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Windscreen replacement of a Seat, economical and extremely fast

The Seat car brand, which belongs to the Volkswagen group together with Volkswagen and Audi, was founded in 1950. Today, Seat is a very popular car brand known for providing owners with excellent value for money. No matter how careful you drive with your Seat, there is always a chance that you will experience damage, for example, to the windscreen at some point. After all, damage caused by rubble can never be completely ruled out, on the contrary. Are you dealing with windscreen damage and would you like to have a windscreen replacement for your Seat? At Autoglas Concurrent, we make this possible at a very attractive price, while you can always enjoy the best possible quality at all times.

How to save on the windscreen replacement of your Seat?

If the windscreen of your Seat is damaged as a result of rubble, you will probably be sitting with your hands in the hair. Indeed, many motorists assume that buying a new Seat windscreen will cost a considerable amount of money. Fortunately, that does not have to be the case at all. The windscreen replacement of your Seat is possible in two different ways. You can initially choose to use an original car window with a brand logo, but it is perfectly possible to choose after-market vehicle glass. If you choose this last option, you will notice that you can save a lot on purchasing your brand new windscreen.

What exactly are after-market windscreens?

All nice and nice, but what exactly is the difference between original windscreens and after market windows? Outside the cost price, the only structural difference is the presence of the brand logo on original car windows. Many people think that after-market windscreens have a lower quality, but that is certainly not the case, on the contrary. The fact is that not only the factory, but also the production line of both types of windscreens is exactly the same. The only thing missing in windscreens for the after-market is the brand logo. Can you live with this and do you want to be sure of the best possible price-quality ratio for the new Seat windscreen? In that case, choosing after-market automotive glass is always an absolute must!

What makes windscreen replacement of a Seat so important?

There are many excellent reasons why it is so important to replace your Seat windscreen in case of window damage. First of all, windscreen replacement of a Seat is necessary when the damage is in the driver's field of vision. Not only does this logically create potentially dangerous situations while driving, but replacing the damaged car window is also necessary in order to pass the MOT. If the windscreen damage is outside the driver's field of vision, you may in some cases still be able to get rid of it for the MOT, but in this situation too it is strongly recommended to have the damage repaired. Not only does a damaged windscreen significantly affect the look and feel of your car, it also makes your Seat windscreen 40 percent of the rigidity of the chassis. Damage can jeopardize this stiffness, which is obviously not the intention!

A windscreen replacement of your Seat does not need to take long to complete

Do you need your car on a daily basis and fear that the windscreen replacement of your Seat will take a lot of time? This fear is nowhere to be feared. Autoglas Concurrent already makes it possible to replace your Seat windscreen within the period of one to two working days. This way, you never have to keep driving with window damage for a long time! Our mobile service throughout the Netherlands and Flanders makes it possible to leave your car stationary for a maximum of two hours when replacing your windscreen. On average, it takes about one hour to replace your broken car window, after which the car window glue needs to dry for at most one hour before you can start driving again with your Seat.

The expertise of an certified fitting partner

Having the opportunity to buy a new Seat windscreen at an affordable price is of course a good idea, but what exactly is the situation with the installation? The windscreen replacement of your Seat is always done with us by one of our certified assembly partners. This ensures that both the removal of the old and the new windscreen is always done in the most efficient and qualitative way. Here too, you also enjoy the best possible security. So does your Seat have a damaged windscreen and would you like to have it suitably replaced by a new, very high quality but also inexpensive windscreen?In that case, the choice to use the services of Autoglas Concurrent is definitely an absolute must!