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What costs a car window replacement? Check your price directly

Many people think that a car window replacement is by definition expensive. This is not always the case. The price of a car window replacement depends on a number of factors and you can respond to these yourself. If you opt for an after market car window, the costs are not that high. What is the difference between branded glass and after market automotive glass, and how do you keep the costs of a car window replacement as low as possible?

When should a car window be replaced?

At the moment a side window is smashed in case of burglary or vandalism, it is clear that the car window must be replaced. In the case of the windscreen, it is a different story. An asterisk or chip that is not directly in the driver's field of vision is no reason to directly opt for a windscreen replacement.

The windscreen must be replaced when there are discolourations or damage of more than 20 millimetres in the driver's field of vision. Also, scratches of more than 5 millimetres in the driver's field of vision together with multiple tears are not allowed (¹).

An exception is the aluminium-coated windscreen. If you have an asterisk or chip in a windscreen with an aluminium coating, it is wise to intervene immediately. If you wait too long, the aluminium will oxidise and a silvery haze will appear. Once a haze has formed, the windscreen should be replaced as soon as possible to ensure the safety of you and the occupants in the car.

What is the price for a car window replacement?

The price for replacing a car window depends on which car window needs to be replaced and which automotive glass is chosen. For example, after market automotive glass is cheaper than automotive glass with brand logo. In addition, the prices for laminated automotive glass are in most cases higher than the prices for tempered automotive glass.

What is the difference between tempered and laminated automotive glass?

Laminated automotive glass consists of several layers of glass. A layer of PVB film has been applied between these layers. During the production of this automotive glass, the glass is heated quickly and cooled down slowly, making it particularly strong. Laminated glass does not disintegrate into thousands of pieces during automotive glass damage. For safety reasons, windscreens must be made of laminated glass. In some cars, the side and rear windows may also be made of laminated glass, but that is rare.

In most cases, the side and rear windows are made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is also known as safety glass because, thanks to the production method, it always disintegrates into small pieces when the car windscreen is damaged. With these small pieces the risk of injury to the occupants is much lower.

Of course, the difference is only really clear when we put both types of automotive glass next to each other and try to get it broken:

Tempered glass:

Laminated glass:

What is the difference between after market automotive glass and branded glass?

There are two differences between after market automotive glass and the brand dealer's automotive glass:

  1. After market automotive glass does not have a brand logo; the brand dealer's automotive glass does;
  2. After market car windows are much cheaper than car windows with a brand logo.

The car windows are manufactured in the same way (often even in the same factories) and meet identical legal requirements. In short: choosing after market car windows is a wise choice if you don't want to pay too much for a new car window.

Can I do a car window replacement myself?

If you are handy and have enough space to work dry, it is possible in certain cases to replace your car window yourself.

Doing your own side window replacement

The side windows of the car can be replaced by yourself if you have the right tools, are technically equipped and have enough space to work. The side window replacement of a car window that can be opened starts with opening the interior of the door. There you will find the window mechanism where the old car window (or the remains) can be removed and you can place the new side window.

How to do your own rear window replacement

The rear window replacement is often a bit more work. If you need to replace the rear window after automotive glass damage, first remove any residue that is still stuck to the tailgate. Then you remove the glass particles from the car and clean everything thoroughly so that you can immediately install the new rear window.

Windscreen replacement by yourself

The windscreen replacement of your car is not recommended, unless you have all the necessary knowledge, tools and craftsmanship. A windscreen can easily come off during an emergency stop if it is not properly fitted. If you do not install the windscreen correctly, there is a risk of leakage through the kit to the inside of the car. Since this starts in places out of sight, there is little chance that you will notice this in time. Often extensive damage has already occurred before the leakage is noticed.

Order your car windows online

Contrary to what is too often claimed, you can replace your side or rear window yourself. But then you do need a supplier for the new windows. That is why you can also order car windows from us without assembly. You indicate this during the user-friendly ordering process.

Do you need a windscreen replacement or do you simply not have the time or space to replace one of the other windows? In that case you can indicate during the ordering process that you would like to order a car window including installation. Our certified fitting partners will then arrive at your home or at the location of your choice within three working days.

Car windows replacing at the best rates

You keep the cost of replacing the car window as low as possible by choosing after market automotive glass. In the menu you choose which of the car windows needs to be replaced and then you decide yourself whether you only want to receive the glass or whether you also want us to take care of the installation. Autoglas Concurrent will be happy to help you with your car window replacement at the best rates.

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