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There is much uncertainty when it comes to windscreen replacement. Is replacing the windscreen mandatory for the MOT (Ministry of Transport; periodic vehicle inspection)? Is a car window with a brand logo better than a car window without a brand logo? And is it possible, for example, to start working on a windscreen replacement yourself? We will give you all the information you need to make a good choice and tell you how inexpensively the windscreen can be replaced. It really doesn't have to cost you the full pound when you choose after market windscreens when replacing the windscreen of your car.

Windscreen damage, and now?

Damage to the windscreen is annoying. Especially when the windscreen damage is in the driver's field of vision. However, a small asterisk does not always mean the end of the windscreen. Although competitors want to tell you that a crack or asterisk always leads to rejection at the MOT, this is not the case. In the case of damage to the windscreen in the driver's direct field of vision, the following is permitted:

  1. Discolouration and damage of less than 20 millimetres;
  2. Scratches of less than 5 millimetres;
  3. Single cracks without branching.

What is the direct field of vision at the MOT?

You can determine the direct field of vision of the driver in this way: you hold an A4 paper lying above the steering wheel. Everything behind the A4 paper is the driver's direct field of vision. Outside the direct field of vision, much more is permitted because it is less relevant to road safety as long as it remains within the standards.

When do I need a windscreen replacement?

Your windscreen consists of laminated glass. In concrete terms, this means that two layers of glass have been used with a layer of PVB film,
between them. This ensures that the window does not immediately crack or fall apart in case of damage. It also means that the windscreen can hardly be smashed because the window does not break further but remains stuck. Even when a huge sledgehammer is used, something the average burglar does not have with him:

This does not mean that the windscreen replacement is unnecessary when there is less damage in the windscreen. If the windscreen is damaged in the driver's view, there can be major risks if the windscreen suddenly starts to crack due to large temperature differences. In addition, certain windscreens are coated. This consists of a layer of aluminium powder. If moisture gets to the coating, it will oxidise. The result is a white-grey haze that can obscure vision and make ordering a new windscreen inevitable.

In case of larger windscreen damage, replacing the windscreen is by definition a good idea. The windscreen represents about 40% of the stiffness of the chassis. Only an intact windscreen can do this work, a larger crack in the automotive glass is not only ugly; it is also not good for safety in case of an accident.

Is my windscreen made of laminated glass?

All windscreens of current cars on the market are made of laminated glass. This is a legal requirement in terms of safety. The side and rear windows of the cars can be made of laminated glass, but usually consist of tempered glass because this is relatively cheaper and the side windows can be stored practically in emergency situations.

Can I do a car window replacement myself?

It could be a good idea to do a car window replacement yourself to save on costs. Especially when you are handy and regularly tinker with the car. Replacing side windows is certainly a job for someone who is not afraid of a challenge. However, replacing rear windows and windscreens is another story. This can be better done by the experts.

We don't say this because we would like to take over your work. You can only order a new windscreen from us without installation. Replacing the windscreen is work for specialists because a windscreen replacement:

  • Is not an easy job;
  • Not something you can do alone (certainly not with larger cars);
  • Precision work is and small mistakes can cause enormous damage to the car, yourself and other road users.

If the windscreen is not fitted properly, it can come loose when braking abruptly. If the windscreen is not properly sealed, moisture can enter the car in places that you cannot immediately see. As a result, moisture disrupts and damages the electronics, which increases the cost of the windscreen replacement. In addition, the interior can also become mouldy.

What is the price of a windscreen replacement?

There is no fixed price for replacing a windscreen. The price depends on the model of the car and the options, such as a rain sensor, camera or coating. The cost of a windscreen replacement at a brand dealer is by definition higher than the cost of a windscreen replacement with us. This has to do with the type of glass that is used, because in 99% of the cases it is the largest part of the price.

The automotive glass we have in stock for you is after market glass. This means that this automotive glass is made exactly according to the manufacturer's instructions, but that there is no brand logo on the glass. You do not need that either; the brand logo literally does nothing for you or your car. After market glass is made in the same factories, meets the same requirements and comes with a guarantee, just like branded glass. The big difference between brand glass and after market automotive glass? The price. The price of a windscreen replacement is immediately much lower when you choose an after market car window.

Are you curious how much you can save by opting for after market glass to replace the windscreen? Below we have made a small selection for windscreen replacement: prices including installation and delivery in the Netherlands:

Peugeot Partner from:

€ 339.00

Volkswagen Polo from:

€ 299.00

Renault Clio from:

€ 339.00

Opel Astra from:

€ 389.00

Replace the windscreen immediately

With us you choose what you want. Do you have the right knowledge and tools? Then you can only order a new windscreen and replace the windscreen yourself. It is also possible to order all mouldings so that you have everything in house immediately. All windscreens on the website can also be ordered including installation by professionals. During the ordering process you will immediately see the price of the windscreen with delivery and installation or only delivery without installation. If you choose delivery with installation, the windscreen will be placed by one of our certified fitting partners within three days so you never have to wait too long. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us by mail, telephone or chat. We are happy to help you!