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The windscreen replacement of your Daihatsu, economical and fast 

The Japanese brand Daihatsu is today owned by the world-famous Toyota. The brand has built up a reputation over the years for small city cars. For lovers or collectors, this brand is also very attractive. Some of the Daihatsu cars are known to be produced in the factory by Toyota and Subaru. Are you living in a large city with heavy traffic or were you just looking for a small, yet extremely high quality car and have you therefore chosen to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the Daihatsu brand? However, when driving, are you confronted with a crack in your windscreen caused by, for example, rubble impact? In that case, the windscreen replacement for your Daihatsu can be carried out by Autoglas Concurrent in a very high quality and extremely economical way!

An asterisk or crack in the windscreen of your Daihatsu is not only annoying 

Before we go into the possibilities of repairing a damaged windscreen at a Daihatsu, we would like to pause for a moment to think about the appearance of the asterisk in your windscreen. Many people have no idea how it is that such an asterisk can appear. This has everything to do with the fact that the windshield of a Daihatsu is made of laminated glass, as is the case with other cars. This is automotive glass that consists of several glass layers with a layer of PVB film
in between. In addition, during the production process, a certain additional strength is given to the automotive glass by heating it quickly and then letting it cool down slowly. This creates a particularly safe glass that can be used as a car windscreen.

The high cost price of an original, new Daihatsu windscreen

The windscreen replacement of a Daihatsu is of course only possible when you have a new windscreen. A new Daihatsu windscreen can be purchased in two different ways. You can initially choose to purchase an original windscreen. Such automotive glass has a brand logo so that it can only be sold by so-called brand dealers. Occasionally, they appear on the second-hand market, but even then the average price to pay for it is still very high. Is there no alternative? Of course it is. For example, Autoglas Concurrent gives its customers the opportunity to choose a new after-market Daihatsu windscreen. Despite the fact that the cost of such windscreen is much lower, the quality is equivalent to original Daihatsu automotive glass.

Replacing the windscreen of every Daihatsu with after-market car windows

The windscreen replacement of every Daihatsu with an after-market windscreen will not lead to any loss of quality, as you have already read and contrary to what many people suspect. Not only are these car windows produced in the same factory as after-market models, they are also part of the same production line. This ensures that the only real difference can be found in the presence of the brand logo on an original Daihatsu car window. However, you should ask yourself whether or not the presence of this logo is worth the high extra charge. Replacing your Daihatsu windscreen with an after-market car window is always the best choice in terms of price quality.

Windscreen replacement for the Daihatsu outsourcing to Autoglas Concurrent

In the end, of course, you don't just choose to call on the first, the best party for a windscreen replacement for your Daihatsu. It goes without saying that it is only one thing to buy a competitively priced new windscreen, because you also want to be sure that it is placed by a real professional party. In order to ensure that we can guarantee our customers the best possible end result, we have chosen to replace the windscreen of your Daihatsu with one of our certified assembly partners. These professionals are able to replace your damaged windscreen efficiently and at the highest possible price. In other words, are you dealing with a damaged windscreen in your Daihatsu and are you looking for a suitable solution? In that case, replacing a windscreen of a Daihatsu outsourced to Autoglas Concurrent is definitely a very interesting choice that you will not regret!