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Autoglas Concurrent is a collaborative initiative founded out of passion for cars and user-friendly websites. Autoglas Concurrent is part of Catavia UG and has no associations with national chains, automotive glass manufacturers or suppliers. In this way, Autoglas Concurrent can set its own course and independently.


Autoglas Concurrent maintains this website and provides leads for professional and independent certified automotive glass repairers. Delivery and possible assembly will be carried out by these highly experienced professionals, to whom you can pay the payment directly, both in cash and with a Tikkie.


Autoglas Concurrent is located in Germany and can only be visited online. Our certified assembly partners provide service to you on location throughout the Netherlands and Flanders. No service is provided on the Wadden islands and in Wallonia.


Autoglas Concurrent guarantees you one of the lowest prices on the market combined with a high level of service and high quality. In order to offer you this security, Autoglas Concurrent works together with highly experienced craftsmen with a FOCWA certificate and membership. Because these collaborating partners replace or deliver the car window, you are assured of a 4-year FOCWA warranty. Read on the website of FOCWA what security FOCWA warranty offers you.


Autoglas Concurrent can be of service to you within 3 working days in most cases. After your order has been placed, one of our certified assembly partners will contact you by telephone to schedule the appointment for the delivery and possible installation of your car window and/or accessories.


Autoglas Concurrent supplies exclusively new car windows of original quality, also called Original Equipment Manufacturer of OEM quality. These car windows are manufactured by AGC and Pilkington and come from the same production line as original branded car windows, which makes them identical. Due to trademark law, only an authorised dealer may initially sell a car window with logo. The car windows produced for the after-market windows are not marked with a brand logo, but with a European E quality mark. This guarantees the quality and safety of your car window.

With more than 20 years of solid experience in automotive glass, we can be of excellent professional service to you in selecting the appropriate car window. Although we have set up this website based on the premise that we want to make it easy for you to determine which car window belongs to your car, we can imagine that you would like to be assisted. Would you also like to replace your car window and doubt about the right one? Please feel free to contact us so that we can help you choose the right car window.


Contact details:
Telephone: +31 (0) 85 027 00 55 (from 7.00 - 23.00 hrs)
E-mail: [email protected]


Fast service and delivery
Pay in 3 instalments
We ship worldwide. Ask for the shipping costs