Replacement and delivery costs


Installation car window + moulding/rubber at your location 
Netherlands€ 100,00
Flanders€ 130,00
Installation truck window + moulding/rubber at your location 
Netherlands€ 180,00
Flanders€ 210,00
Delivery without installation car window + mouldings/rubber  
Netherlands€ 40,00
Flanders€ 60,00
Delivery in crate or box for international transport 
Cardboard box with tempex€ 60,00
Wooden crate with tempex€ 60,00
Pick up 
Workshop TielFree

The cost of replacing a car window consists of the assembly costs and the price for the new car window and any accompanying list and clips. Check here the price of a new car window. The following assembly and delivery costs include VAT.


  • Replacing the car window on location in the Netherlands

If you appreciate mobile service so that you don't have to leave the door, our FOCWA certified partners can replace your car window on location for €100,00. When replacing a front windscreen of a truck, the installation costs are €180,00 incl. BTW. No service is provided on the Wadden Islands. If the mechanics do not have the possibility of standing dry in case of precipitation, please inform us when you are called to schedule the appointment.


  • Replacing your car window on site in Belgium (Flanders)

In view of the travel time and costs involved in replacing a car window in Belgium, we charge a price of €125,00 for the installation of your car window. The installation costs for replacing a truck windscreen on your site are €210,00 incl. BTW. In order to ensure the quality of the car's replacement, it is important that the mechanics can stand dry in case of precipitation. Do not allow moisture to get into the kit/ glue when replacing the car window. When you are called to schedule the appointment, you can indicate whether the mechanics have the possibility of standing dry. No service is provided in Wallonia.


  • Replacing the car window in the workshop in Tiel

If you are able to have your car window replaced at the workshop in Tiel, the cost of the installation is €100,00. Please note that the so-called driving time after placing the car window is 1 hour. During the assembly time and the waiting period before you are allowed to drive your car again, you can use the canteen with coffee, tea or chocolate milk in your canteen.


  • Automotive glass ordering and delivery without assembly in the Netherlands

Would you prefer to order only a car window with possible matching lists and clips? Then we can have them delivered within the Netherlands for only €35,00. No orders are delivered on the Wadden Islands. Despite the fact that our collaborating partners replace car windows all over the country on a daily basis, it can sometimes happen that your order cannot be taken on the route within 2 working days. Immediately after placing your order, one of our partners will contact you to schedule the delivery.


  • Automotive glass ordering and delivery without assembly in Belgium

Can you replace car window yourself and would you only like to order car windows without assembly? We are happy to assist you with our order & delivery service in Belgium (Flanders). Despite the fact that travel times and costs are considerably higher than the same service within the Netherlands, we keep delivery costs for Belgium low. For just €60,00 we will deliver your desired car window with any corresponding list (s) and/or clips in Belgium (Flanders) so that you can replace your car window yourself. No service is provided in Wallonia.


  • Automotive glass ordering and delivery in cardboard box or wooden crate for international transport

For international shipments, we pack the car window with any accessories in a sturdy cardboard box or wooden crate, both filled with foam or polystyrene foam. The order will be delivered to a transport company based in the Netherlands where you have arranged the international transport yourself. The costs for delivery in a protective cardboard box or wooden crate amount to €60.00 (€49.59 excluding VAT). The dimensions of a wooden crate are 165cm wide x 80cm deep x 135cm high.


  • Free collection of car windows and accessories in Tiel

Cars and accessories can only be collected free of charge during office hours. If we collect car windows and accessories outside office hours, our partners can charge a small fee for this. Office hours are from Monday to Friday from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m., excluding public holidays.


The installation costs are included in the price:

  • Labour wage
  • Kit
  • Degreasing
  • Primer
  • Small material
  • Disposal fee
  • Possible travel costs

The labor pay includes all the time required to dismantle and assemble the car window, including the following:

  • Disassembly interior mirror, sensors, windscreen heater, antenna (if available in the car window)
  • Disassembly windscreen wipers
  • Disassembly mouldings and/or rubbers
  • Paravan disassembly (plastic plate under windscreen wipers)
  • Disassembly car window
  • Disassembly environmental and/or toll stickers
  • Removing old sealant/ glue residues
  • Removal of any surface rustiness that may be present
  • Cleaning and degreasing of the grooves
  • Extraction of shattered glass (if vacuum cleaner is provided for on-site installation)
  • Cleaning and degreasing the new car window
  • Applying primer for good adhesion of the new sealant/ glue and preventing corrosion in the grooves.
  • Mounting the environmental and/or toll stickers
  • Applying the new kit/ glue
  • Mounting the new car window
  • Mounting of the (new) lists and/or rubbers, provided that they are not pre-installed on the new car window
  • Mounting the paravan
  • Mounting the windscreen wipers
  • Mounting the interior mirror, sensors, windscreen heater, antenna (if present in the car window)
  • Control and finishing
  • Administrative handling of the services provided

All our prices for car windows, mouldings and mounting are inclusive of 21% VAT. Our collaborating certified assembly partners provide a 4-year FOCWA warranty on the work carried out. Since we do not replace car windows ourselves but outsource them to various partners, an expert technician can almost always replace your car window within 3 working days. Quickly order your new car window and get your advantage.


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