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Windscreen replacement of a Mercedes for a competitive price

Over the years, the German car brand Mercedes-Benz has become one of the most luxurious car brands on the market. The car brand has a rather long history. In the year 1926 it was born out of a merger between the Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft and Benz & Cie, owned by Karl Benz.
Today the brand is part of Daimler AG. As a make of car, Mercedes has a very wide and varied range of cars. Think not only of ordinary passenger cars, but also vans, vans and even trucks. Did you know, moreover, that there are Mercedes airplanes too? If you own a Mercedes car, it goes without saying that you are proud of it. However, however qualitative these cars may be, you always run the risk of being confronted with damage, for example to the windscreen. What exactly you can do about it and how Autoglas Concurrent can be of service to you in this article.

The outstanding quality of a Mercedes windscreen

As with most other cars, the Mercedes windscreen is made of laminated glass. This particularly strong glass ensures that in the event of damage, the windscreen does not just splash apart, but does show an asterisk or crack. The appearance of an asterisk or crack is made possible by the fact that laminated glass consists of two different layers of glass that are held together by a layer of PVB film.
This is a type of plastic that sticks to both sides. Is the glass damaged? Then the foil ensures that everything stays neatly together and therefore no glass fragments can get into the face of the driver or passengers. In addition, laminated automotive glass acquires an extra strength during production by heating the glass quickly and then slowly cooling it down.

When should you have a windscreen replacement for your Mercedes?

A windscreen replacement for your Mercedes is always a good idea in the event of damage, wherever it may be. An important difference must be made in this respect. Is the window damage, for example, visible in one of the corners of the windscreen? Then immediately buying a new Mercedes windscreen is in principle no obligation. This is the case when the asterisk or single crack is in the driver's field of view. In this way, a simple reflection of sunlight can cause the driver to be blinded with all the consequences that this entails. A windscreen replacement of a Mercedes is also interesting because damaged glass in your car can always compromise the stability of the chassis. This also applies, of course, not only to the windscreen, but also to the other windows that make up the vehicle.

Windscreen replacement of a Mercedes by after-market automotive glass

Replacing a Mercedes windscreen when damaged is a thorn in the eye for many people. They fear that they will always have to take account of a sky-high price tag. However, that is not the case at all. You can save a very high price for purchasing a new Mercedes windscreen by choosing an after-market model. The best of this choice is also that you are guaranteed the best possible price-quality ratio in this way. A windscreen replacement of the Mercedes with after-market automotive glass ensures that considerable cost savings can be achieved, but the quality remains unchanged. Both the factory in which these after-market car windows are produced and the production line do not differ. In this way you actually have exactly the same car window as an original copy, but without having a brand logo on the glass to be found.

The windscreen replacement of your Mercedes, fast and inexpensive at Autoglas Concurrent!

Are you also afraid that a windscreen replacement of your Mercedes will always prevent you from driving your car for a long time? This fear is also unjustified. We work together with highly experienced certified partners to replace your Mercedes windscreen. These are professionals who specialise in the replacement of car windows and therefore have considerable experience and expertise. This way, you can always be 100% sure that your Mercedes windscreen is being replaced in a professional manner, and you will also have your car at your disposal quickly. Also want to have a windscreen replacement for a Mercedes? Do not hesitate any longer and choose today to outsource this assignment to Autoglas Concurrent!