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Rear window replacement for an Audi, always a must

Since its founding in 1909, the Audi brand has been known as one of the world's highest quality automobile brands. However, the special quality of Audi cars does not prevent certain damage from always occurring. This damage can be caused by a collision, but there may also be a damaged car window due to rubble or vandalism. When an asterisk or crack appears in your Audi windscreen, it does not need to be replaced immediately, but what about the rear window? A rear window is usually made of tempered glass rather than laminated glass, which will cause it to splash into countless pieces in case of breakage. In this article we would like to tell you what you can do best in this situation.

The consequences of a damaged Audi rear window

Rear window replacement of an Audi is almost always an absolute necessity in case of damage. As already indicated in the introduction to this article, it is true that you will have to take into account a rear window made of tempered glass for almost all Audi cars (there are exceptions such as the Audi A8). Damage to this rear window will always ensure that it splashes into countless pieces. This means that you will actually be left without a rear window, and that will naturally have some very unpleasant consequences. Is it going to rain? Then it can happen, for example, that it will just get into your car and damage the electronics. In addition, it goes without saying that the disappearance of your Audi rear window also benefits comfort while driving anything but.

Structural risk of burglary

A damaged rear window replacement of your Audi is also important to ensure that you are otherwise exposed to a significant risk of burglary. Of course, you can choose to temporarily put a piece of cardboard or a little plastic in the rear window, but a lot of that will of course not help. Do you want to keep the risk of burglary in your Audi as low as possible? Then you immediately have an extra reason to choose to replace your damaged Audi rear window as soon as possible.

The cost of a rear window replacement of an Audi

A rear window replacement of an Audi has the reputation of being associated with a relatively high price. This has everything to do with the fact that many people blindly choose to use an original rear window. This is not a problem, of course, were it not for the fact that such a car window is always marked with a brand logo. This brand logo seems rather to be a detail, but it is certainly not, on the contrary. It is this logo that ensures that an original rear window can and may initially only be sold by an authorised dealer. This considerably increases the price scale to a great deal of dissatisfaction on the part of the customer. Fortunately, it can also be done differently. There is also a much more economical way to replace the damaged Audi rear window.

What is an after market rear window?

An after-market car window is vehicle glass that does not have a brand logo. The lack of this logo makes no difference in terms of quality, but it does ensure that the purchase price can be printed incredibly well. In fact, the price difference is so great that even a second-hand original car window is in most cases more expensive than an after-market model. You can also rest assured that you can still count on the best possible quality even with an after-market rear window. Both the factory in which it is produced and the production line are exactly the same as with an original rear window. The after-market car windows of Autoglas Concurrent are therefore always produced according to the strictest European quality standards.

Rear window replacement Audi A8, the exception to the rule

Almost all Audi cars are therefore equipped with a rear window made of tempered glass. However, there is also an exception. The Audi A8 has no tempered glass, but simply laminated glass in the rear window. A rear window replacement of an Audi A8 is therefore a bit more expensive than the other models. On the other hand, you can count on the same protection as in the windscreen. In other words, damage to the rear window of the Audi A8 will always occur in the form of an asterisk or a big crack. So she will not splash into countless sharp pieces.

Rear window replacement of your Audi by outsourcing it to a real expert

Is your Audi rear window also damaged? If you are looking for a new and inexpensive rear window, you can order it from us and have it delivered. Do you have no experience with this job and are you looking for a party that can take care of replacing the damaged vehicle glass for his or her account? In that case too, you are at the right address with us. For the rear window replacement of your Audi we always call on one of our certified partners. These professionals have extensive experience combined with excellent expertise, which makes them the most suitable for replacing your damaged rear window. Would you also like to outsource the rear window replacement of your Audi to a real professional party? Then choosing Autoglas Concurrent is the best choice you can make!