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Do you want a cheap windscreen replacement of a Seat Alhambra?

The largest car that the Spanish car brand Seat originally sells is the Seat Alhambra. This so-called multi-purpose vehicle can easily transport a large family and is therefore very functional. When you are in possession of this car it may unfortunately be necessary to have a windscreen replacement of the Seat Alhambra, if for example an accident has occurred. Due to rubble, a collision or vandalism, the Seat Alhambra windscreen replacement can become a necessity. When more than one asterisk is involved, replacing the front window is something that needs to be done quickly if you want to get back on the road with optimal protection. Many people think that this intervention is always expensive. However, we make sure that the prices are as low as possible. You can read more about it here after we have gone into the history of Seat and the special model Seat Alhambra.

Seat founded in 1950

Although Seat is now a renowned brand mainly in Europe, it has not existed for as long as many of the other car companies. Around the turn of the last century, car brands such as Peugeot, Volkswagen, Mercedes and Opel were already being set up. It was not until 1950 that the Sociedad Espanola de Automoviles de Turismo (SEAT) was created in Spain. What is special is that the State was closely involved in the establishment. In many countries, this would no longer be possible or desirable at the moment, but in those years it was a widely used method in Spain to pull the economy out of the doldrums.

The problem in Spain in those years was that both the civil war and the Second World War had brought the country to a practically standstill. The original idea to set up a new national car company dates back to 1940, but due to various internal struggles this did not happen at first. Six different banks joined and an alliance was formed with Fiat, Italy, which made it possible to establish Seat officially in 1950. The alliance was a necessary evil for the Spanish founders, who preferred to keep everything in Spanish hands. However, the technological gap in Spain and the lack of experience in the automotive sector meant that an external partner was unavoidable.

First cars and the success of the Seat 600

In 1953, Seat's first car rolled off the tyre in Barcelona. This Seat 1400
was a beautiful car, but actually a bit too luxurious and expensive for the purpose of the car company. This was to provide the large internal market with affordable, reliable and, above all, Spanish-produced cars. This goal of stimulating the Spanish economy was also attempted by, among other things, making all the parts of the Seat cars in a Spanish factory.
All the cars produced until 1975 were rebadged models of partner Fiat due to the technological backwardness of Seat. An important milestone in the history of Seat is the Seat 600,
which was made between 1957 and 1973. This car was, of course, a rebadged version of the Fiat 600.
Because the car was affordable and in that period the Spanish economy started to recover, it became a huge success and even a symbol of the economic revival of the country. For many people, it was their first car ever and it meant improved mobility, which in turn led to more economic growth. Moreover, the production of this car in particulary led to Seat becoming the market leader in Spain as early as 1967, only fourteen years after they produced their first car.

Separation from Fiat and takeover by Volkswagen

Around 1980, Seat needed a lot of investment. Partner Fiat proved unwilling or unable to do so. After many discussions, it was decided to end the collaboration in 1982. The cooperation of more than thirty years had brought many benefits to both companies, but turned out to be no longer desirable. What is special is that at that time the German Volkswagen group entered Seat quite quickly. This is special because it was also Fiat's main competitor in order to become Seat's partner in the first place. In those early years, the Spanish chose the Italian company, but it could just as well have become Volkswagen.

In 1982 VW and Seat concluded an agreement. This not only resulted in substantial investments, but also in Volkswagen models being made in the Spanish plants of Seat. There were many benefits for both parties. Moreover, in 1986 VW chose to take over 51% of the shares of Seat. In December 1990 Volkswagen eventually acquired 99.9% of the shares and since then the Spanish car brand has been entirely German owned.

The Seat Alhambra

A direct result of Volkswagen's acquisition of Seat is the development and production of the Seat Alhambra. This large MPV is for a very large part the same as the Volkswagen Sharan and the Ford Galaxy. The Sharan and Galaxy were launched in 1995, a year earlier than the Seat Alhambra. However, the Seat has a lot more options than the other two models. For example, the car has seven seats that can be used in different configurations. Because many parts are shared, the windscreen of a Seat Alhambra can be replaced with the car windows of these other models.

The first model of the Seat Alhambra was made from 1996 to 2010. Because the Volkswagen Sharan and the Ford Galaxy were also made in the same factory in Portugal and these cars are so similar, they are also known by the combined name 'Shalambraxy'. From 2010 to the present day, the second generation of the Seat Alhambra is available. Incidentally, it does not matter which generation you own. Replacing your Seat Alhambra windscreen and also the rear window replacement of your Seat can in all cases be done at a low cost through us.

Low prices for the windscreen replacement of your Seat Alhambra

The prices we offer our customers are considerably lower than what a brand dealer asks for for the car window replacement. This is because brand dealers do not have competition in this area. Only they are initially allowed to sell car windows with a brand logo on them. As a result of this monopoly, brand dealers are charging higher prices than are actually necessary.

Through us, you can replace the Seat Alhambra windscreen at a lower price, thanks to the after market car windows we offer. These car windows are of exactly the same high quality and come from the same factory as automotive glass with a brand logo. However, in the absence of this logo, they may also be sold by non-brand dealers. This makes it possible to replace the windscreen of your Seat Alhambra more cheaply.

We are often asked 'what does it cost to replace a car window'? Unfortunately, it is difficult to answer this question. This is because it can vary considerably per brand as well as per model. The presence or absence of various options determines, among other things, the price. These include cameras, tinted windows or heaters and sensors in the car window. However, in all cases you will find lower prices here than at a brand dealer. A few examples:

For the Seat Alhambra from 2010 onwards a windscreen without options is available for € 179, a windscreen with heating and rain sensor costs € 379 and a windscreen with camera and rain sensor costs € 399. Is the Seat Alhambra produced from 2000 till 2006, then there is already a windscreen without options available for € 129.

Windscreen for:



Seat Alhambra, from 2000 to 2006

no options

€ 129.00

Seat Alhambra, from 2010 onwards

no options

€ 179.00

Seat Alhambra, from 2010 onwards

heating and rain sensor

€ 379.00

Seat Alhambra, from 2010 onwards

camera and rain sensor

€ 399.00

Do you want to do the windscreen replacement of the Seat Alhambra yourself or do outsource it?

Unlike many other suppliers of automotive glass, we give you the opportunity to replace the windscreen of your Seat Alhambra yourself. Simply order the car windows you need and add the appropriate rubbers and lists. Fast delivery allows you to get started quickly to make sure you can get back on the road safely.

It is of course also possible to involve our certified assembly partners. They even come on location for the windscreen replacement of your Seat Alhambra and do this for a very attractive price. In both cases, you can count on our low prices, so order the new windscreen for your Seat Alhambra today.