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Cheap windscreen replacement of your Seat Inca

In the period between 1995 and 2003 no less than 115,000 copies of the Seat Inca were made and sold. However, the Seat Inca relies heavily on the Volkswagen Caddy, the model of Volkswagen, the owner of Seat. The Seat Inca was not followed by a similar model. It would be the end of an era after which Volkswagen decided to drastically change the direction at Seat, which was more than necessary to save the Spaniards. However, there are still several copies of the Seat Inca in traffic present in the Netherlands. We tell you more about the history and explain how the windscreen replacement of a Seat Inca can be cheaper, by choosing an after market windscreen.

Seat Inca, the end of an era

Seat has had problems for a long time that originally came from the time when the car manufacturer made cars under the dictatorial regime of Franco. Seat's financial problems were so great that Fiat cancelled a takeover when it saw the figures. The problems continued to accumulate, the technological backlog and the 'boring' models did not hit the European market. The acquisition by Volkswagen did not immediately change this. A lot was invested, but no real innovations were made. The Seat Toledo was the first model made under the flag of Volkswagen and was a model that floped.

Volkswagen continued to mirror the models of Seat to its own models. The Volkswagen Lupo was translated to the Seat Arosa, the Volkswagen Sharan became a Seat Alhambra and the Volkswagen Caddy would be converted to the Seat Inca. The Seat Inca was not a great success and would eventually not be followed by a model from a similar series. Volkswagen decided after the disappointing results to give Seat a new image by focusing on smoother and sportier models to better connect with the young and dynamic drivers.

The Seat Inca, just not a copy of the Caddy

A good question for your next birthday party could be what exactly is the difference between a Seat Inca and a Volkswagen Caddy. There are only two real differences between these cars, the first difference can be called obvious:

  1. The Seat Inca has a different brand logo and name than the Volkswagen Caddy;
  2. The Seat Inca and Volkswagen Caddy have a different grille on the front of the car.

It can also be approved that the Volkswagen Caddy was succeeded (albeit by a new generation that is still in production at this moment). However, there are several versions made of the Seat Inca. The biggest differences can be found in the engines used to equip the car. The Inca was available with a 1.4 or 1.6 petrol engine and with the 1.9 diesel engine which was also used in the Volkswagen Polo and Volkswagen Golf.

There are also two striking variants. The first is the standard version with only two side windows, one for the driver and the second for the co-driver. The other version also has windows on the back and is called the five-person 'Ludospace'. 'Ludospace' is not a Seat brand name or type name, it is the name for a van with windows on the back where passengers can be transported. Other cars that fall into this category include the:

The blow to Seat and Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Caddy became a distinct success and sold well in the Netherlands as well. The Seat Inca proved totally unsuitable for the Dutch market: the Seat Inca became Seat's worst selling model ever in the Netherlands. It did not even come close to the sales figures of for example the Seat Leon or the Seat Ibiza. When you look at the second hand car market, you will see a striking number of examples of the Seat Inca that are still well passed the car inspection. The particularly disappointing sales figures caused Volkswagen to decide to change course at Seat. The Seat Inca nevertheless remained in production until 2003.

The after market for the Seat Inca

The advantage of the Seat models is that there is a big after market, as is the case with Volkswagen. Since the parts of the Inca are interchangeable with those of the Caddy, it is even easier to find parts and repair your car. This also applies to the car windows: the windscreen replacement of a Volkswagen Caddy with a windscreen of the Inca and vice versa is no problem. You can also keep the prices of car windows as low as possible by not choosing the car windows with brand logo.

For the Seat Inca from 1996 to 1999 there is already a new windscreen for € 109 without installation and € 209 with on-site installation, a new windscreen for the Seat Inca from 1993 to 1996 costs € 119 without installation and € 229 with on-site installation.

Windscreen Seat Inca, mirror bracket at 4 cm height

€ 119.00

Windscreen Seat Inca, mirror bracket at 14 cm height

€ 109.00

Windscreen Seat Inca, mirror bracket at 14 cm height, with sun shade band

€ 129.00

Optional fitting on-site

€ 100.00 (NL) - € 130.00 (BE)

The windscreens of a Seat Inca with a brand logo are by definition more expensive than those suitable for a Seat Inca without a brand logo. However, there is no difference in quality. The car windows are made in the same factories and must meet the same requirements. However, if you opt for an after market windscreen when your Seat Inca windscreen needs to be replaced, you can make considerable savings.

This is especially practical if you do not want to pay too much and/or if you only have a third party insurance. When you only have a third party insurance, outsourcing the car window replacement and not paying any deductible is not an option: you cannot use the insurance at all. However, if you choose an after market windscreen for your Seat Inca, the competitive rates will keep it affordable and attractive.

Windscreen replacement for your Seat Inca

With the right knowledge, a Seat Inca windscreen replacement is something you can do yourself. What you need at least is:

  1. enough (dry) workspace with space on either side of the car;
  2. enough time to start working quietly with the installation of your new Seat Inca windscreen;
  3. the right tools (clips and rubbers can be ordered directly from us).

On our website you can choose to have a new Seat Inca windscreen delivered without installation. As the option suggests, you will receive the window so you can replace the windscreen of your Seat Inca yourself.

However, do you not have enough time, space, knowledge or just no interest in doing the windscreen replacement of your Seat Inca yourself? Then choose delivery including installation. Our certified assembly partners will be happy to visit you to install the new windscreen in your Seat Inca.

Whatever option you choose, within 1 to 3 working days you will have the new windscreen for the Seat Inca, with or without installation. Do you have any questions or do you need help ordering the right windscreen for your Seat? Please contact our customer service so that we can help you immediately.