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Windscreen replacement of your Seat Toledo

The Seat Toledo was the first Seat which was completely made under the flag of the Volkswagen AG-group. Although four generations were introduced to the market, none of the models was the success that was hoped for. Do you have a Seat Toledo with window damage and do you need a windscreen replacement for your Seat Toledo? You can replace it yourself or outsource the work. Whatever you choose: an after market windscreen for a Seat Toledo is an attractive choice. We would like to explain about the how and why after we have discussed the history of this model. Why is it that the Seat Toledo never really got off the ground?

Seat, a manufacturer with real problems

The failure of the Seat Toledo has to do with many factors. One of the biggest factors is the image problem Seat had to deal with. Seat, once a car manufacturer for the masses under the dictatorship of Franco,
appeared after the fall of the dictator to be in a much worse position than was thought. In fact, it was so bad that Fiat defied the planned takeover. The legal proceedings resulted in a commitment by Fiat to purchase Seat models for export for a number of years in a row. However, Seat left a considerable image problem to the whole situation. The cars were called the successors of the Fiat models and that was not a good starting point. In addition, the unhealthy economic situation of the company became increasingly acute.

Seat tried to maintain its image as a manufacturer for all people, especially the younger generation, but did not succeed in making models that fitted in with this. It was ultimately Volkswagen that had to bring the rescue. It became a long road of renewal, renovation and investments that ran into billions of euros. The Seat Toledo became the first model that was made under the strong shoulders of Volkswagen. However, it did not help, because the image of Seat remained dusty. Nevertheless, the Seat Toledo was the beginning of the turnaround since from this the Seat Leon would be further developed.

Yet the problems at Seat lasted longer than expected. From time to time the models simply leaned too heavily on the Volkswagen counterparts. The Seat Inca was for example a copy of the Volkswagen Caddy and the Seat Alhambra is not much more than the stripped down Volkswagen Sharan, just like the Seat Arosa and the Volkswagen Lupo have more similarities than differences. Seat wants to reduce the sporty character of the cars in the offer, but has to do with a management that imposes certain models on Seat that have to be made and sold. Making the models is not the problem, selling is where the problems arise for the Spanish car manufacturer and that became clear again and again until the more recent models developed and produced by Seat for the European market.

Four generations of the Seat Toledo

Thé Seat Toledo does not exist. There are four generations and a facelift and all models have different characteristics which makes them different from each other. The similarity between all models is that they are not made in Spain. The Seat Toledo models come from the factories of Skoda in the Czech Republic. Another agreement is that these models never became real sales successes, unlike models from the Seat Leon and Seat Ibiza line.

First generation 1991-1999: the first car under the VW flag

In 1991 the first Seat Toledo was presented. It was the first Seat car to be completely made under the Volkswagen flag and that would finally shake Seat off the long history with the Fiat image. Volkswagen bought in from the Spanish car manufacturer in 1982, but took a few years to reorganize and build up the shareholding to 100%. The Seat Toledo became a middle class car and was placed on the market just above the Seat Malaga
and Seat Córdoba.

A facelift was given to the model in 1995. The choice was mainly made for a stronger engine. The range was also made as wide as possible for anyone interested in the Seat Toledo. The seven versions were the:
  1. Seat Toledo E
  2. Seat Toledo SE
  3. Seat Toledo SXE
  4. Seat Toledo Dream
  5. Seat Toledo Magnum
  6. Seat Toledo Magnum Luxe
  7. Seat Toledo Sport

Second generation 1999-2004: competitor in its own market

The second generation of the Seat Toledo was launched in 1999 and was a direct competitor to other Volkswagen models, including the Skoda Octavia and the Volkswagen Bora. The dashboard of this Seat Toledo was derived from the dashboard of the Audi A3. The second generation of the Toledo would be the ultimate precursor of the Seat Leon, a model that scored considerably better on the European market.

Third generation 2004-2009: a complete failure of Seat

The third generation of the Seat Toledo is one of the most discussed variants of the Toledo, but not in a positive sense. Seat seemed to be moving towards an MPV model with the third generation, but the design appealed to few Europeans. The 500 litre luggage space was a strong point of sale, but the design was too similar to the Seat Altea and the success was not forthcoming. The third generation of the Seat Toledo was not followed by a facelift, but by another type, the Seat Exeo.

Fourth generation 2012-2018: back to its origins

It had also become clear at Seat that the chosen route was not a successful strategy. Yet in 2012 another generation of the Seat Toledo was presented. This fourth generation looks much more like the first generation and is again a real five-door hatchback instead of an MPV. This Seat Toledo has strong similarities with the Skoda Rapid, which also comes from the portfolio of the Volkswagen AG group.
For example, the Seat Toledo windscreen replacement can be done with the same windscreen as the Skoda Rapid. The modest success of just over 300 sales in 2013 could hardly be celebrated and in 2017 only 100 models were sold in the Netherlands. Therefore Seat decided to pull out the plug and continue working on the design of other models. The fourth generation of the Seat Toledo had lost the battle with the Kia Cee'd and the Hyundai i30, and the many other models presented on the same market.

Windscreen replacement Seat Toledo with an after market windscreen

The low sales numbers of the Seat Toledo make it difficult to find original parts when something breaks on your car. However, if you look at the after market, it is immediately clear that many products respond to parts for the various models in the VW group's portfolio. This also applies to the people who have automotive glass damage. The side windows and the rear window of a Seat Toledo are made of tempered glass. When this is smashed in or hit by a hard object, the glass is shattered into thousands of pieces. You can order an after market side or rear window for your Seat Toledo directly from us.

If it is the windscreen that is damaged, you can often still repair the car window. In that case it should not be more than an asterisk of about two centimetres. If it is a larger crack or there is much more damage to the windscreen, the car window must be replaced. A Seat Toledo windscreen replacement can be much cheaper than most people think. A windscreen for a Seat Toledo from a brand dealer with a brand logo costs much more than an after market windscreen that is made in exactly the same factory and has exactly the same properties. Apart from the brand logo, and that's where you save on costs.

A windscreen for the Seat Toledo from 1995 to 1999 is available for € 139, for year 1999 to 2005 there is already a windscreen for € 139, a windscreen with rain sensor for the Seat Toledo from 2004 to 2009 costs € 159 and a windscreen for model year 2012 to 2018 is available from € 139.

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Windscreen Seat Toledo

from 1995 to 1999

€ 139,00

Windscreen Seat Toledo

from 1999 to 2005

€ 139,00

Windscreen Seat Toledo with rain sensor

from 2004 to 2009

€ 159,00

Windscreen Seat Toledo

from 2012 to 2018

€ 139,00

If you have enough space, time and possibly someone who can help you with the windscreen replacement of your Seat Toledo, you can only order the car window from us (including possible clips) without installation. Do you not have enough time or space or do you not know exactly how to replace the windscreen of your Seat Toledo? Then you can order the new windscreen for your Seat Toledo including installation. You can indicate all this during the easy ordering process. Within a few minutes you have ordered a new Seat Toledo windscreen and within one to three working days it is also delivered to you! This way the windscreen replacement of your Seat Toledo is made very easy. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.