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The windscreen replacement of your Hyundai? No problem!

The Hyundai car brand is one of the most important that South Korea has ever produced. The global market share of this brand is therefore invariably between 5% and 7%. The Hyundai is particularly popular in South Korea itself, but very good sales figures are also being achieved in Europe. Some very popular models launched by the Hyundai brand are the Sonata, Santa Fe and Veloster. Have you also chosen to buy a Hyundai, but have you been confronted with a damaged windscreen during a car ride? Are you looking for windscreen replacement options for your Hyundai? Autoglas Concurrent offers you the most interesting solution!

What makes a windscreen so safe?

The windscreen in front of a car, and therefore also a Hyundai car is undoubtedly the safest glass in it. This has everything to do with the fact that a windscreen is usually the only window made of laminated glass. This concerns automotive glass that consists of several glass layers with a layer of PVB film
in between. This is actually a kind of plastic in which both sides have adhesive properties. Is there any damage to the glass? Then they always appear in the shape of an asterisk or a big crack. The fact that the windscreen of your car does not break immediately does not mean that replacing a Hyundai windscreen can sometimes not be crucial. This will also prove further on this page.

The high price tag of a new Hyundai windscreen

A windscreen replacement of a Hyundai is known to always be accompanied by a very high price. This has everything to do with the fact that most people choose to use an original Hyundai windscreen. However, this is not necessary at all. This is because such automotive glass has a brand logo so that it can initially only be sold by a real brand dealer. In itself, this is not a problem, were it not that they are particularly expensive. Do you find one or more of these original car windows on the second-hand market? Then there is a great chance that they will still be much more expensive than the much more interesting alternative that we would like to propose to you.

The MOT's rejection threatens

Replacing your Hyundai windscreen may not be mandatory in the event of damage, but it is important to pay attention to where the asterisk or crack can be found. Is there any window damage in the driver's field of view? In that case, the risk is too great, which means that your Hyundai will be rejected for the MOT with all the consequences that entails. Is the damage to be found in one of the corners of the windscreen? In that case, they do not constitute a direct threat to the occupants of the vehicle, so that a rejection is not necessary.

After-market windscreen, high quality and very economical

Fortunately, the high costs charged for an original new Hyundai windscreen can be avoided very easily. After all, you can also choose to buy so-called after-market automotive glass. With such car windows you are not at all delivering in terms of quality, contrary to what many people think. Both the factory and the production line are exactly the same as with original car windows. On the other hand, however, the absence of the brand logo mentioned earlier ensures that you can enjoy an impressive saving. The windscreen replacement of your Hyundai with after-market automotive glass is therefore always a very good idea.

The windscreen replacement and then quickly return to the road with your Hyundai

With a windscreen replacement of your Hyundai, you should quickly take into account a certain amount of time during which you will lose your car. This is not the case with Autoglas Concurrent. After all, we call on one of our certified fitting partners. This is a real craftsman who is perfectly capable of replacing your Hyundai windscreen. This efficient way of working ensures that you can get back on the road with your repaired Hyundai very quickly. Do you want to have a windscreen replacement for your Hyundai with an excellent price/quality ratio? Do not look any further and choose to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Autoglas Concurrent!