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Why is a broken rear window replacement for a Ford necessary?

A lot of people (rightly) see their car as an object of use. This means that they have no problem with it when there is a bit of damage here and there. However, it becomes a completely different story when this damage affects not only the comfort but also the safety of the car's occupants. For example, have you chosen to buy a Ford and suffered serious damage to the rear window? In that case you will notice that driving with your Ford is immediately a lot less pleasant compared to the past. A damaged rear window replacement at a Ford has the reputation of being quite expensive, so you'd rather put the job on the back burner. By using the solution we have available, you can have your broken rear window repaired very easily and also at a soft price tag. So you don't have to settle for the greatly reduced driving comfort!

On average between 6 and 7 million sales per year

That Ford is one of the most important and immediately also the most popular car brands in the world is something we don't have to say anymore. Every year, this car brand therefore achieves sales of between 6 and 7 million cars. Nevertheless, Ford did not do well in the recent past. In Belgium, among other countries, the decision was taken to close the Genk plant definitively in 2014. This was also done symbolically on the day of its 50th anniversary. In order to breathe new life into the disappointing sales figures, an old acquaintance was taken from under the dust. Ford decided to discontinue exclusive sales of its popular Mustang in the U.S. market and brought the striking power car to Europe. In no time at all, the American powerhouse appeared everywhere.

When do you need to replace the rear window of your Ford?

Ford is a car brand known for assigning an excellent quality to its cars. This does not mean that you will be protected from possible damage, on the contrary. Damage often lies in a small corner and occurs much more often unintentionally than you might think at first sight. Take glass damage, for example. A rear window replacement of a Ford may at first sight look a long way from your bed show, but this car window can be damaged in different ways. Not only can damage occur as a result of an accident, but what about vandalism? Rear window replacement at a Ford may not be as important as replacing a broken windscreen, but you will notice that you prefer not to delay this task.

How do you have to do a rear window replacement of a Ford in case of damage?

In practice, rear window replacement is much more common than you might suspect at first sight. If you are also faced with a broken rear window, it is especially important to keep the costs associated with repairing the damage as low as possible. This is possible, but strongly depends on the type of car window you choose. In this area, there are two possibilities, namely:

  1. An original car window
  2. An after market car window

The broken rear window replacement of your Ford with a new original automotive glass is always the most expensive. This is because these car windows have a brand logo which initially allows them to be sold only by authorised brand dealers. This does not apply to after market car windows. These windows lack the brand logo, which gives them a very attractive financial advantage. Moreover, there is never the slightest difference in quality between an after market and an original car window. This way you always provide your Ford with a truly qualitative and financially interesting new car window.

A windscreen replacement of your Ford at no extra high cost

In Europe, Ford is one of the most popular car brands ever. Not only the Ford Fiesta, but also the Ford Focus and now also the Ford Mustang are fixed values that we often notice in the street scene. The fact that Ford cars occur so often on our roads means that damage to the windscreen is also reported quite often. This has nothing to do with the quality of the cars. Damage to the windscreen of a Ford can therefore occur in different ways. For example, an asterisk can occur as a result of rubble, a cracking can occur when a bird flies forward or, of course, an accident can occur. In any case, even a Ford windscreen replacement does not have to cost a lot of money by opting for after market vehicle glass. However, you should bear in mind that installing a new windscreen is almost always more expensive than a rear window replacement of a Ford. This is largely due to the fact that, compared to a rear window, a car's windscreen is not made of tempered glass, but of laminated glass.

Cheap rear window replacement of your Ford outsourcing

The fact that by opting for an after market automotive glass you can already save a lot of money makes that cheap rear window replacement is a bit easier. However, by opting for an after market car window, the placement has not yet taken place. Also in this area we have a very interesting solution for you. When replacing a broken car window, we always choose to call upon one of the certified assembly partners with whom we work. These experts have all the knowledge and experience required to carry out rear window replacement of your Ford in the most efficient way. Do you also have your Ford third party, fire and theft or comprehensive (all-risk) insurance? In that case, you do not have to pay the own risk up to an amount of 150 euros! This way, your broken rear window replacement of the Ford is easier than ever before!