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Windscreen replacement Asia, efficient and economical

Asia is a South Korean car brand. The cars of this brand were produced between 1965 and 1998 and were remarkably popular in various countries. Especially in Russia, they could not be conceived away from traffic. Cars of the Asia brand were also for sale on the Dutch market for some time, but they have become a real rarity in our country. Collectors still enjoy driving around with it and it is possible that damage to the windscreen may occur. Are you afraid that in this case you should immediately take into account a towering price for a new car window? This fear is absolutely unnecessary. By opting for an after-market car window at Autoglas Concurrent, you will have a brand new, high quality car window at a very attractive price.

The high cost of an original Asia windscreen

It is in principle still possible to buy an original windscreen Asia, partly because of the fact that the brand has been incorporated in Kia, but for such a car window you will have to pay very high costs. The high cost price associated with an original new Asia windscreen is caused by the presence of a brand logo. This brand logo ensures that original car windows of the brand can only be sold by a genuine brand dealer. This does not detract from the fact that it is possible to purchase second-hand windscreens for an Asia, but even then the price of an original copy is still much higher than an after-market car window.

Replace windscreen Asia with after-market model

Your Asia windshield replacement does not need to be done by means of an original one at all, you can also choose to use an after-market windshield. Choosing an after-market car window ensures that you are assured of exactly the same quality, but at a much more interesting price tag. This has everything to do with the fact that these windscreens do not have a brand logo. This does not detract from the fact that the car window in question was simply produced in the same factory and is also part of exactly the same production line. All this ensures that you can really count on exactly the same quality as with an original, new windscreen Asia.

When to replace your Aia windsceen?

Competitors will be happy to make you believe that in case of damage, you are always obliged to have the windscreen of your Asia car replaced. That is absolutely not the case. The fact that in the majority of cases there is no obligation to have your windscreen repaired does not make this uninteresting. A damaged windscreen can always reduce the safety of the occupants of the vehicle and can also cause unsafe situations on the road. What's more, a damaged windscreen doesn't look very nice at all, which makes you feel much less comfortable with your skin as a proud owner of an Asia. Please also note that your Asia windscreen replacement is required in certain cases, at least if you do not wish to be rejected for the MOT.

In the case of a damaged windscreen, you should always ask yourself whether the asterisk or chip can reduce the driver's view of the road or not. In other words, if the asterisk can be found in the driver's field of vision, a simple reflection of the sunlight can already cause him (or her) to be blinded with all the consequences that this entails. If damage is found to the driver's field of vision during an inspection for MOT, there is always a risk of rejection, which you will want to avoid. In this situation, replacing your windshield Asia is a real must.

Windscreen replacement Asia by Autoglas Concurrent

Being able to buy an interestingly priced new Asia windscreen is of course very interesting, but then you will have to find an expert who can replace the damaged Asia windscreen. That, of course, is not a problem either. For your windscreen, we at Autoglas Concurrent are replacing Asia with an certified fitting partner. By calling on such a specialist, it is possible to provide our customers with an excellent price-quality ratio, while you can get back on the road very quickly with your restored Asia. Do you have to replace your Asia windscreen? Do not hesitate any longer and choose to outsource this assignment to us from Autoglas Concurrent!