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Efficient windscreen replacement of your Mazda? No problem!

The Mazda brand is one of the largest Japanese car manufacturers. Not infrequently, more than 1.4 million of these vehicles are sold worldwide within a period of one year. It is striking that Mazda initially performed well on the Japanese market, but slowly but surely the European administrators were persuaded to give this price-quality excellent brand a chance. Are you also the proud owner of one of the different Mazda cars that have been launched on the market over the years? Have you had to deal with a damaged windscreen and are you looking for a cost-effective solution for your windscreen replacement for your Mazda? You will discover them in this article!

A rich and also long history

Many people who choose to buy a Mazda are of course unaware of the history of this car brand. Nevertheless, it is very significant. The origins of the Mazda brand date back to 1920. It was in this year that the Tokyo Cork Kogyo was founded in the Japanese Hiroshima. In 1931, the company was eventually renamed Mazda after which the first light van was produced. Meanwhile, cars such as the Mazda Demio, Premacy and of course the CX-5 appeal to the imagination.

Windscreen replacement of the Mazda in case of damage

When damage occurs to your Mazda windscreen, it is always important to have the damaged windscreen replaced as soon as possible. Despite the fact that a windscreen replacement of a Mazda is not always mandatory, it is advisable to do so. After all, the stiffness of a car's chassis is largely achieved by the glass that can be found in it. This also makes it interesting to have a windscreen replacement for your Mazda when the window damage is not in the field of vision. This is not, however, an immediate requirement for the audit for the MOT.

Many people think that when checking for MOT, their Mazda will automatically be rejected when an asterisk or crack in the windscreen can be noticed. This is not correct. The location of this window damage is of decisive importance in this respect. Is the asterisk or crack reflected in the driver's field of view? In that case, the MOTmaster concludes that there is a realistic risk of an accident with serious consequences. In this situation, the windscreen replacement of your Mazda for the MOT control is highly recommended.

Where does the low price for an after-market car window come from?

A windscreen replacement of a Mazda can be done in two different ways. You can choose to use an original car window, but it is also possible to buy a so-called after-market car window. In terms of quality, there is actually no difference between these two types of car windows. We can say this with certainty, because both the factory in which they are made and the production line are exactly the same. What exactly makes sure that the costs of the windscreen replacement of your Mazda with after-market automotive glass are so low? Very simple. When we start comparing original automotive glass with an after market copy, it can be established that the original is always provided with a brand logo. This logo ensures that it may initially only be sold by authorised dealers. The result of this is obviously a much higher price tag. Even a second-hand original Mazda windscreen is usually still more expensive compared to brand new after-market automotive glass.

The windscreen replacement of a Mazda by Autoglas Concurrent

The windscreen replacement of a Mazda must, as a matter of course, always be done by a reliable party. After all, the car windscreen is of crucial importance for the safety not only of you as a driver, but also of the other occupants. For this reason, the windscreen replacement of your Mazda at Autoglas Concurrent will always be carried out by one of our certified assembly partners. These highly motivated craftsmen already have an excellent experience and therefore have all the expertise required to replace the damaged windscreen of your car in an efficient and high quality way. All of this ensures that you will undoubtedly be the right place to change your Mazda windscreen at Autoglas Concurrent!