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Low-cost windscreen replacement for your Renault Espace

The Renault Espace is a special model. There is a lot to tell about it. Did you know, for example, that this was the first real MPV in Europe? Or that it didn't just become a Chrysler model, and that PSA rejected it because Peugeot had financial problems and couldn't or didn't want to take it into production? In the meantime, the Espace has become an unavoidable part of the streetscape. The model cannot be called spectacular, but it is functional, which is clearly visible in the sales figures. By mid-June 2020 more than 40,000 copies of this car, which has been placed in a niche segment, have already been sold.

Do you have a Renault Espace and do you need a windscreen replacement? On the after market you can find new windscreens for your Espace from €159. Before we look further into replacing the windscreen, let's take a look at this remarkable model that has a remarkable history.

Just no Chrysler and Peugeot's gaffe

The history of the Renault Espace begins at... Chrysler! The Dodge Ram van with extra seats was eagerly in demand in the United States, where larger families needed a larger car. That's why Chrysler started 'Project T-115', where a hundred designers were put on the drawing board. A very spacious car with lots of seats (MPV or minivan) had to be developed. This project resulted in the Dodge Caravan, which would become the first MPV in the United States. In 1988 this model came to Europe as Chrysler Voyager.

Pollock, a designer from England, saw the T-115 project and designed together with Matra Automobiles
a 7-seater from the Simca 1306. During development, however, Chrysler was sold to PSA
and Pollock ended up at Citroën. He continued to work on the project and came up with the P18 as the final design. Peugeot rejected the design, partly because the company had financial problems and really had to score; the management saw (completely unjustly) no future in the MPV. After the rejection, Matra entered into a partnership with Renault. Renault refined the design, arranged the distribution and marketing and delivered the complete powertrain. Production and development remained in Matra's own hands, mainly because Renault wanted to take the Espace into production, but did not expect miracles from the model.

The surprise of the 1980s: the first generation of the Renault Espace

The story of the Renault Espace becomes even more spectacular. Initially, Renault saw the Espace as a niche car and had Matra take care of the production. In 1984 the Espace came on the market. Less than 3,000 cars were sold, because the remarkable model first had to be appreciated; after all, there was not a single car that looked anything like the Espace. The following year sales increased sharply and less than three years after its launch, Renault had to make its own contribution to production, because Matra couldn't build enough models in a short time. The demand was many times greater than the supply at the dealers.

That it became a success was evident from the facelift in 1988. Renault hurried to replace the Simca parts, which had come with the first design, with their own parts. In 1991 the counter stood at almost 200,000 units. Renault had succeeded in creating a completely new market segment, in which it now had competition from the Chrysler Voyager.

Peugeot only entered the MPV market in 1994 with the Peugeot 806.

The second generation, now a Renault

In 1991 the second generation of the Renault Espace came on the market. Renault decided to take a thorough look at the design this time and made a real Renault of the J63, the type number of the second generation. The chassis remained the same.

Six years later, in 1997, the third generation came on the market. Again the model was thoroughly revised. The chassis was completely modified so that the engine could be placed across. The appearance of the Espace also became considerably more modern, by opting for more rounded forms. By the way, this is the first Espace generation with a steel bonnet.

The fourth generation: Renault takes over the reins

In the fourth generation (from 2003) Renault was involved from A to Z in production. The Espace was completely redeveloped, with a steel bodywork preferred by the French. The design is very similar to the design of the Renault Vel Satis and the Renault Avantime, all comparisons with the Simca disappeared. The production of the fourth generation was done by Renault itself.

The fifth generation of the Espace saw the light of day in 2014, but the original Pollock MPV is hard to find here. The Renault Espace V is a real crossover MPV with a wide range of engines.

An outing: have you ever driven 310 kilometres per hour with your Espace?

In 1994 Renault decided to build a very special model. The F1 department of Renault sat down with Matra to make the Renault Espace F1, with 820 bhp without a doubt the most sporty MPV ever made. A V10 engine and F1 technology made it a true monster, with speeds of up to 310 kilometres per hour no problem at all. Alain Prost, once an F1 driver, was involved in the development and perhaps that's why the V10 was chosen; it's the engine with which Prost beat Senna on the tracks a year earlier.

By the way, the F1 version has very little in common with the standard version of the Espace. The tailgate, rear lights and mirrors are identical, but apart from that there are more differences than similarities.

Below a taste sample of the Renault Espace F1. Turn on the sound when watching this video, to show this exceptional model off to its best advantage.

Has the Renault Espace been a success?

The Espace did not win the flag of Chrysler because the company was sold. PSA could not and did not want to take the Espace into production and with a long detour Pollock and Matra ended up at Renault. Renault underestimated the opportunities the MPV had, but soon realised that more attention had to be paid by Renault itself to make the model an even greater success. It resulted in the first MPV in Europe to create its own market segment, with which Renault made history.

More than 783,000 examples
of the Renault Espace have been sold in Europe between 1997 and 2019. To put the competitors we have discussed on this page aside: the Chrysler Voyager was sold 382,000 times
in Europe during the same time. The Peugeot 806, the model that came about 11 years late, just made it to a few thousand.

Does your Renault Espace windscreen need to be replaced?

Not every chip or glass breakage immediately means the windscreen needs to be replaced. However, in two cases, the Renault Espace windscreen must always be replaced: a chip with a diameter of at least 20 millimetres, or a branched crack in the driver's field of vision. This damage to the windscreen allows the driver to be distracted while driving, to lose visibility and to be blinded by the unpredictable reflection of incident light.

How much does a new windscreen for a Renault Espace cost?

A new windscreen for a Renault Espace has been available from €159 (1991-1996 model years, excluding delivery and fitting).  Low-cost automotive glass is always available on the after market. This automotive glass does not have a brand logo, so there is no dealer exclusivity. The price of the windscreen is therefore many times lower than the price of the automotive glass at your brand dealer, while the car window is otherwise identical. It is made in the same factories, with an identical production method.

Can I replace my Renault Espace windscreen myself?

We strongly advise against replacing the windscreen yourself. A side window replacement is usually possible if you have enough technical knowledge. Replacing the windscreen is an accurate job where the correct fitting prevents the windscreen from coming loose. Our certified fitting partners can replace the windscreen of your Renault Espace anywhere in the Netherlands and Belgium. For example, in the parking garage of the shopping centre, but also in the car park of the company where you work.

Have your Renault Espace windscreen replaced cost-effectively

Do you need to replace the windscreen of your Renault Espace? You can arrange everything with just a few clicks on our website. Find the windscreen that matches the model year of your Renault and choose to have it fitted and delivered. If you are a garage owner or have extensive experience in windscreen replacement, you can of course choose without fitting and/or delivery.

Can't find the right windscreen for your Renault Espace? Please contact us via the contact page so that we can help you find the best options for your car.