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The windscreen replacement of your Lancia for the best price

The Italian brand Lancia is now part of the FIAT group. For the creation of the brand we must go back to September 1907. Then the first car of Vencenzo Lancia
and his partner Claudio Fogolin appeared called the Alfa
on the market. Shortly after that the second vehicle appeared, which was named Di-Alpha. Today, these cars are particularly popular among collectors. These are versions with six cylinders and a total of only 23 are made of them. Other models that made their appearance in the short term were the Lancia Beta, the Gamma and the Delta. Unfortunately, in 2014 it became known that the Lancia would no longer be exported abroad. They are nowadays only sold in Italy. Are you the owner of a Lancia, but you have to deal with a damaged windscreen. For a windscreen replacement for your Lancia, you are at the right address at Autoglas Concurrent!

Laminated glass in your Lancia windscreen

It is often said that a windscreen replacement of a Lancia is not really urgent because the damage only manifests itself in the form of an asterisk or a crack. This is only half true. It is indeed true that damage caused by, for example, rubble on the windscreen is in the shape of an asterisk or a crack, and although at first glance it seems innocent, it can have major consequences. The windscreen replacement of your Lancia is not always necessary immediately when the window damage is in one of the corners. Is it located in the driver's field of vision? Then it becomes a completely different story and replacing your windscreen as soon as possible is of crucial importance. The fact that only an asterisk or crack in your Lancia windscreen is caused by damage because this type of car window consists of multiple layers of glass. In between these glass layers, a so-called PVB film
can also be found that has an adhesive function on both sides. It is precisely this adhesive function that, in combination with the double glass layer, ensures that in case of damage, the window does not simply splash into countless pieces. It goes without saying that this will only benefit the safety of the driver and the occupants of the car.

Windscreen replacement of the Lancia in case of damage

A windscreen replacement of the Lancia can impose itself in different situations. In the first instance, damage can be caused, for example, by rubble. This is damage that nobody can do anything about, but that does not make them any less annoying. Even if it is only an asterisk, it can have very unpleasant consequences. Another situation in which the windscreen can be damaged is due to vandalism. In both situations, you may want to choose to replace the Lancia windscreen. The windscreen replacement of your Lancia with original automotive glass may be financially very heavy, but fortunately there is an interesting alternative. After all, the after-market car windows of Autoglas Concurrent are as high quality as original automotive glass, but they are a lot cheaper. This is because after-market copies do not have a brand logo, so that they cannot be sold exclusively by authorised dealers.

Possible disapproval of the MOT

A windscreen replacement of a Lancia is recommended in certain situations if you want to prevent it from being rejected during an MOT check. This is particularly the case when the asterisk or single crack can be found in the driver's field of vision. In this situation, a simple reflection may already be sufficient to obscure the driver's view of the road with all the possible dangers that this entails. The windscreen replacement of your Lancia is therefore always recommended in case of an asterisk or crack in the driver's field of view. If you don't do this, you will more than likely be confronted with a disapproval of the MOT.

Where does the low price of an after-market windscreen come from?

As indicated earlier on this page, there is actually only one structural difference between an original and an after-market windscreen. A windscreen replacement of a Lancia by means of an after-market copy is therefore financially so interesting because no brand logo can be found on it. This does not make a difference in terms of quality, but it does make the car window a lot cheaper. The production line and the factory in which the two types of car windows are made are exactly the same. In addition, the after-market car windows of Autoglas Concurrent are always produced according to the strictest European quality standards. The best possible quality is guaranteed in this way.

Windscreen replacement of a Lancia by certified fitting partners

The windscreen replacement of your Lancia outsourced to Autoglas Concurrent will not only ensure that you can count on a very competitive purchase price for your new car window, on the contrary. Besides this fact, it is also the case that the windscreen replacement of a Lancia will be outsourced to certified fitting partners. These specialist professionals have all the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure that your damaged windscreen can be replaced as efficiently as possible. This way you can take your car back on the road. Do you also want the windscreen replacement of your Lancia by a party that can guarantee you the best possible price-quality ratio? In that case, calling on Autoglas Concurrent is definitely worth it!