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Windscreen replacement Seat Altea at low cost

The Spanish car brand Seat has been popular for a long time. This brand is known for the excellent price-quality ratio and the often reasonable sporty appearance of the cars. One of the Seat models sold between 2004 and 2015 was the Seat Altea. This compact MPV was a great success in its class and there are still quite a few of it around. If you have this car in your possession and you want to replace the Seat Altea windscreen, it is important not to have it done at the main price at a brand dealer. The windscreen replacement of the Seat Altea can be at considerably lower prices if you choose to buy the car window through us. In this article we will tell you more about it, but not before we dive into the history of Seat and the Seat Altea.

Seat founded after the Second World War

Many of the still well known European car brands have their origins around the turn of the twentieth century. The automotive industry then began to flourish and several brands were involved in the production of these vehicles from the very beginning. This does not apply to the Spanish Seat. Until the 1950s, no major national car brands were produced here. The whole car market was actually negligible. In order to stimulate the fragile economy and to reduce Spain's dependence on other countries for car production, a number of banks came up with the idea of starting a car make in 1940. Because the Second World War broke out and Spain was in ruins just after the civil war, the plan was postponed, but certainly not forgotten. In 1950 the time was ripe to establish Sociedad Espanola de Turismo, S.A. and SEAT was born.

Fiat at the basis of success Seat

Although Seat's aim was to stimulate the national economy and to spread the knowledge and skills of car making in Spain, the ministers realised that this could not be done without outside help. Talks were held with Fiat and Volkswagen to join as a partner. In the end, it was Fiat that was chosen. The first cars made by Seat were rebadged versions of Fiat models. In addition, in the early years, parts produced outside Spain were still widely used. The biggest success was with the Seat 600,
a rebadged version of the Fiat 600.
This car was sold very much and still symbolises the resurgence of the Spanish economy.

Switch from Fiat to Volkswagen

Although Seat soon became the market leader in its own country, a dispute arose with Fiat. In 1982, this led to the termination of the contract between the companies. Volkswagen, which had been interested in becoming a partner of Seat from the early days, saw its chance clean. In 1983, Seat and Volkswagen became partners. This would be of great benefit to both car brands. Seat was able to base cars on Volkswagen models. In addition, they were granted the distribution rights for Volkswagen in Spain and cars of both makes were produced in the same factories. Moreover, since 1985 Seat has slowly but surely also conquered the rest of Europe. This was reason enough for Volkswagen to take over the Spanish company in stages. In 1986 Volkswagen first bought 51% and later 75% of the shares. In 1990, this became 99.9%, which made Seat an effective subsidiary of Volkswagen since that year.

The versatile Seat Altea

In 2004, the MPV Seat Altea was launched on the market. A handy feature of this car is that it is suitable for many different purposes. It can comfortably accommodate five people and the big difference with many competing models is that the Seat Altea has a sporty look. By offering the car also with a relatively strong engine, it was also for lovers of faster cars a suitable compromise between a sporty vehicle and a family car. The name is, as with almost all recent models of Seat, derived from a place in Spain, in this case the city of Altea.
The fact that Seat is part of the Volkswagen Group can also be clearly seen in the Seat Altea. The car was made on the Volkswagen Group A5 platform
and is strongly related to various other models made within the Volkswagen Group. These are the ones, for example:
  1. Audi A3
  2. Seat Toledo
  3. Volkswagen Golf
  4. Volkswagen Touran
  5. Skoda Octavia

In addition to the normal Seat Altea, the Seat Altea XL was also sold from 2006 onwards. This model is about twenty centimetres longer and has therefore mainly a larger boot. Furthermore, there were relatively few differences between the two cars. Although the Seat Altea was sold well and was one of the top three Seat models for a long time, the production stopped in 2015. Seat also jumped on the trend that fewer and fewer people want an MPV and prefer a (compact) SUV. The Seat Alteca has been the SUV successor of the Seat Altea since 2016.

When do you need to replace the Seat Altea windscreen?

Replacing the front window of your Seat Altea is not immediately necessary if there is a minor damage. As long as, for example, an asterisk is involved, it is possible to repair it if it is smaller than three centimetres in diameter. If there is a small single crack in the windscreen that is not in the driver's direct view, you can continue driving your car. However, the windscreen replacement of the Seat Altea is necessary when it is a larger star, or when it is a multiple crack or crack in the direct view of the driver.

Replacing the windscreen of the Seat Altea is necessary because, among other things, the stiffness of the car window has been affected. This rigidity ensures part of the safety of the occupants in the event of an accident. A crack can cause the occupants not to be optimally protected. In addition, light from the sun's rays or headlights from oncoming vehicles can reflect into the driver's eyes. This can lead to dangerous situations. In that case, choose to quickly replace the windscreen of the Seat Altea.

Windscreen replacement of a Seat Altea at a competitive price

The windscreen replacement of the Seat Altea can of course be done by a brand dealer. Here, however, are the new windscreen costs significantly higher than actually needed. This is because brand dealers have the exclusive right to sell car windows with a brand logo. They therefore ask more for the replacement of the Seat Altea windscreen. Fortunately, it is possible to buy after market automotive glass through us. This allows you to replace the Seat Altea windscreen at a much lower cost, while the quality of the car windows is exactly the same as you will find at a brand dealer. Due to the absence of a brand logo on the after market car windows, several parties can offer this automotive glass. More competition will of course result in a more advantageous price for you.

The 4 most common windscreens for the Seat Altea are priced as follows: a standard windscreen without options costs € 149, a windscreen with rain sensor costs € 159, a windscreen with blue sun shade band costs € 169 and a windscreen with rain sensor and blue sun shade band costs € 179.

Windscreen Seat Altea

€ 149.00

Windscreen Seat Altea with rain sensor

€ 159.00

Windscreen Seat Altea with sun shade band

€ 169.00

Windscreen Seat Altea with rain sensor and sun shade band

€ 179.00

It is also possible here to order the necessary car window and related products, such as rubbers and frames, if you are going to replace the car window yourself. If you don't have this knowledge in-house and want to outsource the job to professionals, our certified partners will be happy to assist you. They even come to the location of your Seat Altea to replace the windscreen. In that case too, the rates are very favourable for you. So order today the windscreen replacement for your Seat Altea!