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Windscreen replacement of your Hymer for a low price

The Hymer brand was founded in 1957 and is known to produce almost exclusively caravans and motorhomes. Every year many people go on holiday in this way. It is therefore not only a very inexpensive way of travelling, it is also very practical and offers the freedom that many people are looking for. Do you also have a Hymer, but have you had to deal with a damaged windscreen, for example by rubble or perhaps even vandalism? In that case, you will undoubtedly want to look for ways for a windscreen replacement of your Hymer. Find out why Autoglas Concurrent can be of great service to you in this area.

When should the windscreen replacement of the Hymer be done?

A windscreen replacement of the Hymer is not always necessary when there is a certain damage to the windscreen of your car. It is important in this respect to take into account the location of the damage. Is this directly in the driver's field of view? In that case, replacing the windscreen of your Hymer is essential. This is not least because it will undoubtedly lead to disapproval of the MOT. Is the damage to be found in one of the corners of the windscreen so that it does not really interfere with the driver? In that case, your windscreen replacement for your Hymer can be postponed for a while, as long as the crack has no branching. Please note that a damaged windscreen can always not only reduce the appearance but also reduce safety. If you do not wish to do so, it is always the most interesting option to have a new Hymer windscreen installed. We also gladly prove that this does not always have to be accompanied by high costs.

What makes a new Hymer windscreen so expensive?

A car windscreen is always more expensive compared to the other car windows that are part of it. This has everything to do with the fact that a windscreen consists of multiple glass layers in between which a PVB film
can be found. This is a type of plastic that has adhesive properties on both sides. In this way, the glass is well held together in case of breakage, so that the glass flakes do not fly around. During the production process, a windscreen is heated quickly and then cooled down slowly. This gives it a special, extra strength that only enhances the safety of the occupants. The special quality is also the most important reason, together with the presence of the brand logo, which means that a windscreen replacement of a Hymer can be accompanied by a high cost price. Replacing your Hymer's windscreen with an after-market model is therefore much more interesting in this respect.

Is an after-market windscreen of equal quality?

There are still many misunderstandings today regarding new after-market automotive glass for a Hymer. Many people fear that because of the lower cost price it is less qualitative and therefore less safe. However, there is absolutely nothing true about that, on the contrary. If you look further, for example at the production process of an after-market Hymer windscreen, you will find that it is not only made in the same factory, but it is also part of the same production process. A windscreen replacement of a Hymer by an after-market model does not result in a quality return, on the contrary. The after-market car windows sold by Autoglas Concurrent are always produced according to the strictest European quality standards, which ensures that you are always assured of the best possible price-quality ratio.

The best possible price-quality ratio at Autoglas Concurrent

Not only can a windscreen replacement of the Hymer cost you a lot of money, but there is also the risk that replacement may not be done correctly. Replacing a Hymer windscreen at Autoglas Competitor ensures that one of our certified assembly partners will always be called upon to replace the windscreen. These professionals not only ensure that the glass can be replaced in a very efficient way, the direct consequence is that you can go back on the road at very short term. Can you not miss your car for a long time, for example because you have to go to work with it or because this way you bring the children to school? Even then, your Hymer windscreen replacement by us is certainly an interesting choice.