Database and copyright law


The website of Autoglas Concurrent is protected by copyright law. Each time a separate description of the product (' the Text') has been made for each car window, i. e. a total of thousands of car windows, in intelligible, easy-to-read language. When writing the Texts original choices were made, and these Texts contain a personal stamp. The Texts are thus a copyright-protected work ex. Article 1 j° 10 of the Copyright Act (Aw).

In addition, free choices and selections have been made when the Texts are made, which means that they bear the required personal stamp. Autoglas Concurrent is the owner of the lyrics copyright holder.

Structure database

According to Article 10 (3) of the Aliens Act, the structure of Autoglas Concurrent's database is also subject to copyright, regardless of its content, because it involves subjective and therefore creative choices, for example for the brands and types mentioned and to link them together, and choices have also been made in terms of layout, menu structure and the use of words in combination with symbols. In addition, for each type of car window that is offered, a sample picture - also part of the structure of the database - has been chosen, with a red car from a certain characteristic (ever the same) angle being photographed on that specific photo.

Database law

In addition to copyrights on the Texts and the structure of its website, Autoglas Concurrent also holds database rights on its website and the underlying database. This website consists of a large collection of data in which Autoglas Concurrent has invested considerably and for which Autoglas Concurrent bears the risk of exploitation.

The data contained in the Autoglas Concurrent database constitutes a collection of works, data or other independent elements which are systematically arranged and accessible separately by electronic means and of which the acquisition, verification or presentation of the content constitutes a substantial investment in terms of quality or quantity. The website can therefore be regarded as one (or more) protected database (s) within the meaning of Section 1, paragraph 1 under a. of the Database Act (Dw). As a producer of the database, Autoglas Concurrent is entitled to the database rights attached thereto.

Autoglas Concurrent will never give permission to copy, reproduce, reproduce, reuse, edit, distribute and/or publish all or part of the Text as well as the created database.


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