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Professional windscreen replacement Buick

Buick is an American car brand that may not be so popular in our country, but it still has an impressive history. In 1991, Buick was even the fastest growing car brand on the American market, and the competition there is not insignificant. An expansion was necessary and came under the shape of a brand new car, the Buick Regal. This would be developed for the Chinese market for which a joint venture was established. It was a joint venture of GM in China, which would later also produce the Buick Sail, a family car that shows not insignificant similarities with the popular Opel Corsa. Buick celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2002. Despite the very high quality of this brand, there is always the risk of damage when you drive a car of this brand. Are you the proud owner of a Buick car, but did you experience damage to the windscreen caused by rubble while driving? In that case, Autoglas Concurrent offer you a qualitative and economical solution for this.

Special characteristics of Buick cars

A car of the Buick brand is nowadays not only popular on the American market. A very large number of people who love the distinctive look of vintage cars swear by the brand. This ensures that you see them appear on our roads every now and then, although they are quite rare. The cars of the Buick brand can often be recognised by various special characteristics. For example, the emblem consists of three diagonally placed shields in a circle and there is the so-called sweep spear. This is a curved line over the side of the bodywork which starts at the front of the car. Another striking point is the oval radiator grille with vertical lines. This gives the car its final, very authentic look. The special appearance of a Buick car ensures that they are often sold for not insignificant amounts of money. For this reason, it is often thought that the repair of certain damage must always cost a lot of money, but that is not the case at all. Many people fear a very high price in this area, but can be very pleasantly surprised by Autoglas Concurrent.

Windscreen replacement of your Buick at an asterisk, chip or crack

Windscreen damage can occur at a Buick in many different ways. Is there any damage to the windscreen of the vehicle? In that case it always appears in the form of an asterisk or chip. The windscreen replacement of your Buick can impose itself in this situation, but is that not at the expense of a large part of your financial resources? Absolutely not! As far as a windscreen replacement of the Buick is concerned, you can make a choice between original automotive glass and one intended for the so-called after-market. There is no difference in quality between the two types of car windows. The only thing you need to take into account is that an original windscreen is marked with a brand logo, whereas an after market copy is not. Obviously, the lack of this brand logo does not lead to any difference in quality. This is not possible either, because both the factory where the two windscreens are made and the production line are exactly the same.

If there is no difference in quality, why is replacing a Buick windscreen with an original one so much more expensive? Very simple. Only brand dealers are entitled to sell original Buick windscreens. This ensures that the price is a lot higher. Moreover, the price difference is so significant that even the original car windows found on the second-hand market are often even more expensive than after-market automotive glasses. All this ensures that a damaged windscreen replacement of your Buick with an after-market model is always the best choice!

Simple and economical to replace your Buick windscreen

As shown above, windscreen replacement for a Buick doesn't have to cost as much money as many people think, on the contrary. The fact that an inexpensive, new Buick windscreen can be purchased does not mean that you are ready right away. The cost of purchasing may be limited, but the windscreen must also be installed. The windscreen replacement of your Buick must of course be done by a real professional party because you do not want to compromise in terms of safety and quality. In order to guarantee our customers the best value for money, Autoglas Concurrent has chosen to outsource a damaged windscreen to one of our certified assembly partners. He has all the necessary knowledge and experience in-house to ensure that the damaged front window of your Buick can be replaced very efficiently. This way you are not only assured of a quality end result, you can also return to the road within the shortest times with your car!