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Windscreen replacement Seat Mii, the model that just failed

The Seat Mii is a popular model of the Spanish car manufacturer, with an average of 178 sales per month from 2012 to 2018 in The Netherlands. If you have this model, there is a chance that the windscreen of the Seat Mii needs to be replaced after windscreen damage. The windscreen replacement of a Seat Mii can be quite expensive when you are looking for a Seat Mii windscreen with a brand logo. It is wiser to look for a new windscreen for the Seat Mii at the after market. These windscreens are made in the same factories with the same quality requirements, but without a brand logo and that saves a lot of money. But what is so special about the Seat Mii and which models made the Seat Mii just under 1% of the market share in the top year 2013?

Seat Mii, Seat does focus on young people

Seat has long wanted to create the image that it is a car brand for the younger people. But with models like the Seat Arosa, Seat did not live up to its image. Until the successor for the Arosa was drawn. The Seat Mii was clearly a car that did think of the young people who live in the city and need a car for daily trips within the urban area. The Seat Mii was placed in a busy segment by Volkswagen AG-Groep. The Volkswagen group had already released the Volkswagen UP! together with the Skoda Citigo. Models of competitors that were at the same time for sale in the same market segment, are among others:

The Seat Mii came on the market at a time when demand for smaller cars was growing strongly. But the enormous supply ensured that in the successful year 2013 a market share of 'only' 0.9% was achieved. The most commonly chosen colours were white and black, which together accounted for two thirds of the sales.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Seat Mii

The Seat Mii became a counterpart of the more luxurious and expensive Volkswagen UP! But Seat did do a trick that not all buyers were happy with. The standard version of the Seat Mii was indeed much cheaper than the UP, but this version was so stripped down that there was not even power steering available. If you wanted a Seat Mii that was fully equipped, including power steering which was already a standard requirement in those days (also for cars in the lower market segment), then the price was still around the price of the UP!

The advantage of the small Seat was the relatively large legroom on the back seat and the loading space. No less than 251 litres with the back seat up and a spacious 951 litres with the seats folded. In addition, the efficient start-stop system resulted in a fuel consumption of only 1:18, a ratio with which the Seat Mii could easily compete with the competition at that time.

A disadvantage of the Seat Mii, where it looks like a mistake was made by the designers, is that the right window cannot be operated by the driver while driving. There is no button on the driver's side that can be used to operate this window. This too has left a mark on the sales, which nevertheless amounted to more than 3,500 in 2013. By way of comparison: the Volkswagen UP! was sold more than 16,000 times in 2013 and therefore had a market share of almost 4%. This is partly due to the name recognition of Volkswagen, but can also be explained by the much stronger turbo engine in the Volkswagen which was a fraction more expensive in price than the Seat Mii. Not necessary in the city, but outside the city still very practical on the provincial roads and highways throughout the country.

Windscreen replacement of the Seat Mii

The Seat Mii is one of the better Seat models, especially for safety and comfort. It is a strong addition to the portfolio of Seat in which names such as Seat Altea, Seat Ibiza and Seat Leon have taken a strong position in the European market. Finding spare parts for your Seat Mii is in most cases a piece of cake. A lot of spare parts have been sold in Europe and that means that there is also a big after market with cheaper parts than the original Seat parts themselves. This also applies to replacing the car windows: a cheap car window is easy and quick to order.

There are many ways you can get window damage in your Seat Mii:

  1. Burglary in the car;
  2. Storm damage;
  3. Spraying stones and other debris while driving;
  4. Parking damage;
  5. Barriers, swans and other heavy objects.

If you want a windscreen replacement with the cheapest windscreen on the market, it may not seem like an attractive idea. But when it comes to a Seat Mii windscreen replacement, the story is slightly different. The windscreens that are made with a brand logo are by definition at the price. When you choose after market windscreens for the Seat, the price is much lower. The quality requirements are the same, the production process is the same: only the brand logo is missing so you can immediately save on the costs of the windscreen replacement of your Seat Mii.

There are 5 windscreens available for the Seat Mii: a windscreen with bottom moulding for € 149, a windscreen with top and bottom moulding for € 159, a windscreen with camera and bottom moulding costs € 159, a windscreen with camera and top and bottom moulding costs € 179 and a windscreen with camera and rain sensor costs € 279.

Windscreen Seat Mii bottom moulding

€ 149.00

Windscreen Seat Mii with top and bottom moulding

€ 159.00

Windscreen Seat Mii with camera and bottom moulding

€ 159.00

Windscreen Seat Mii with camera and top and bottom moulding

€ 179.00

Windscreen Seat Mii with camera and rain sensor

€ 279.00

Seat Mii windscreen replacement: do it yourself or outsource?

Window damage in the windscreen of your Seat Mii often requires replacing the windscreen, especially when it is no longer a small asterisk but a real crack. Quick action ensures that there is no more damage to the car. You can choose to replace the windscreen of your Seat Mii with an after market car window that you assemble yourself. If you order the new windscreen from us, you can simply indicate during the ordering process that you want to install the windscreen yourself. Are you handy, do you have enough covered space so you can work dry and can you find someone to assist you, then this is certainly an option.

However, do you not have the time or do you not know how to do the windscreen replacement of a Seat Mii exactly? Then you can also just contact us. You then indicate when ordering that you want the windscreen for your Seat Mii delivered with installation. Our certified fitting partners will be happy to take the assembly off your hands. Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Mail or call us today so we can immediately help you with new car windows for your Seat Mii.