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Do you want a rear window replacement for your Mitsubishi?

Japanese car brands have been very popular in Europe for a long time. They are not only known for their reliability, but also for their excellent price-quality ratio. If you have a Mitsubishi brand car for that reason, you can often drive it years ahead. However, if you have suffered damage and for that reason want a rear window replacement for your Mitsubishi, this can be an expensive affair at a brand dealer. However, there is also a simple and quick way to cheaply replace the rear window of a Mitsubishi. You can order an after market car window from us at a much lower price. You can read how this works in this article. First we will tell you more about the special and fascinating history of Mitsubishi.

The unusual origin of Mitsubishi

In Europe, we often associate the name Mitsubishi directly with the car brand. In Japan, however, there is also the primeval company Mitsubishi Group. This conglomerate was founded as early as 1870 in Japan. Today, the Mitsubishi Group consists of around forty companies which, although independent, hold shares in each other's companies. The managers of the companies meet regularly to make mutual agreements and to make each other better and stronger. With a combined estimated turnover of no less than 540 billion dollars, it is one of the largest collaborations of companies in the world. The companies are active in the mining industry, shipbuilding, telecom, banking, oil and gas and, of course, the automotive industry.

The car department that belongs to this group is called Mitsubishi Motors and in turn has a special history. The car brand Mitsubishi originated in 1917 when, on the basis of the Fiat Tipo 3, the company put its first car on the market. However, this was not a success and the car brand Mitsubishi had difficulty competing with foreign automakers. The company therefore merged with Mitsubishi Aircraft and for the time being concentrated on the aircraft industry and the manufacture of trains.

After the Second World War, life in Japan was not easy. Crisis followed crisis, and there was also foreign occupation of the country. The country's largest companies were forced to split up into smaller companies. This so that it would be less easy for Japan to quickly return to war. Mitsubishi Aircraft's parent company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, was forced to split into three parts. Independently of each other, the three companies started to focus more and more on the car market. This was done by collaborating with Willys and Kaiser Motors in the United States, among others. In 1964, the three companies were merged again into Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. And from there, the development of Mitsubishi Motors goes fast.

Mitsubishi develops as a car brand after 1964

In line with the spirit of the original Mitsubishi Group, Mitsubishi Motors was not directly interested in reinventing the wheel itself. By cleverly working together with existing car companies, and for example by having rebatched versions of their Mitsubishi Galant sold in America by Chrysler such as the Dodge Colt, they were able to grow quickly. It is interesting to note that this desire for cooperation runs through the history of the Mitsubishi car brand as a leitmotiv. For example, factories were run and car parts or even whole cars were made in collaboration with, among others:

  • Volvo: joint production of cars in the NedCar factory in the Netherlands
  • Peugeot-Citroën: joint development of diesel engines
  • Volkswagen: use of the same engines in certain models
  • Proton: sale of rebatched Mitsubishi under Proton brand name
  • Hyundai: including rebatched versions of each other's cars
  • Various Chinese brands: joint ventures in several areas

This does not mean that they could not develop good cars themselves. Among other things, the Mitsubishi Colt is an iconic car that was introduced as early as 1962 and that by now has many successful generations and is still in production. After the merger of the three companies, Mitsubishi quickly became one of the largest carmakers in the world. The upward trend that started in the sixties led to the achievement of the sales limit of 1 million cars worldwide as early as 1980. They still achieve these sales figures today.

After 1964 things did not just go well for Mitsubishi. Lack of funds and increasing losses were compensated by selling a large part of the shares to Chrysler. When this company in turn ended up in heavy weather and was incorporated by the Daimler Group, this German company also got its finger on the pulse. Today, however, Mitsubishi is part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. This partnership between the three car brands came about after Nissan took over 34% of Mitsubishi's shares in 2016. This trinity does guarantee a good future for the car brands. Mitsubishi will therefore certainly become stronger as a result of this cooperation.

When should I replace the rear window of my Mitsubishi?

If you have had an accident, collision or vandalism, for example, your rear window may have fallen apart into thousands of pieces. This is because the rear window of almost all cars is made of tempered glass. This glass was heated quickly and then cooled down quickly. This makes it very strong, but it can break up into many pieces if it is hit hard. This tempered glass is used in cars in the rear and side windows, among other things. This is because it is safer than normal glass. The many small pieces can cause considerably less damage than would be the case with large shards.

However, if the rear window is broken, it is important to have a rear window replacement of your Mitsubishi quickly. If you delay replacing the rear window, you run the risk of the following things:

  • Damage caused by rain on the upholstery
  • Damage to electrical components due to rain
  • Uncomfortable driving due to weather and wind influences
  • Driving unsafe because stones etc. can splash
  • Breakers can easily get into the car

The rear window replacement has a high priority because it is immediately completely missing. The windscreen of your Mitsubishi is made of laminated glass and will therefore crack instead of break into thousands of pieces. This is why your Mitsubishi windscreen replacement is often in less of a hurry. However, you can also order the windscreen from us quickly and at a competitive price. Moreover, it does not matter what type of Mitsubishi model you have. Replacing the front, back or side window of your Mitsubishi can always be done with us at short notice. In our wide range with many different types of vehicle glass you can also find the right car windows for your Mitsubishi. These are, for example, the models:

Our prices are considerably lower than those of a brand dealer, thanks to the after market car windows we offer. This automotive glass comes from exactly the same factory and therefore has the same high quality as car windows that you will find at a brand dealer. However, in the absence of a brand logo, these car windows may also be sold by non-brand dealers. In the absence of a monopoly on the sale of after market windows, you can count on us for very attractive prices, while you get the same quality automotive glass.

Doing the rear window replacement for your Mitsubishi yourself or letting it do so

It is possible to replace the rear window of your Mitsubishi by yourself to do so. Simply order the car window you need and we'll send it to you for you to get started. If you do not have this knowledge in-house, you can always count on our certified assembly partners. They will visit you on location and ensure that the rear window replacement of your Mitsubishi does not take any time or effort. In all cases, you can count on our attractive prices and excellent service so that you can quickly get back on the road safely.