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Low-cost windscreen replacement for your Renault Kangoo

When the Renault Kangoo was launched on the market, the French were hoping for a sales success. That was what Renault needed, but it soon turned out that the Kangoo was not a suitable model for that. At an early stage the model became known for its Spartan interior, moderate steering characteristics and mopping road holding. With less than 24,000 units sold, the Kangoo clearly fell short in the Netherlands. Are you one of the owners of a Renault Kangoo and do you need a windscreen replacement? Then take a look at the after market, where automotive glass prices are surprisingly low.

Before we look at the prices of a car window replacement on location of your Renault Kangoo, we first look at this special model, where even an extensive facelift and a second generation did not turn the tide.

1997: the first generation of the Renault Kangoo

The Renault Kangoo was shown to the public in 1997. It became the successor to the Renault Express, and was immediately marketed as an extended van, a pick-up (for the Swedish and Dutch markets only) and even a four-wheel-drive model. A fairly broad launch, making it even more surprising that this model never managed to be a success.

In fact, the Renault Kangoo was already old-fashioned at the time of introduction. The interior was so bare and cold that it was called Spartan and problems with the heating and power steering were often heard at an early stage. It immediately became apparent that there was little interest in the Kangoo in the Netherlands. In the peak year (1999) just over 2,600 models were sold, which was less than half a percent of the total market share.

The facelift that had to save the Kangoo

In 2003 Renault introduced the facelift for the Renault Kangoo. A new front with a new grille and lamps and the logo stood out the most. However, it soon became apparent that the car journalists had few good words to say about it. Typical was the first review of Teknikens Värld (leading automotive website in Sweden). The facelift of the Kangoo was 'better, but still an unsightly cube can on wheels'.

It was striking that the facelift of the Kangoo was larger, with more room for luggage. New engines were also chosen, including the 105 hp with special particle filter
so that Renault could call it an environmental diesel.

Renault has partly implemented the criticism of the first generation in the facelift. Yes, a lot of hard plastic has still been used, but the interior of the facelift isn't really Spartan anymore. A striking fact about the facelift is that there were 4 versions on the market, of which only the most expensive can be sold in all countries. This is the only variant with side airbags, ESP and other safety features.

Second generation: much better and a direct competitor

In 2007 Renault launched a completely new Kangoo on the market. This time on the platform of the Renault Scenic (i.e. with double floor and much less noise pollution). Once again attention was paid to the interior, but this generation also had a hard time. On the one hand because comfort while driving was once again disappointing, on the other hand because there was a direct competitor: the Peugeot Partner (based on the Peugeot 308). Two striking models, because the number of similarities is greater than the differences between them. Incidentally, they both failed on the Dutch market.

The Renault Kangoo II was also released as a Z.E. (Zero Emission - electric) and Z.E.H2 (hydrogen car). But the best thing about the Renault Kangoo is probably that it is used as a Popemobile
on the Pope's country house.

When should the windscreen of the Renault Kangoo be replaced?

Windscreen damage is always annoying. But damage to the windscreen does not always mean that your car window needs to be replaced. If the car window is smashed, the side or rear window is usually in thousands of pieces. A side or rear window replacement is then the only option.

Is there any windscreen damage? Then it is a matter of determining the extent of the damage and where it is located. A windscreen never falls apart into thousands of pieces because these are two layers of glass with a layer of PVB film
to hold the windscreen together.

Do you have windscreen damage in the driver's field of vision? Then the windscreen of your Renault Kangoo must be replaced when one of the following cases applies to the windscreen damage:

  • It is a chip with a diameter of more than 20 millimetres
  • It is a branched crack

Only in these cases should the windscreen of your Renault Kangoo be replaced.In all other cases, you may continue to drive according to the guidelines of the RDW (Dutch National Road Administration). However, it is wise to keep an eye on the windscreen damage, as the windscreen can tear further.

Replace the windscreen of your Renault Kangoo with after market automotive glass

A new windscreen for your Renault Kangoo is not cheap, just like most car parts nowadays. If you ask your Renault dealer for a price, there is a good chance that you will have to swallow it when you see the quote. However, it can be much cheaper. Did you know that you already have a new windscreen for your Renault Kangoo for € 99 (built 1997-2008)?

This has nothing to do with the properties of the after market automotive glass. They are in fact identical to the properties of dealer windscreens. The big difference that makes the price difference is the brand logo that is in the windscreens of your Renault dealer. This brand logo is missing from Renault Kangoo's after market windscreens, mainly because it does nothing at all.

Get your Renault Kangoo windscreen replaced cheaply

If the windscreen of your Renault Kangoo needs to be replaced, it is best to leave this to an expert. On our website you can directly choose the right windscreen for your Renault Kangoo and order it including fitting. Are you a garage holder? Then you can also choose to order the windscreen without fitting. You can even pick up the windscreens on location if you wish.

Are you unable to find the right windscreen for your Renault Kangoo or would you like us to take a look with you in person? If so, please contact us so that we can assist you immediately.