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Windscreen replacement of your Seat Exeo at attractive prices

The Seat Exeo is in many ways the new showpiece of Seat. With the arrival of the Exeo, it was once again shown that the Spanish car manufacturer has taken a new direction. The path of the dynamic, young motorist who wants a car that stands out and performs. In 2010 alone, 24,000 cars were sold on the European market. Do you need a windscreen replacement for your Seat Exeo after glass damage? Then first look at the possibilities that the after market offers. We explain the difference between a branded Seat car window and an after market windscreen for the Seat Exeo, after looking at this model itself, from Spain.

Seat Exeo: the new path of the Spaniards reconfirmed

It took Seat a long time to solve the problems that had accumulated during the days of Franco.
The deflected takeover by Fiat, the backlog in all areas (financial, technological and market share) and the uninspiring models made it look dark for the car manufacturer from Spain. The takeover by Volkswagen did not immediately bring the necessary turnaround. Substantial investments and modernisations were the basis of the developments, but were followed by weak models that were seen as mediocre and stripped down copies of the Volkswagen models themselves. The Seat Toledo floped, but eventually became the basis of the Exeo which scored a lot better.

The Seat Exeo, for the modern motorist

The Seat Exeo is a dynamic and modern car. Despite the leap forward this model is still called the 'old Audi A4' by critics. This is a little bit justified: the Seat Exeo was designed based on the Audi A4 B7, but Seat first made 500 changes before the model was introduced on the market. The windscreen has remained the same and this offers the advantage that the Seat Exeo windscreen can also be replaced with a windscreen of an Audi A4. The Seat Exeo was first shown to the public in 2008 and would go into production a year later, in Seat's own factories in Spain. The biggest changes compared to the Audi A4 were made in terms of the engine range and a different front and rear so that the Exeo would belong entirely in the portfolio of Seat and would no longer strongly resemble the Audi. Different variants were made of the Exeo (in sedan and station versions). The most famous ones are:

  1. Seat Exeo Reference
  2. Seat Exeo Stylance
  3. Seat Exeo Sports
  4. Seat Exeo ST

The importance of the Seat Exeo for Seat itself

The Seat Exeo was not a technological masterpiece. It was not a model that the newspapers would write about for months. That was not possible: this model, based on the old Audi, had difficulty distinguishing itself from its competitors in the same market segment. The Skoda Octavia and the Audi 4 itself, both also from the Volkswagen AG group,
as well as the Renault Laguna and Alfa Romeo 159 are four of the many strong competitors of the Seat Exeo. For Seat, however, this model became an important move.

Seat found a connection with the target group it had in mind. Among other things by making the Exeo suitable for the dynamic rider, but at the same time installing a start-stop system with an eye on fuel consumption and environmentally friendly driving. Seat also started working with information systems, provided more comfort in the car and developed a way to make steering behaviour more precise. Something that suits younger and dynamic motorists. Where Seat would have stopped doing this in the past, the Exeo continued. In the standard version you will find, among other things:

  • Seven airbags
  • ESP
  • ABS
  • Automatic tyre pressure monitoring

With the options, Seat's trickbox opened even further and borrowed it clearly from Volkswagen. Like the optional bi-xenon headlights that have a dynamic cornering function so you can always see where you are driving, instead of having light in front of the car. Leather seats were also optional, just like a complete DVD/navigation system built into the interior of the car itself.

Seat did not bring any new innovations or technologies to the market with the Seat Exeo. All features of the car had already been used by other car manufacturers. The Seat Exeo was Seat's signal to the market that it was also able to make cars for the modern market. Nevertheless this model of Seat also floped in the Netherlands. Less than 2000 models were sold until the moment the model was taken out of production in 2013. That is poignant when these figures are put next to the sales figures of the Seat Ibiza (more than 140.000), the Seat Leon (more than 60.000) and the Seat Cordoba (more than 33.000).

After the Seat Exeo, Seat has decided to change tack with the SUV versions that have to be more in line with the European market. The Seat Tarraco and Seat Arona SUV should strengthen Seat's market share together with the Seat Ateca.

Windscreen replacement of your Seat Exeo

The big advantage of the Seat models is that there are many parts to be found on the after market, also new. Most of the models made by the Volkswagen Group have been sold tens of thousands of times within Europe, making it interesting for the manufacturers of car parts to start working with them. That makes repairing your Seat Exeo in most cases very affordable.

But what about glass damage in the windscreen? An asterisk can often still be repaired, but when automotive glass repair is no longer possible, then the possibilities of car window replacement should be considered. Here too, the after market offers attractive possibilities. What does a Seat Exeo windscreen cost when you choose a branded windscreen with a brand logo for your car? And what does a car window cost when you choose an after market car window without a brand logo? The price difference can be enormous, while there is actually no difference at all between the different car windows. Windscreen replacement of the Seat Exeo is therefore possible at attractive prices when you choose our car windows that are made in the same factories as the branded automotive glass, with the same high requirements but for a much lower amount.

It is not possible to indicate directly how much a new windscreen costs for a Seat Exeo, because there are different prices depending on the options in the window. A windscreen with or without sun shade band will cost € 159, while a purple coated windscreen with rain sensor and sun shade band will cost € 299. Check the table for all available windscreens.

Windscreen Seat Exeo

€ 159.00

Windscreen Seat Exeo with sun shade band

€ 159.00

Acoustic windscreen Seat Exeo

€ 179.00

Acoustic windscreen Seat Exeo with rain sensor and sun shade band

€ 199.00

Purple coated windscreen Seat Exeo with rain sensor and sun shade band

€ 299.00

Optional fitting on-site

€ 100.00 (NL) - € 130.00 (BE)

In addition, you are in complete control with us. Do you know how to replace the windscreen of a Seat Exeo and do you have the time and space? Then order a Seat Exeo windscreen without installation and go to work yourself. However, do you not know how a windscreen replacement of a Seat Exeo should be done, do you not have the time or just no interest to replace the windscreen yourself? Then order the windscreen including installation. Our certified assembly partners will come to you for replacing the windscreen of your Seat Exeo. Whatever option you choose, within 1 to 3 working days we will ensure that the car window is delivered after which you can safely take part in traffic again. Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Then contact your specialist in the field of automotive glass today.