to have them replaced, it goes without saying that you will want this to happen as soon as possible. Replacing a car window can already be realized within one to two working days by invoking the possibilities of Autoglas Concurrent. In this way, you never have to drive a car around for a long time, which poses risks not only to you as a driver, but also to the passengers who drive with you. Don't unnecessarily compromise the safety of you and your passengers and have your car window replacement by our professionals.