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Windscreen replacement of a SsangYong without excessive cost

When damage is found to your car you will always hold your heart. When a car is damaged, the chance is always present that you are confronted with relatively high costs. That doesn't always have to be the case. Often, people who own a SsangYong car, for example, choose when it comes to damage for the most obvious and simplest solution without having to keep in mind that there are also alternatives that can be much cheaper. This is the case, for example, when a windscreen replacement of a SsangYong has to be done. In this case, a very large number of people almost automatically opt for an original car window with a brand logo, even though this is not necessary at all. A windscreen replacement of a SsangYong with a new one destined for the after-market ensures that you can enjoy exactly the same quality, but at a much more attractive price tag. Want to know more? Then discover quickly what Autoglas Concurrent can do for you!

Damage to your SsangYong windscreen

If there is any damage to your SsangYong windscreen, you will be able to see that this car window does not just splash into countless pieces, as would be the case with the side windows of the car, for example. This is because the windscreen of a car is always made of laminated glass. This type of vehicle glass is made up of multiple layers of glass with a special and adhesive PVB film
in between. In addition, laminated glass is heated rapidly during production and cooled down slowly, which further enhances the stiffness of the glass. If there is damage to the windscreen caused by, for example, rock chippings, it will always be expressed in the form of an asterisk or crack. At first sight, such car window damage may not seem like a major problem, but when it is in the driver's field of vision, it is obvious that there are quite some risks involved

Damaged windscreen a problem for MOT?

A windscreen replacement of a SsangYong does not always need to happen immediately when there is an asterisk or a single crack. However, as a driver and owner of the car, it is always important to take a number of things into account. First of all, for example, damage found in the driver's field of view must always be resolved as quickly as possible. This is not least to ensure the safety of the vehicle's occupants, but also to prevent disapproval of the MOT. Doesn't the asterisk or crack immediately find itself in the driver's field of vision, so it isn't really obstructed while driving? In this case, you may choose to postpone the windscreen replacement of your SsangYong for a while. It must be said that this is not so sensible. After all, approximately 40 percent of the rigidity of the chassis is achieved by the windscreen in the car. As a matter of course, a damaged windscreen always compromises this stability.

A windscreen replacement of the SsangYong by an after market car window

As already mentioned, it is always a good idea to choose to replace your SsangYong windscreen with a copy that is designed for the after market. Contrary to what many people think, such automotive glass is as qualitative as the alternatives with a brand logo. We know this for sure because not only the factory in which they are made is the same, but also the production line. There can be no difference in quality between a new SsangYong windscreen designed for the after-market and a copy with a brand logo. However, you have to pay a considerable amount for the latter.

Windscreen replacement of your SsangYong by an experienced expert

Being able to buy a new SsangYong windscreen at a very low cost is of course particularly interesting, but there is more. It goes without saying that the damaged car window must also be removed and the new one must be installed. Here too, you can easily call on the services of Autoglas Concurrent. The windscreen replacement of a SsangYong is outsourced by us to one of our certified fitting partners, so you can be absolutely sure that the installation will be done as correctly and efficiently as possible. Do you not only want to buy a new SsangYong windscreen, but you also want to be sure that it is placed in optimal conditions? Then it may be clear that the windscreen replacement of your SsangYong by Autoglas Concurrent is undoubtedly a must.