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The windscreen replacement of your Renault for a limited price

No major accident at all is required to detect damage to your Renault windscreen. Damage to the windshield can also be caused by vandalism or what to think of, for example, rubble. Both options occur regularly in daily life and can cause your vehicle to be rejected for the MOT. For this reason, the windscreen replacement of your Renault is highly recommended as soon as possible. For many people, however, this is a thorn in the eye because they fear that there are very high costs involved. It is true that replacing a windscreen does indeed involve the necessary costs, but these do not always have to be drastic. As far as the windscreen replacement of a Renault is concerned, Autoglas Concurrent offers you a solution that will exceed expectations in terms of value for money.

The special properties of a windscreen

It is sometimes thought that all windows that are part of a car consist of the same type of glass. The opposite is true. The car windscreen is always made of laminated glass. This is special glass which consists of two different layers of glass. A PVB film
layer can be found between these glass layers. It is the function of this layer to ensure that the window does not splash into a thousand pieces in case of damage. The PVB film layer is double-sided adhesive, which makes it perfectly capable of keeping the glass together in case of damage.

In any case, it is always very important that the windscreen has the strongest possible properties. These properties are of course realised during the production process. During this process, the car window is heated very quickly and then cooled down slowly. As a result, the windscreen will have an enormous strength that will prevent it from splashing into countless pieces. This is the case, for example, for the side windows and for the rear window of the vehicle. With a few exceptions, it is therefore mainly the case that an asterisk can only be formed in the windscreen as a result of rubble.

Looking for a new Renault windscreen?

A windscreen replacement of a Renault can actually be done in two different ways. People often fail to take into account the fact that both a new windscreen with and without a brand logo can be chosen. At first glance, this may seem like only a small difference, but do not forget, the price difference between the two options is more than significant. A windscreen replacement of a Renault with a new car window without brand logo ensures that you can count on exactly the same quality, but without getting a sky-high price tag. This eliminates the need to wait any longer to restore your windscreen to prevent potentially dangerous situations.

Windscreen replacement of a Renault by an after-market car window

Buying a new Renault windscreen from Autoglas Concurrent ensures that you opt for a car window manufactured to the strictest European quality standards. In terms of quality and durability, they are therefore identical to the original car windows. The windscreen replacement of your Renault with a car window from us ensures that you have a windscreen produced in exactly the same factory and production line as the original car windows. The only difference lies in the fact that the brand logo is missing. Why that is? Very simple. In the first instance, only a brand dealer is allowed to sell a car window with a brand logo. The reselling of a car window with a brand logo is possible, but it actually makes the window unnecessarily expensive.

Windscreen replacement of your Renault by Autoglas Concurrent

Choosing to order a new Renault windscreen from Autoglas Concurrent gives you, as a customer, a number of very interesting advantages. As you have already read, the windscreen replacement of your Renault ensures that you are always assured of the best possible price-quality ratio. But that is not all. After all, the installation of your brand new windscreen is always carried out by certified fitting partners. This ensures that not only is the quality of the windscreen in perfect condition, but also that it is positioned in the best possible way. So do you really want to sleep with peace of mind when it comes to the new Renault windscreen? Then don't hesitate for a moment longer and choose to buy it and have it replaced by Autoglas Concurrent!