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Windscreen replacement for your Peugeot 108

The Peugeot 108 is a remarkable sight. Especially because it is not a new type, but the second generation of the Peugeot 107. If the windscreen of your Peugeot 108 needs to be replaced, you can easily go to the after market. The windscreens of the Peugeot 108 models are identical to those of the Citroën C1 and the Toyota Aygo from 2014 onwards.

A new windscreen for the Peugeot 108 only costs € 139 when you choose our new windscreens. Before we go into this in more detail, let's look at the second generation of the 107, which also became a sales success in the Netherlands.

The Peugeot 108, the second generation of the Peugeot 107

The Peugeot 107 was developed in collaboration. PSA worked together with Toyota and Toyota took care of the production of the cars in the Czech Republic. PSA
(Peugeot and Citroën in this case) took over the purchase of parts and among other things took care of the diesel engine for the first generation, plus the seats.

When the second generation came onto the market in 2014 (after the 2012 facelift), Citroën and Toyota did not change the name of the car because this is not common in a new generation. At Peugeot, however, it works just a little differently. The first number in the type number represents the size of the car. The second number is always a zero and the third number indicates the generation.

Peugeot had no choice but to change the name, despite the fact that the changes were minor. For example, the buttons on th e dashboard have become considerably more modern, but they are still in the same place. Just like the Peugeot 107, the Toyota Aygo and the Citroën C1, the Peugeot 108 was also put on the market as cheaply as possible as a compact car that is mainly focused on city traffic. A long holiday ride with four passengers is not recommended.

Yet Autoweek rightly notes in the video below that it is no longer really cheap to buy compact cars. She compared the Renault Twingo with the Peugeot 108 and that is what it looks like:

But what's changed? Well, you can get the Peugeot 108 any way you want. With three doors or five doors for example, with a fixed roof or canvas roof and three different equipment levels. In addition, there are six different design themes available.

Peugeot has decided to take the truly modern features out of the car in order to keep it affordable. You get two front airbags, two side airbags and two inflatable curtains under the side windows to protect you from glass splinters. There are no active safety systems, meaning that the moderate safety level of the Peugeot 107 has been adopted 1:1.

The Peugeot 108, affordable or not?

The new price of around € 10,000 is technically reasonable if you can score an offer at the Peugeot dealer. However, Peugeot seems to have copied a little bit from Volkswagen in determining the prices. The Peugeot 108 Access is a stripped down version that only comes with the premium below € 10,000. If you want to look at all the options and don't want to choose standard colours and options, then the prices will go up immediately.

Nevertheless, the Peugeot 108 Access is equipped with the following features:

  • ABS and ESP
  • Airbags
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
  • Power steering
  • Memory mode for the seats

Right. Not an impressive list of features on the Peugeot website.
But the car wasn't made for that either. It has to be a car that is perfect for use in the city, with low fuel consumption and a length of only 3.5 metres so that every parking space is suitable.

And that has been a sign of the sales success. In the first five years, the Peugeot 108 was sold 276,258 times in Europe, which is particularly neat for a car in this segment.

When should the windscreen of the Peugeot 108 be replaced?

When the car window no longer meets the requirements of the national road traffic authority, action must be taken. In short: there should be no windscreen damage in the driver's field of vision whereby:

  1. Chips or asterisks are larger than 20 millimetres in size
  2. Branched cracks converge

A crack in the inner layer that crosses a crack in the outer layer is also considered a branched crack and is not approved  for the MOT. If the car window damage can no longer be repaired, the only option to keep the car on the road is to replace the windscreen.

Do you have an unbranched crack or asterisks outside the driver's field of vision? Then there is no need to hurry up with the replacement of the car window. You can often continue with this, but keep an eye on the extent of the window damage. Especially large temperature differences and shocks can cause the crack or chip to get bigger, which can cause the car to be rejected for the MOT.

Can I replace the windscreen of a Peugeot 108 myself?

Yes, you can. It is not forbidden to work on your own, but it is forbidden to drive a faulty car. That's why we always advise you to outsource the windscreen replacement to the people who know about it. You can often easily replace a side window yourself, but a windscreen is a completely different story.

Are you a car mechanic or do you have a lot of experience with windscreen replacement? Even then you have come to the right place. When ordering, you can indicate that you want to receive the new windscreen for the Peugeot 108 without fitting. If desired, you can even pick up the windscreen. Useful if you would like to save on delivery costs.

Buying a new windscreen online for your Peugeot 108

But how much does a car window cost for your Peugeot 108? Not much, at least not if you opt for the after market. Our car windows meet the same requirements as the PSA branded windows themselves and are often manufactured in the same factories. But because there is no brand logo, the costs are much lower.

Handy to know: many of the parts of the Peugeot 108 are interchangeable with the Citroën C1 and Toyota Aygo with a production year from 2014. If you look at the Peugeot 107, this also applies to all models made before 2014. This also applies to the windscreen for these models. A windscreen for your Peugeot 108, Citroën C1 or Toyota Aygo is available for only € 139 without delivery and without assembly. If you choose a new windscreen with delivery and assembly, you pay only € 239 and our certified fitting partners will install the new windscreen within three working days. On location or just at your home.

Windscreen Peugeot 108, without fitting

€ 139.00

Windscreen Peugeot 108, with fitting on location

€ 239.00

Windscreen Peugeot 108 with camera, without fitting

€ 269.00

Windscreen Peugeot 108 with camera, with fitting on location

€ 369.00

Do you need to replace the windscreen of your Peugeot 108 directly?

Does your Peugeot 108 need a windscreen replacement and do you consider quality at least as important as a competitive price? Then take a look at the Peugeot windscreens that are suitable for your 108!

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