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Windscreen replacement of your Peugeot without high cost

Many people consciously choose to buy a Peugeot car because this way they are always assured of an excellent price-quality ratio. Peugeot cars are therefore not only excellent in the market in terms of price, they also offer the driver as well as the occupants more than solid comfort. Safety has also been taken sufficiently into account. Despite the fact that Peugeot cars are therefore very high quality, it is true that damage to the windscreen in particular can always occur. Having such damage repaired or having a whole windscreen replacement of a Peugeot is known to cost a lot of money. Fortunately, it can also be done differently. Autoglas Concurrent offers its customers the perfect solution for damage to the windscreen without having to cost you a lot of money. Want to know more? Then read more quickly and find out what we can do for you when it comes to the windscreen replacement of your Peugeot!

Optimal safety is crucial

Damage that occurs to your Peugeot windscreen need not always be quite the same, on the contrary. For example, it can perfectly possibly happen that there is only an asterisk which was caused by rubble. Why is it that an asterisk or chip can appear in the windscreen and not just break the glass? Very simple. Compared to the side and rear windows of a car (leaving aside some exclusive cars), the windscreen always consists of laminated glass. This laminated glass is characterized by the presence of two layers of glass where there is a PVB film
layer in between. This layer is sticky on both sides, so that the glass is kept neatly together in the event of a break. This ensures excellent safety for both the driver and the other occupants of the vehicle.

Most stringent European quality standards

A windscreen replacement of a Peugeot for a competitive price is one thing, but it goes without saying that you always want to be able to count on the best possible quality. Impossible? Absolutely not, on the contrary! The car windows offered by Autoglas Concurrent are produced according to the strictest European standards. In addition, it is also undoubtedly interesting for you to know that our car windows for the after market are produced in the same factory and form part of the same production line as the original car windows. A windscreen replacement of a Peugeot by means of a car window intended for the after-market therefore makes no difference in quality.

Windscreen replacement of the Peugeot at a competitive price

It is indeed true that a windscreen replacement of a Peugeot can cost you a considerable sum of money. At least when you choose to order a new Peugeot windscreen with a brand logo. Such automotive glass may only be sold by a brand dealer, which ensures that the price tag is in any case significantly higher than that of the car windows produced for the after-market. Does this higher price tag also mean that original car windows have a better quality? Absolutely not! As you have already read in this article, the car windows for the after market are made in the same factory and form part of the same production line. The only noticeable difference lies in the presence or absence of the brand logo. Just ask yourself whether you are prepared to pay so much more for it.

Windscreen replacement of a Peugeot by Autoglas Concurrent

In particular, people very often choose to have a windscreen replacement of the Peugeot for automotive glass with a brand logo. This is not a problem, of course, but they do not realise that it can also be a lot cheaper. Autoglas Concurrent therefore dispels fears of high cost when replacing a windscreen for a Peugeot vehicle. By ordering a new windscreen from Autoglas Concurrent, you can therefore invariably enjoy the same quality compared to an original car window while making it a lot more affordable.

Are you going to order a new Peugeot windscreen? In that case, you may want to have them placed in your car as well. In order to provide you with the best possible quality solution in this area too, we have chosen to outsource the assembly to one of our certified assembly partners. These professionals ensure that the installation is carried out in an optimal manner so that you can always sleep with peace of mind in this area as well. Do you also want to have a windscreen replacement for your Peugeot? Then it may be clear that you are the right place to do so at Autoglas Concurrent!