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Windscreen replacement of a Fiat, what is the best solution?

If you drive with a Fiat you have chosen a financially very interesting car. Not only does a Fiat look very nice and is perfect for driving in a busy city, it also offers the driver a very pleasant comfort. A windscreen replacement for a Fiat is usually very costly. This has everything to do with the fact that the windscreen is made of laminated glass.... at least people think that's how people think. In practice, this has little to do with it in practice. It is mainly the brand logo that ensures that the price is not infrequently very high. Fortunately, it can also be done differently. The windscreen replacement of your Fiat with after-market automotive glass ensures that you can enjoy a high quality and safe windscreen for your car at a very competitive price!

The windscreen of your Fiat, the safest car window in the car?

It is often thought that all the windows of a Fiat are constructed in the same way and consist of the same type of glass. However, this is not the case. At a Fiat, the windscreen (as with all other cars) is made of laminated glass. This is interesting, because this type of glass brings with it some very interesting advantages. After all, laminated glass consists of two layers of glass. In the middle of these glass layers is a PVB film
that has an adhesive effect on both sides. This action must ensure that when the car window breaks, it does not splash into countless pieces. This is the case with the side and rear windows of the car. Because of the outstanding quality and safety of the Fiat windscreen, it is true that an asterisk or a big crack can only appear here.

Repair damage of your Fiat windscreen

Buying a new Fiat windscreen has the reputation to cost a lot of money. This does not only apply to Fiat, but to all the cars on the market. We can reassure you, replacing a Fiat windscreen does not have to be as expensive as it is feared, on the contrary. However, you simply have to bear in mind that a distinction is made between windscreens intended for the so-called after-market and windscreens with a brand logo.

The difference between the two types of car windows lies in the presence or absence of the brand logo. A lot of people don't know, but a new Fiat windscreen without a brand logo is as qualitative as a windscreen with a brand logo. In terms of quality, therefore, it certainly does not have to fall short, but automotive glass with a brand logo is still charged a much higher price tag. How come that? Very simple, because a car window with brand logo may initially only be distributed by a dealer.

Same factory, same production line

The above points out that a windscreen replacement of your Fiat does not have to cost as much as you fear. As far as a windscreen replacement of the Fiat is concerned, there is therefore no need to use a windscreen with a brand logo at all, on the contrary. The car windows offered by Autoglas Concurrent are not only produced in the same factory, but also in the same production line. This makes it really identical to original automotive glass in terms of quality, but without having to pay a small fortune for it.

Windscreen replacement of your Fiat with Autoglas Concurrent

Undoubtedly, the above has already made it clear that a windscreen replacement of your Fiat does not have to be expensive at all, on the contrary. By availing yourself of the possibilities offered by Autoglas Concurrent, you ensure that you opt for automotive glass with a quality identical to that of a branded car window, but without the high price tag attached to it. Finally, a windscreen replacement of a Fiat is always done with us by one of our certified fitting partners. This ensures that you are always assured of craftsmanship, replacing your Fiat windscreen is guaranteed in good hands with us!