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A low price for a windscreen replacement of your Citroen

People who choose to buy a Citroen opt for a good car that also always has an affordable price tag. Compared to several other car brands on the market, Citroen therefore always offers its buyers exactly the quality they expect from the brand. No matter how high quality a Citroen car may be, no one vehicle is 100% protected from damage caused by, for example, rubble. Do you also have such damage to the windscreen of your Citroen and would you like to solve it? Then quickly read on and find out how the windscreen replacement of your Citroen will be possible without having to pay hands full of money!

Asterisk or chip only possible in windscreen?

Many people are wondering what the difference is between a windscreen and, for example, the side and rear windows of a car. Surely all these different windows have the same glass? Or not? Certainly not. It goes without saying that it is very important that the glass in the windscreen has the best possible strength. In addition, in the event of an accident, the auto  lass must not splash apart in a thousand pieces, as this can cause injury to the driver, for example. In order to prevent this from happening, laminated glass is always used for the windscreen. This type of automotive glass consists of two layers of glass which in between has a PVB film
layer. This is a type of plastic that sticks to two sides.

The double-sided adhesive effect of the PVB film layer is necessary to ensure that the automotive glass does not splash apart in case of impact, as is the case with the side and rear windows. The unique composition of laminated automotive glass ensures that many people think that this is always associated with a high cost price. Partly for this reason, the windscreen replacement of a Citroen can sometimes be postponed. However, replacing a windscreen of the Citroen does not always have to cost a lot of money, on the contrary. By opting for a windscreen intended for the after-market, it is therefore always possible to realize a considerable saving on the purchase price and Autoglas Concurrent can assist you in this.

No difference in quality

It is sometimes said that a windscreen replacement for a Citroen by means of a window for the after-market is not very interesting in terms of quality. However, we can reassure you on this point. In terms of quality, there really is no difference between an original car window and a copy produced for the after market. We will say even more, both car windows are not only manufactured in the same factory, but also form part of the same production line. This made them one hundred percent the same in terms of quality. The only difference lies in the presence of a brand logo. Because only brand dealers are allowed to sell car windscreens with such a logo, this ensures that the price can be considerably higher by default.

Windscreen replacement of a Citroen in case of damage

As mentioned earlier in this article you may still drive such a quality and safe car, the chance that you will ever face damage from crushed rock is always present. Fortunately, this does not have to have any major consequences and the cost of having the windshield repaired is not that bad. This is the case, at least if you choose to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Autoglas Concurrent. In any case, always do your best to have damage to your Citroen windscreen repaired as soon as possible. This is the only way to avoid a limited view while driving and to prevent the vehicle in question from being rejected for the MOT. It is therefore advisable to replace the windscreen of your Citroen as soon as possible.

Windscreen replacement of your Citroen with Autoglas Concurrent

Would you also like to have your Citroen windscreen replaced because it was damaged at some point in time? Of course, that is not a problem. Autoglas Concurrent can replace the windscreen of your Citroen without you having to take into account a towering cost price as well as without you having to surrender it in terms of quality. Moreover, we always outsource the installation of a new windscreen for a Citroen to one of our certified fitting partners. This deliberate choice ensures that your Citroen will not only have an extremely high quality windscreen, but you can also rest assured that this will be carried out by highly experienced professionals when it comes to installation.