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The best price for the windscreen replacement of your Kia

Over the years, the South Korean car brand Kia has become one of the most popular, inexpensive car brands in the world. The brand is now part of the Hyundai Motor Company and is not only involved in the development of passenger cars, but also commercial vehicles. Despite the fact that nowadays Kia is of course best known for the cars she produces, this was not always the case. Did you know, for example, that Kia initially produced bicycles and motorcycles? An important milestone for the Kia car brand was reached in 2005. At that time, the brand was first to be found in the top 10 of Dutch car sales. Are you also the proud owner of a Kia, but are you confronted with windscreen damage? Discover in this article the best and most financially interesting solution for the windscreen replacement of your Kia!

An asterisk or crack in your Kia windscreen by rubble impact

A Kia is a beautiful quality car of which owners are justifiably proud. However, an accident only lies in a small corner. A windscreen replacement of a Kia may therefore be necessary, for example, in the event of damage caused by rubble. Despite the fact that the Kia windscreen is made of laminated glass, the appearance of an asterisk or a big crack can have significant consequences. For example, this asterisk or crack may appear in the driver's field of vision, which may partially or partially prevent the driver from seeing the road. This is a significant danger for both the driver of the car and people on the road. The windscreen replacement of your Kia is often the only solution.

The expensive production process of a car window

It is not surprising that a windscreen replacement of a Kia can involve a lot of costs. When we look at the production method of car windows, it soon becomes clear that it requires a great deal of energy. Energy today costs a considerable sum of money, so that the basis for the cost price has been laid immediately. Moreover, this is not all. After all, three moulds are needed to make a single car window. Even the development of such a mould should not be underestimated in terms of cost price. The average price for a single mould is therefore around 350,000 euros.

An after-market windscreen, financially much more interesting

The above does not alter the fact that a windscreen replacement of the Kia can also be done at a much lower cost, namely by choosing an after-market model. Choosing to use an after-market windscreen ensures that you choose a copy that does not have a brand logo. The absence of this brand logo does not mean that there is no difference in quality, but it does mean that it can be sold by any party. This does not apply to original automotive glass with brand logo. This may only be sold by an official brand dealer. In principle, you can choose to purchase a second-hand original car window, but in most cases it will also be much more expensive than a new after-market model. This ensures that choosing this last possibility is always the most interesting option.

Windscreen replacement of the Kia for the MOT control

Is there a MOT check for your Kia on the programme? In that case, in case of damage, it is often crucial to have it repaired before you have your car inspected. A windscreen replacement of the Kia is not always a requirement. For example, your car will not be rejected for the MOT when the asterisk or single crack can be found in one of the corners of the windscreen. In this situation, it does not present an immediate danger to anyone. Is the window damage in the driver's field of view? Then repairing is a requirement to be approved for the MOT.

Guaranteed the best price-quality ratio at Autoglas Concurrent

The windscreen replacement of your Kia while you can count on the best possible price-quality ratio? In that case, it is always worth choosing to use the services of Autoglas Concurrent. We not only make it possible for our customers to purchase a new Kia windscreen at a surprisingly sharp price, but also replace the damaged car window with certified fitting partners. Do you also want the windscreen replacement of your Kia at the most interesting conditions? Then it may be clear that you are the right place to do so at Autoglas Concurrent!